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Rihanna Fights

Alleged Nude Pics

5/9/2009 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0313_rihanna_ex_2-1Rihanna's camp is firing off the first response to nude pictures, allegedly of Rihanna, that hit the internet today.

TMZ has learned the legal department at Island Def Jam Music Group, RiRi's label, sent a letter to at least one website that published the photos. The letter refers to "unauthorized photos purported to be...Rihanna," demands that the photos be removed from the site, and calls the photos a violation of "the Artist's rights."

It's not clear whether Rihanna really is the woman in the buff because you can't see her face in the nude shots. She is clearly pictured in two fully clothed pics.

Interestingly, the letter from Island Def Jam does not deny (or confirm) if it's really Rihanna.


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I'm not necessarily pro Rihanna anymore, but I do hate chris, but I don't necessarily think he released these. Not cause he's just "that nice of a guy" but because the way his fans act....maybe i'm wrong though, it would have to be a hacker or Chris gave them away or rihanna sent them to someone other than Chris and another ex released them.

1958 days ago


It's CLEARY her in those pics...

1958 days ago


I only think it's her for sure because of the statement made. There was no that makes me think it must be.

1957 days ago

hate her    

Duh, hypocrites, and Sherry:

Are you all President, Vice-President, and Secretary of Rihanna's fan club?

You say "how can you continuosly punch someone while driving, you pull over."

But that's not what the affadavit says: It says that he drove with the left hand and punched her with the right. So while he was punching her she just sat there perfectly still so that he could hit her in the same place everytime, and, miraculously, she still didn't even have a swollen lip.

You Rihanna lovers are always trying to make other people feel stupid when you know in your hearts that her affadavit and picture do not add up.

And if it was anybody else who was playing with themselves on a naked picture you'd be bashing them unmercifully and you know it....Blind love is foolish guys...Rihanna played you and now you feel stupid....

1957 days ago


So Glad, did you read the statement I just put up? LOL "I'm not necessarily pro Rihanna but I hate Chris Brown". IT's up a little ways so no. I'm a fan of Britney Spears if you want to know about the person I love that people like to bash. You should knnow by now my problem is people like you who stand by men who beat has nothing to do with Rihanna herself.

1957 days ago


Oh and one of the first things I said was I don't really care about these pictures, they were supposed to be private. I think what she does in public purposely like dance provocatively is WORSE if you are going to judge her than what she does privately, but neither one is my place to judge. Her dancing and dressing I mean on stage, because it's's just to point out how crazy America is to say that she can be so sexual on stage, but these naked pictures that are supposed to be private are wrong? It makes no sense whatsoever. But, I am not saying her performances are wrong, only wrong if you think her PRIVATE naked pictures are wrong.

1957 days ago

hate her    


I don't stand by men who abuse women either. I just don't think that is the case between Chris and Rihanna. To me, if her affadavit was true, then she would be a whole lot more battered than she is. Her bruises prove that there was a struggle but, in no way, did he beat her to a pulp like TMZ would lead people to believe. I keep making the same points because I want people to see. I'm not trying to defend Chris because I'm such a huge fan. I just really don't believe that we have heard the real truth. I first discovered this when a person called a morning radio show and said the same thing--that her injuries look more consistent with Chris trying to defend himself while driving the car. And think about it, it doesn't make sense. Look at that picture please!!!! There is no evidence of what she says happened. There is no way that he punched her repeatedly and not a single sign of it is in her face. Somebody is lying. This is not about loving Chris, is about the truth and the story that we have heard is not the truth.

1957 days ago


You rihanna fans are so dumb it’s her in the photo cause if you look at the one photo when she is standing in the mirror and she is looking in the camera that is her you can see hair face and her hair line...and the rest of the photo’s is her just because she had a different shirt on in some of the photo's doesnt mean its not her stop being so dumd you idiots and I bet money that it was her who released the photo’s to gain sympathy from people cause as usually rihanna fans are so nieve to think Chris brown did it and not rihanna.....

1957 days ago


OK, I understand that So glad....It's the people that get me that just are cool with him that see the picture and trust him no matter what because of who he is. I guess i'm more opposite of what I don't like because I don't look at all the facts that you do and I just consider him a woman beater, but I also consider him that because he really didn't defend himself either. I'm just more fed up with people who take his side no matter what, not people who have questions about it. I don't question it I guess much cause I was just raised you don't hit a woman but, if it came out that she truly was hurting him, I would completely understand.

1957 days ago


They are just trying to bring her back in the spot light. My opinion is that she is just a fool "media prostitute" who will do anything for the money...

1957 days ago


she is a no talented fugly slut. who cares

1957 days ago


@ Comment 66

like u said u are such a huge chris brown fan

im not even a rihana fan.. i dont listent to her music

ill let you carry on with your warped mentality
damn hasnt chris brown already apologised.. but you still defend him lol

im sure you are a woman.. i just hope some one doesnt rape or beat you and people blame you in the end
and if u a man.. i just hope your wife/woman knows the kid of person u are

1957 days ago


If she released these pictures like some people think, I have no sympathy for her. Not saying she did...just if she did....I can't stand when people are that attention starved.....and it would be crazy cause even though people would think it was a mistake, there are still people calling her a slut for the pictures, so why would she do that, is it worth it, I think it just made her whole situation worse. If she released these pictures, she's an idiot, I don't see anyone on here having more sympathy for her because of these pictures. But supposedly celebrities do it all the time, it works for some of them but for her it would just be dumb.

1957 days ago


i'm surprised no one has commented on how SLAMMIN the girl's body is!! if i looked that good in nude photos that got leaked i would NOT deny it was me!! but it is DEFINITELY rihanna... aside from the nipple piercing in the one pic, if you notice, in the I LOVE YOU mirror pic, there is a smaller mirror on the right side that captured rihanna's tattoo running down her side!!!!!!!


and ps. just because she is covering her private area with her hand does not mean she is *fingering* herself. sheesh.

1957 days ago

britney fan tired of the games!    

at first I really was like wow she's turning me on but then after a while I felt like I was violating her so I'm glad they're going to remove those images.

1957 days ago
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