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Rihanna Fights

Alleged Nude Pics

5/9/2009 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0313_rihanna_ex_2-1Rihanna's camp is firing off the first response to nude pictures, allegedly of Rihanna, that hit the internet today.

TMZ has learned the legal department at Island Def Jam Music Group, RiRi's label, sent a letter to at least one website that published the photos. The letter refers to "unauthorized photos purported to be...Rihanna," demands that the photos be removed from the site, and calls the photos a violation of "the Artist's rights."

It's not clear whether Rihanna really is the woman in the buff because you can't see her face in the nude shots. She is clearly pictured in two fully clothed pics.

Interestingly, the letter from Island Def Jam does not deny (or confirm) if it's really Rihanna.


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She will handle this just fine IMO after the OTHER picture. And to the person who said she only had marks on her forehead and lips uh no, she had marks on her NECK TOO< HE STRANGLED HER YOU FOOL! All you weirdos bashing rihanna and taking up for Chris (I don't care about these nude photos, all these celebs dress and dance provacatively anyways) are really sick and need to stop sucking his d*** because he happens to be famous! I couldn't care less if you chris brown d*** suckers died tomorrow!!!!!!

1957 days ago


@ comment 44.. how does some one in the drivers eat continually punch some one... ermmm

he stops the car

who ever you are you need help..
im not sure what kind of help.. but just find it

1957 days ago


It's one thing to say "we don't know really what happened" though we really do know enough, it's another to sit there and worship that bas*** kid who beat her. It just proves how bad society has gotten in the five years even. Sick that you think the opposite sex can do no wrong because they are "cute" and a "Celebrity" with "some cash". Get an education you damn hoodrat hos!

1957 days ago


She must to have taken them for her ex and now he is releasing them to hurt her.

speculation but human nature of a spoiled 19 year old does not deviate for most even if he has fame and money.

1957 days ago

Guyanese Angel    

i dont think it's her. if it was her, why didn't they have her face in all the pictures? or at least in one of the nude pictures? i dont think chris brown did it either, i mean i dont like him, but i dont think he would stoop that low. honestly, people shouldn't judge others, because it might come back to you one day. maybe not nude pics, but something. i really dont know why people automatically think it is rihanna. there are alot of people out there that would do anything to make a buck. like think about it. people need to get the facts before they start accusing the poor girl.

1957 days ago


Just for the hell of it yeah, EVERYONE, or just about sends out naked pictures at least once in their life, I think I'd be more embarrassed with the way these singers, no one in particular, dance and bump and grind, than if my naked pictures i sent out privately got out. That doesn't mean that those people are "sluts" for either one, but I just think it's more normal to send naked pictures to your significant other than to do things on stage like Rihanna and Britney do, but i'm not saying they are wrong. I just think it's funny that people call them Sluts for something MORe normal!

1957 days ago


you can clearly tell there here.. if you look at the background ( if people eyes make it that far lol) the rooms are the same. she should just man up and admit there her. and i truely believe - chris had nothing to do with the leak, not with the whole court thing going on. he wouldnt take the chance.
i have no sympathly famous or not - when a girl takes these kind of pics - expect them to get out. nothing like that stays private.

1957 days ago


So glad it//// whatever...why don't you go suck on a nut. My little angel? Secret Lover? That's cute. I don't know Rihanna and don't claim to know her or wanna know her. I just happen to believe that men shouldn't hit women. I don't care how many times Chris hit her or where he hit her as you seem to be continuously pointing out (I'm assuming you changed your name to keep it fresh). I'm not FOCUSING on what Rihanna may have done. Because at the end of the day, TMZ's photo said it all. You obviously have your warped, very much in denial views, and I have mine. Why don't we leave it at that. Unless you're a fan. If you're a fan of mine, then shout me out all you want huney.

And you called her a stripper??? Are you kidding me?

Personally, I'd never agree to photos or being videotaped because it's 2009 and anything can happen in your relationship to make the guy flip the script. But I'm definitely not calling the people who do a stripper. It's their relationship, so let them do their thing. You called her a stripper. Seriously, are you 12?

And don't call people stupid. It's not nice. I assume you're a child, so I have to say it in a way thats Barney-friendly.

1957 days ago


as a celeb it is stupid though to send them out, but not slutty!

1957 days ago


it's her!!

1957 days ago


The pictures I have taken with an ex I didn't take of my face, if you are going to do it, that's the way you do it. Though his friends may figure it out....the whole world won't know that way.

1957 days ago

Keifer not ok    

The one pic of her eyes looks like it could be her - but its only her eyes. Lotta girls here have eyes that green, in So Cal. could be someone that looks like Rihanna around the eyes gets a nipple piercing and covers her face and voila. Internet scandal/money. Could be a photoshop thing, with two women, Rihanna's eyes and then someone else with a similar body
But I think she has done *other* nude pics which is why they ain't denyin' it.
I'm not defending CB or her. But I did see the pics and I think this is possible.

1957 days ago

Dalia Voltex    

"It's not clear whether Rihanna really is the woman in the buff because you can't see her face in the nude shots."

haha, tmz. OTHERWISE, the label wouldn't even bother issuing the statements, cease and desists bs, etc. Of course it's her.

geez, for some reason the more the media follows her, the uglier she appears to me; not sure why.....I mean i sympathize with her about beating but there's some "dirty" quality about her (which might appeal to someone, no doubt) like soiled underwear...not sure how to express this, if anyone understands what i mean, holla at me!!

1957 days ago


I can't stand Chris Brown but as crazy as his fans are....I think it's a fan somehow or a close friend that is mad at rihanna. You can tell just on here how mad at rihanna his fans are, they hate her more than he does, if he even hates her I bet (for no reason).

1957 days ago

Guyanese Angel    

i dont think its her, because in the first picture with the towel… you should be able to see part of her tattoo on the lower inside of her arm. plus rihanna is way more curvy than the person in the pic.. her legs are thick! plus that hotel looks too crappy for her. people should know the facts before they accuse people. i mean, im sure there is technology out there to make a look-a-like of rihanna look exactly like her. all they had to do was take naked pics. THIS CAN’T BE RIHANNA! plus i dont think she is stupid enough to take naked pics of herself or let anyone else take pics of her. PEOPLE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

1957 days ago
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