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Manson Gang Hideout -- The Smoldering Remains

5/8/2009 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Charles Manson's Death Valley hideout after a mysterious fire gutted the infamous building earlier this week.

Charles Manson

The fire completely gutted the inside of the structure known as Barker Ranch -- officials are unclear if it was set intentionally. An investigation is under way.

Back in '69, Manson and his gang of murderers retreated to the cabin after slaughtering Sharon Tate and seven others. Manson was arrested at the cabin -- and the structure has since become a tourist attraction.

Officials tell us they're already getting offers from groups who want to rebuild it.


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DS is right....we're obsessed w/serial killers, it's human nature... we're obsessed w/what we don't fully understand, or things that are, bizarre and out of the ordinary, HOWEVER.... I wouldn't go about re-building the place, that WOULD be a waste of money, let what happened, just happen.... everything happens for a reason, and when we as humans try to interfere w/the 'greater plan' is when sh*t really hits the fan.... yes, it had historical value, still does, but let it be what it is, and leave it at that.... if people want to see it, they can see it the way it is now...

1958 days ago


christy, to prove how obviously retarted you are... here's som facts for you............

Built by Bluch and Helen Thomason after Bluch retired from the Los Angeles Police Department. After Bluch died, the property was sold to Jim and Kirk Barker. Just beyond the Barker Ranch is the Myers Ranch.The Barker and Myers Ranches are places that became notorious in the national press in December of 1969. In the first edition of Death Valley Jeep Trails, published that year, a local contributor wrote: “During the past year these isolated retreats have been inhabited by a small band of hippies, doing whatever it is hippies do”. Little did they know that these squatters were the Charles Manson "family." It was at the Barker Ranch that Charlie was arrested, although at the time his role in the Tate-LaBianca murders was not yet known. Manson moved his followers into the Barker Ranch sometime in 1968. Mrs.Arlene Barker, who owned the property and whose granddaughter Cathy Gillies was one of Manson’s followers, gave permission for Charlie to camp there. Perhaps she thought he meant only a few days. Manson purportedly had a plan to kill Mrs. Barker and obtain title to the land through Ms. Gilles.

all the facts you need...

1958 days ago

Carrys F.    

eccentric - like I'm going to believe you. That shows how idiotic you are. I don't believe everything I read, fool. I've NEVER heard that and I'm not going to be moved by your pompous attitude. Congrats that you know so much about the Manson family because you read up on them. So have thousands of other people. It doesn't make you special in any way.

1958 days ago

Zonny VanRant    

Get um Christy!!!

1958 days ago


What groups would want to rebuild this place? It should be destroyed!

1958 days ago


Let it stay in shambles, like the families left behind.

1958 days ago


mike botz/artie help, i can assure you that terri and i are NOT the same person. You are the "moronic idiot" for getting caught in your lies. we all know it, so don't even try to deny it. it just so happened that we were both onto you at the exact same tme and called you on it. then "mysteriously" you quit blabbing for a couple of weeks. you, my dear, are a fool.

1958 days ago


Why the hell would anyone want to rebuild it? Not only is it a place that is full evil spirits, but even for those who are into that kind of thing, if it's not the ORIGINAL building and stuff, then what are people coming to see? A replica? What's the point?

1958 days ago


thanks Dawn... between OJ trial, Menendez trial(s), Scott Peterson trial, OctoMom now bleeding this state dry...the tax payers of Cali just don't get a break.... and this man has held the state captive for years now.. just by getting his 3 meals a day...along with all of his cronies....he probably barked orders from prison somehow to make even this happen...

1958 days ago


SorryDrew,you're incorrect,not the artivce. Spahn movie ranch is not Barker Ranch--Spahn is long gone it burned in a fire a few yearsafter a German concern bought it in the 1970s. It's a whole different placethan Barker.

1958 days ago


Artie Help, I just burst out laughing at your comment.So did my husband, right after
i read it to him. Thanks for the laugh!t pained a hiarious picture in my mind.

1958 days ago

skanky skanks    

THIS IS SARAH PALIN'S FAULT!! her high has worn off from burning down her church in wasilla months ago, she now has to burn down the manson ranch. and rumor has in she was mysteriously in Santa Barbara on tuesday when the firest started.

1958 days ago

britney fan tired of the games!    

if you find this hideout worth a visit your crazy like him!

1958 days ago


Great posts eccentric1329, thanks for clarifying this : Christy : relax...........don't freak out..................don't kill him with a fork !

1958 days ago


whatever happened to Sherry Ann Cooper ? nobody seems to know............

1958 days ago
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