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Samuel L. Jackson -- Abe Lincoln, Too White!

5/9/2009 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel Jackson isn't the guy you want to piss off -- especially after a long flight. Sam not only took verbal swipes at our photog, but Abe Lincoln as well!

Samuel Jackson: Click to watch!
So would he stay in the Lincoln bedroom for the White House Correspondents Dinner? Sam wants a room with a Black last name. Guess who?


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I'm going to hold my breath until someone from the left (TMZ, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Matt Laur, MSNBC, CNN, etc..) comes out and calls him a racist for that remark.

1992 days ago


leave him alone

1992 days ago


HELLO--- Obama is 1/2 white. Don't stay in his rooms.

1992 days ago


nope, LogicalThinking, ain't gonna happen. racists are only those who say stupid, ignorant things about black people. but blacks never admit to their own sickening brand of racism against whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Anything which dilutes their cries of victimhood is duly ignored or thrown back as ... well, racism.

so, it ain't gonna happen. which is why this necessary conversation about racism in America is at a fairly solid standstill.

1992 days ago


Yeah, his remark IS racist..but then again I have found that most blacks are far more racist than whites.. Just imagine a white celebrity making a statement saying he/she wanted to stay in a room named after as white president ..OMG the country would go nutz!!

1992 days ago


duh only oprah stays in the whitehouse, in between barack and michelle in their bed.

1992 days ago


How totally disrespecful he is! Damn racist. I lost all respect for him! He don't deserve to stay anywhere. But just remember, it will always be the "WHITE" House Sammy!

1992 days ago


Samuel is a racist pig........................How quickly one forgets that Lincoln freed the slaves! Hmmmm!

Selective memory.

1992 days ago


What is with the racism? How was it called for? I've never liked Samuel (especially after being in one of the STUPIDEST movies ever) and this just pushed my dislike as far as it can go, I think. Obama's mom was as white as white can be, so I wonder what she would have to say about it if she were still alive -- or what Obama himself may have to say about it.

I guess it's none of my business and I should just continue ignoring anything Samuel related. It's my fault for watching the video, so..moving on.....I need to get back to my WHITE life.

1992 days ago


It's clips like this that make me proud that I use Ad-Muncher.

1992 days ago


I used to like Sammuel bur now he sounds like a racist PIG that shouldnt even be allowed in the White house. If he cant honor the Lincoln bedroom without turning it racist, his sirty Black ass should stay ourt of it entirely!

1992 days ago


It is "ok" though, when "whitey" is buying tickets to his movies, and thus paying his mega-million dollar fees

1992 days ago


Never again. Not one more dollar to this mental midget. I don't care what movie he is in, I WILL NEVER PAY TO SEE THIS RACIST PIG AGAIN.

1992 days ago

Tired of pussyfooting around the truth    

Typical. I'm in agreement with #11 who said there are more black racists than white racists, yet whites have to take it up the tailpipe and say nothing for fear of being raked over the coals for trying to defend themselves.

1992 days ago


For the record I really wish all of you people that keep making the comments about black people being racist or ignoring racist comments when made by blacks, would stop putting all blacks in the same box together just as I don't put all whites in the same box. I for one am black and I agree 100% that his comment was outta line and yes it even has a ring of racist to it and I do believe he'll have to answer to it. But we as people need to stop putting all of any race in a box as one and assume that everyone of that race is all the same. I don't believe that all white people are racists just as I know all black people aren't because I for one am not.

1992 days ago
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