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Samuel L. Jackson -- Abe Lincoln, Too White!

5/9/2009 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel Jackson isn't the guy you want to piss off -- especially after a long flight. Sam not only took verbal swipes at our photog, but Abe Lincoln as well!

Samuel Jackson: Click to watch!
So would he stay in the Lincoln bedroom for the White House Correspondents Dinner? Sam wants a room with a Black last name. Guess who?


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Linda Mott    

I think you all forget that our President is half black and half white. Take your pick because he represents all of us.

1962 days ago


Eight (8) years of hollywood treason just so this Jerk-off and his friends can sleep in the White House.

1962 days ago


just another black racist....

1962 days ago


F$%K'em he is a racist pig!!!!!!

1962 days ago


To Andre # 16. you are 100% correct, and I aologize to you! You made me see that . Im usually the one that says that too, but I got blinded by his stupid remark! Have a great day! Thank you for pointing that out. Sincerely!

1962 days ago


Everytime he says "Black" put in the word "White". Now imagine it was a white person saying it. Now imagine how different and double standard-ish the 'reaction' would be!

1962 days ago

Rap sucks    

Yo! no wonder he worked with Spike lee(hates everything but blacks) in that stupid movie " Do the right thing" both of em are racists. And i guess it's true that blacks are waay more racists than whites. Like when there's a mexican protest there's a bunch of blacks kicking them out and saying this country belongs to them and are always dissing white people when they're around them(mostly gangs of course). Not everyone is a racist but the majority grew now that there's a black president like there's always some black dude with a Obama shirt passing around someone who isn't black then saying "we own ya'll now". Too bad.... The truth is everyone from every race are racists but some weren't born like that, for some reason it happens. IT'S NOT THE WHITE HOUSE NO MORE.

1962 days ago


Never another dollar to this racist trash!

1962 days ago


He is a racists and I want the media to call him on it. This is disgusting and I'm tired of hearing racists remarks made about my people all the time. And I really truly mean this. It's a double edge out there and it needs to stop.

1962 days ago

Rap sucks    

Actually the truth is that racists are stupid people and not just like whites who were raised by a father who was in the klan and they turned out like that so un-educated. There's criminals and blacks and hispanics are mostly the ones who are known for it. Because yes every race has racists but if you could just imagine yourself being that person who gets discriminated just because what their skin color is. Imagine that, people don't get to choose how they wanted to look like in birth. Hell, if we could maybe this whole world would be white. F SAMUEL JACKSON AND CAN WE ALL JUST BE "ONE" RACE!

1962 days ago


Do any of you know our country's history?!?!? Abraham Lincoln had this country fight a CIVIL WAR, and why???
TO FREE THE SLAVES!!!!! EVERY person, black, chinese, and white, SHOULD LOVE Abraham Lincoln!!! HE DIED FOR THE FREEDOM OF AMERICA'S UNJUST SLAVES!!! Sam Jackson is an IDIOT and should be ashamed of himself, and that goes for ANY PERSON (no matter your "color") that LIVES FREE in this country because of ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!! YOU PEOPLE (not blacks... sigh) ARE SO IGNORANT!!!! you are SO LUCKY to live in this country, AND YOU DON'T CARE!!! SHAME ON YOU!! And if that is how Sam Jackson REALLY feels, he can suck it, and get the hell out of this country! This country which MADE HIM and GAVE him EVERYTHING!!!! He would be NOTHING if it were not for the freedom THAT ABE LINCOLN FOUGHT AND DIED FOR!!

1962 days ago


What a racist!!!! Does he know Obama is 1/2 white????!!! I am disgusted at this idiot

1962 days ago


For all of you saying Obama is "half white"'s funny that I always hear him say he's a black man. Whatever helps you sleep at night (and vote for him) I suppose.

1962 days ago


this guy is another black racist..there the bigest racists on this planet...

1962 days ago


Does he know how ugly he really is and how sorry I am I ever spent one penny on his movies.? Never again. He is in the affirmative-action slot, anyway. I don't enjoy looking at him.

1962 days ago
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