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Samuel L. Jackson -- Abe Lincoln, Too White!

5/9/2009 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel Jackson isn't the guy you want to piss off -- especially after a long flight. Sam not only took verbal swipes at our photog, but Abe Lincoln as well!

Samuel Jackson: Click to watch!
So would he stay in the Lincoln bedroom for the White House Correspondents Dinner? Sam wants a room with a Black last name. Guess who?


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All Americans ARE RACISTS FULL STOP... you are all at it.. so dont be hypocrites he is no better or worse than his white counterparts you are all obnoxious!!

1959 days ago


i wondered why black americans have certain names and not other names although all their names are directly related to their forbears slave owners, lincoln would not be one of them of course..

1959 days ago


68. White people are the most vile, disgusting, ignorant, racist creatures on
this's a fact. I don't blame Obama, Halle Berry or anyone else for denying that side of them!

Posted at 9:28PM on May 9th 2009 by FACT

see what i MEAN?. YOU ARE ALL AT IT!!LOL!!

1959 days ago

edward cropper    

He should sleep in the step n fetch it room

1959 days ago


OH wait a black person can't be a racist! I think he might have been a slave sometime in HIS life. It's not like he has had any oportunity to succeed or anything. And to actually think they should name a room after Obama. Maybe we need one named after Clinton too, the cigar room maybe?

1959 days ago


Crackers? What brand Ritz or Captain's Wafers? What's funny is Samuel L. Jackson is playing Nick Fury in Iron Man I and II. I've accepted the Ultimate's version of Nick Fury who is now a black character, but his history in Marvel comics was a white character that was created in 1963.

1959 days ago


Without Abraham Lincoln, Samuel L. Jackson wouldn't be a movie star. Sad, but true. The comments were racist, but no one will call him on it. It will just fade away like when Charles Barkley says "I hate white people."

1959 days ago


I effing hate him...

1959 days ago


Re: BobbyBeach

Yeah right, I don't recall them enslaving a whole race of people. You are indeed an imbecile!

1958 days ago


white people started the whole racist thing, White people are still racist, alot of them don't even know they racist. I could careless if a white person call me racist.

1958 days ago


Comment 84 Tyra.

The racist thing wasn't started by "whites". The African tribesman enslaved your own people by selling them to European slave traders. I could care less if a black person calls me a racist. Your culture shouldn't have a double standard about denigrating white people, with asinine jokes about being a cracker or honkey and accept them to be subservient and agree with your flawed logic. When you expect to be treated with respect, just look in the mirror and know others of all races expect the same.

1958 days ago


Hey Number 84, how about if a White person tells you to go back to school and learn how to spell! Stupid!

1958 days ago


Gotta love the freedom of speech! God Blass the USA!

1958 days ago


Ooops, I meant to say God Bless the USA!

1958 days ago


You know, whites can't say anything about anyother race, homosexuals, jews, but they can say anything they want. One thing, why is it that black neighborhoods all have high crime rates and they are all shooting each other???? I'm just curious but there aren't to many drive by's in white neighborhoods. I live by gary indiana, and every day I read about a homicide. Why can't black teens figure out that they need to stop shooting each other. And you can say this is racsist but it is a fact black communities have way higher violent crime stats than white communities. Why is that????

1958 days ago
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