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Brooke Shields -- Shaken But Not Stirred

5/8/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke ShieldsSo this whole rift between Brooke Shields and Kiefer Sutherland over the headbutting incident ... here's the real story.

Brooke's reps told us that Kiefer was full of it when he said alleged victim Jack McCollough knocked Brooke over. Her reps said "nothing happened to her."

But Brooke has told friends she was indeed "jostled" by McCollough just before the headbutting, though she says it was "no big deal." Brooke says after McCollough made contact with her she fell, but not all the way to the ground. She doesn't believe it was intentional.

Brooke blames the fall on her 6" high heels and the fact that the room was dark and crowded and it was really really late.

Brooke says it all happened so fast.... but fact is, she does back up Kiefer on the issue of contact.


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1960 days ago

India Vaction    

This is very Upsetting Information.

1960 days ago


Whatever...he won't do jail time. He will probably get sued.

1960 days ago

A little too late BS    

Now she tells the truth! Unbelievable. Not that it excuses the headbutt, however she made Kiefer out to be a complete liar about what started it all. She also let's him be booked before she speaks up. Nice.... Kiefer needs to stop drinking and maybe this will be the beginning of the end of these situations. But she also should tell the cops the truth and not make it out that nothing happened before the argument started. And really, would it have been that difficult for the designer to apologize for 'almost' knocking her to the floor? Seriously....

1960 days ago


Brooke looks CRAZY lately, total nutcase. I hope that she finds some better meds and gets some skin care regimen down before she starts looking like Elizabeth Taylor -- for the love of GOD.

1960 days ago

um, no thanks    

Had she told that to the police in the first place perhaps they would not be pressing charges. I also do not believe she did not know if his pushing her was a accident. Also, if it was, he should have appologised instantly before Kiefer even had a chance to ask him to.
I don't buy what she is selling, it does not add up.
Can TMZ get a copy of the police report?

1960 days ago

Hugh Jass    

So what I said yesterday was right.
The douchebag fop designer should have taken Kiefer up on the suggestion to apologize to the lady.
When the douchebag fop designer instrad decided to push Kiefer, the douchebag fop designer got what he deserved.
End of Story: Kiefer 1, douchebag fop designer zero.
NY and LA law enforecement, take notice.

1960 days ago


I don't believe a word out of her psyco babble mouth. I can't even fathom why Kiefer would be hangin around her. Somethings wrong with her. I hope she isn't off her meds. Someone should check on her children. Poor Keifer, he was just trying to defend her and this is how she repays him. Pisses me off! Brook you are a no talent has been psyco old looking hag!

1960 days ago


Is that fat blubbery looking woman who is her mother still alive? Remember her when Brooke was but a child actor and the rage of Hollywood? Always butting her big and I mean very big butt into every aspect of her and our lives? She seemed to be dominating, pushy, overbearing and very very large. I am sure Brooke has struggle with her own weight at this stage of life because of her. How rude she was...if she has passed on, God Bless Her...if not, God Help Her.

the Big Tub of Lard. NO sense of personal pride in her own apperance yet pushing her childs apperance on all the world...what hypocrisy. That big fat thing, pushing her views and child on us all while she blew up like a blimp.

Please explain it to me as I have never understood those who preached and pushed one thing or image on others, yet looking at them made you want to gag.

1960 days ago

fans of President Obama    

I remember when Brooke Shields dated Michael Jackson. And yes, they are my parents.

1960 days ago

Linda Mott    

Why didn't she open her mouth before it became a big scene? She could have stopped the whole incident and arrest, if she had spoken up to the police. I have lost respect for her.

1960 days ago

john sutheerlanf    

Never liked Kiefer before this incident. Brooke the Princeton grad - what a bag. Now I know why I have not seen her lately - young girls - look at her - this is what a life of self delusion will do to you - does the bag have any kids?

1960 days ago


I told you!!! Keifer had every right to defend himself if this guy put his hands on Keifer first. And we all knew Brooke was trying to stay on the good side of this other guy because she does want to be associated with someone like Keifer, he is beneath her. This guy is a wimp & should have went toe to toe with Keifer & then he could lie to his friends & tell them how tough he is.

1960 days ago


Dude bumped Shields HARD ENOUGH TO MAKE HER FALL??? Now I understand. LEAVE KIEFER ALONE! sob......

1960 days ago


BTW - the room wasn't THAT dark. Lots of photos available of the WHO'S WHO crowd. Shields is a lush and a liar.

1960 days ago
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