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Tiger Girl: She's Seen Worse

5/9/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If this girl is that calm in front of a 370 pound tiger, you have to wonder what kind of terrifying things she's been exposed to in the past ... maybe she's a TMZ reader!


Don't worry, Tiger Girl, aka Avery, is safe -- she's actually protected by a thick pane of glass ... and her nerves of steel.


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Aww, here kitty, kitty, kitty

1970 days ago


Don't you remember that Melanie Griffith grew up in a Studio City house full of adult lions and tigers who were house pets?

Her mother, Tippi Hedren, eventually established Shambala, a wildlife preserve in Acton northwest of Los Angeles. Shambala has over 70 lions and tigers. Tippi still lives at Shambala and conducts the monthly public tours.

This isn't so new.

1970 days ago


Cutting edge celebrity journalism

1970 days ago


that photo looks so real. You can't see the glass between them.

1970 days ago


yes you can grrrrrr, you can see the reflection of the back of the girl's shirt on the glass dee dee dee

1970 days ago


If glass wasnt there do you think she woukd be lunch.Shucks she is so cute but i dont think tigers have a cute meter-lunch is lunch.

1970 days ago


Very cool!

1970 days ago

Linda Mott    

National Geographic had an article, years ago, that only 2% of the tigers are man eaters. They didn't carry guns, during a shoot. They brought pie pans and other things to make loud noises, to scare the tigers away. They also had a tranquilizer gun ,if needed. I wouldn't want to take a chance, but they are the most beautiful creatures on earth, next to man.

1970 days ago


White folks are fkn idiots!!

1970 days ago


let's just remember what happened to Siegfried & Roy - and they handraised the cat that attacked him.
Their show used to be so good!

1970 days ago


OMG this is funny. I didnt notice until i read the last bit and looked at the picture to notice her reflection!

1970 days ago

ex lax    

Tony the tiger says they're Greattttt!

1970 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I agree with number 15. Tigers are wild animals. It doesn't matter if you raise them with a baby bottle and pet them all the time, eventually they will snap and bite you. They also don't know their own strength. How many times has one of my cats scratched me when it was playin. Imagine the same scratch only comin from a cat that is like 100 times bigger and not domesticated.

1970 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

If the trainers were where they should be , they would have stopped this cat behavior before that paw went up...being behind the glass means nothing...jackass taking the time to take theses 'thrilling' pictures instead of moving this 2 yr old child away needs to be repeatedly hit in the head, it's freaking outrageous....That cool behavior exhibited by he child is, of course, innocence. But we grown-ups get what can happen. Tippy Hendron (melanie griffiths' mom mentioned earlier) indeed has a safe haven for large cats...and also nearly lost her life when a pet lion turned on her, and attacked some years ago....

1970 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

Okay....I didn't mean theses, I meant thoses...

1970 days ago
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