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5/10/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So much for doing it for the fans. Tickets for Beyonce's four night "intimate" appearance at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas are going fast -- but only to rich people. Fans have to buy their tickets along with a two night stay in the hotel -- packages range from $450 and $850 per person -- and that's just for starters.

If that's too rich for your blood and you want to skip the hotel, a limited number of tickets are selling for $250, $500, $750, and $1000 (again, per person). 

Our source at the Wynn tells us that ticket-only seating cannot exceed 1% of total ticket sales. That means in the 1500-seat Encore theater, only 10-15 tickets will be available without hotel fees.

FYI ... the world record for the number of people stuffed into a phone booth is 22.


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i'm first... and i am sooooo over beyonce. i heck we have been saturated with her in every way. enough already. wouldn't pay a dime to see her in vegas. should i ever get a wild hair and desire to see or hear anything that she does it is readily available via any media source.
and to boot she wasn't soo good in the movie obsessed. she was beyonce playing beyonce playing someone. trying waaayyy too hard to be too cute. it really didn't fit the role of a house wife. she needs acting lesson so she can learn to give it up for the character. act like the dang person you are playing. keep it real or no one will believe it. she isn't a very good actress.
but then again i aint no hater. you go girl. if you can get well get. i aint mad at you!

1994 days ago


Tickets at that price she better strip!

1994 days ago


Well she does have $200 seats at all her other concerts. If I had the movie I would see her in Vegas.

1994 days ago


I meant she has $20 seats at all her other shows. She has to make a profit somehow.

1994 days ago

Cesar Lopez    

To the editor; That's so stupid you don't have to be rich to see Beyoncé.. I'm 19 work at starbucks saved one month of paychecks (that's 2 we get paid every other week) and I got my self a vip ticket when she comes to my city (july 13 Los Angeles Staples center) and for you're information my ticket was over a thousand dollars!! that's right and I work at starbucks!! all it takes is love and devotion and her fans have plenty of that for her that's why she earned 50 million last year.. now don't hate she earned it she is the hardest working person hollywood alive today!! a true superstar living legend!! I Love you Queen Bey!! see you july 13 gurl!! Look for Ci CI Mexican boy with the purple hawk and his bald daddy!!

1994 days ago


How stupid are these Beyonce haters. For being fed up with her, they still not only take the time to look for stories with her name on the headline, but also sign in and scribble their 2 bit crap which apparently most don't agree with since tickets are going fast all over the place. And then pay to see the movie she is starring in. WHAT A MORON. Maybe you are not fed up as you say you are. And keep your dimes, who needs them.

1994 days ago


Nobody is hating on Beyonce but come -on, she ain't "all that"... Honestly.

1994 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Her ego has totally gotten out of control!!!! It's getting way too big to ever take her seriously again! Her ego may even be as big as Madonna's now!!! If her ego and Vadge's ego clashed, I'm not sure who would win, but the collateral devastation from such a battle would rival the damage done by tsunamis! She needs to reel it in before she becomes despised by even her fans!

1994 days ago


I wouldn't pay that much to see ANYONE.

1994 days ago

Antonio V    

I'd prefer to watch my parents have sex with my grandparents than even hear a single song containing Beyonce's voice.

It's really that simple.

1994 days ago

Linda Mott    

I know Etta James isn't going to buy a ticket!

1994 days ago


#10..It must be nice to be able to save 2 paychecks to go see B...but most of us, have other bills to pay and can't afford to do that....

1994 days ago


# 10 You Need to get your priorities straigtened out. A thousand dollars to see a concert? Don't you have rent, a car payment or insurance? An account to save for the future? Oh, that's right, you have a daddy. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get some sef esteem and stop whoring yourself out .

1994 days ago


Cesar Lopez are you kidding me? $1000 to see HER? she is just so-so. if she didnt use her body to sell herself she wouldnt be anywhere.

but i digress i would love to be able to save a months worth of pay and to blow it on something so useless as tickets to see any performer, but in the real world when you dont live with mommy and daddy and have a house to maintain with cars to boot you can't do silly things like that

1994 days ago

Cesar Lopez    

Chill out I'm only 19 besides I saw her in 07 when she did "The Beyoncé experience" OMG living legend in action! also You might think oh my 1,000 for a seat to see a show that's a bit much? But actually it's a package:VIP PACKAGES
Front Row Ticket
Meet & Greet with Beyoncé
Photo with Beyoncé
Special entrance for VIP's
Limited Edition Deréon bag (including autographed tour book & more)
Collectible laminate and/or wristband
One year membership to the official Beyoncé fan club
Onsite event management staff
So in the end I think It's worth a moth salary, but then again I'm young gay with no kids, and I'm stimulating the economy (and her pockets) !!
AND NUMBER 13 that was uncalled for I'm not a whore!! I work hard just like everyone else!! My daddy (love partner, no relation to father) I bought my ticket he bought his..

1994 days ago
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