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Carnie & Nicole

Stomach Each Other

5/9/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gastric bypass pioneer Carnie Wilson and party girl turned Glendale soccer mom Nicole Richie had a celebuspawn bump off in L.A. Thursday.


Both are eating for two.


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1996 days ago

frig chris brown, frig him, loser    

first yeah!~!

1996 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Carnie Wilson has a pretty mouth.

1996 days ago

bud gaffin    

well well well what do we got here twins

1996 days ago

fans of President Obama    

Carnie should be in a threesome with me and my wife. I'll even let her sit on my face.

1996 days ago


how does any baby survive in that skinny ass body of nicoles?

1996 days ago

In Canada    

They are both beautiful!! Nicole is NO WHERE near as big as Carnie. She's still very tiny, but looks healthier. Both ladies look beautiful pregnant! All the best to you Carnie and Nicole! :0)

1995 days ago


Well if either has twins, no surprise, after all it IS the hollywood trend, to be inseminated and low and behold, twins (yet no one cops to being inseminated of course) -- there's a story for ya TMZ count up the sets of twins the hollywood community has had in the past 4 or so years (to include the music set too). The latest accessory - giving birth to twins. I wish them both happy, well, successful pregnancies. I wasn't a fan of Nicoles, until she became a Mom. But I am wondering how she became a soccer Mom? Harlow isn't old enough for soccer so that must be a flippant remark on your part TMZ.

1995 days ago


When is Carnie due? It seems she has been pregnant for a L-O-N-G time. Love her as host for "Newlywed Game." I am very happy for Nicole Richie.. How her life has changed over the past few years... Hope she has a boy.. Same for Carnie..

1995 days ago


Carnie looks healthy for a pregnant woman. Nicole looks like a skeleton what has a stomach bump. Really why doesn't Nicole EAT something when she's preggers? She's disgusting. Those stick arms and legs look gross. No wonder she's hiding her face. I'd be ashamed if I was her too. Go Carnie you look great.

1995 days ago


nicole who?

1995 days ago

Frank N. Stein    

Nicole's husband must be thrilled with her personality because she certainly doesn't have the looks. If the bags under her eyes were any bigger, she'd have to check them on the airplane! Her nose enters the room ten seconds before she does, and Jack Nicholson's "Joker" makeup sported a far more attractive smile. Why is this homely scarecrow famous, anyway?

How drunk does that Madden guy have to get before he gets busy?

Carnie, on the other hand, regardless of her weight, keeps herself looking respectable, clean, and actually kind of pretty. She makes a good mother and role model, and actually has talent. More of Hollywood's residents need to be like her.

1995 days ago

Wilson Phillips Fan    

Carnie looks wonderful! She's beautiful AND talented. FYI she's just about 8 months along, due on June 24. She publicly said she thinks she might have twins because of higher-than-normal hormone levels, and twins run in her family. I haven't read anywhere that she had IVF or any other fertility enhancement technique but it's possible. I wish Wilson Phillips would get back together again and record original music this time, but all of them must be keeping busy with their children: Chynna has 3, Wendy has 4 (all boys!), and now Carnie will have (at least) 2.

1995 days ago


Nicole is a very tiny woman, and you can not tell that by the photos taken of her, so she looks too small but she is at the weight for her height and age. I am sure if she was unhealthy her doctors would assist her to achieve a level of calorie intake to have a healthy baby. Look at Harlow, she is beautiful, and Nicole is a wonderful mother to her. And as for the comments about her looks, well, those are horrible, and uncalled for, perhaps someone is just a tad jealous of Nicole? Nicole is very beautiful, and since having Harlow, you can see that she is healing emotionally on the inside as well. I wish her only good things, and to have another healthy baby. Happy Mother's Day!.

1994 days ago

Susan B.    

How could you call an 8 1/2 month old pregnant woman a cow? You are a mean spirited person. Do you say any nice comments on these boards, or are you just one of those immature, ignorant losers with nothing better to do but be negative? I wonder what you look like, 'cause you've shown us your personality. Yuck.

1994 days ago
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