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Obama Syked Out at Correspondents' Dinner

5/10/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanda Sykes, intro for President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner ... the room filled with celebs who really don't have anything to do with the event but were dying to be seen ...

Wanda Sykes - Click to view!Barack Obama Click to view!

Wanda was ... good. Funniest joke was about Vice President Joe Biden. Seemed a little too friendly.
Obama was good too, but it all just seemed a little too sycophantic.


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When oh when is TMZ going to learn how to spell?! And when oh when is the LEFT going to MOVE ON!!! Get over it you stupid insipid leftist morons. The country is so very tired of the bashing of bush. It's over done and gone. Can you not get with the year 2009?!!!! It's showing how incredibly tiny your leftist brains really are...

1935 days ago


It's "sycophantic" not "sicophantic," you douchebags. Too cool to spellcheck?

1935 days ago

Wanda Rocked    

You don't book Wanda Sykes without knowing what your are getting. She was HYSTERICAL. Comedians will be making jokes about Bush & Co. for years to come because we'll be stuck with his mess FOR YEARS TO COME.

ALso, writers target Adults 18-48 with about 99% of all their material. Most instances even younger. Before you go crazy on her (Pat Buchanan) remember how old you are and the fact that you have not been targeted by comedy programmers or advertisers for about thirty years.

Republicans act like if they say it is so (FOX), then that is how it happened. Wanda called a lot of people out on their crap last night. That Palin kid did not come from not having sex. Rush is a drug addict.

I think a lot of people are lucky because she could have been a hell of a lot worse. She was perfect, given the event.

1935 days ago


TMZ's staff should never criticize anyone due to the many grammatical mistakes their writers make. Kuddos to Samuel Jackson when he told one of TMZ reporters (rolling eyes upward - snicker, snicker) to get a real job. He even stated that TMZ was not paying them much money to stand around and harass people and that their job offers no future. Obviously, Sam was right. Apparently, TMZ grabs mariginal people to report and write for this site.

1935 days ago


#18 It's sad how ignorant some in this country have become. i bet if someone asked you who the last four presidents and vice presidents were you'd have to look it up. NO, Wanda did not call anyone out on their crap. SHE was full of crap. She apparently knew nothing of what she spoke about. (for example, her Rush joke didn't work because she misquoted and took his statement out of context). For a political joke to work, it has to be based in reality. It has to be fresh. It doesn't call names or hit below the belt. Most importantly--to all those who think Wanda Sykes was just a scream last night--the whole point of the entertainment at the dinner is to poke fun at the CURRENT administration. Sure, take some jabs as the opposing party but save the best for who is in office NOW. If someone is so partisan that they can't do that, they shouldn't be hired in the first place. Liberal is the new close-minded.

1935 days ago


"the room filled with celebs who really don't have anything to do with the event but were dying to be see"

Not on is this sentence gramatically incorrect, it implies that the star stubbed audience was out of the norm. The correspondent dinner dates by to the 1930 and has always been attended by high-profiled performers.

1935 days ago


Did you really expect Wanda to go after Obama? She is black !!!! remember they cheered for OJ even though they knew he was guilty.. I knew before she stood up it was going to be a Bush/Republican bashing with crude,no class humour mixed in. Hey folks dont be shocked about it.. "you vote ghetto, you get ghetto."

1935 days ago

Linda Mott    

The Republicans can and do take a joke better than the Democrats. The news media are afraid or in awe of the President. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are the only ones that are fair game. The media is SO far left that you can not get a fair story with few exceptions like Lou Dobbs on CNN and Greta Sustereen on FOX.

1935 days ago


#13 Your mother must be so proud.

1935 days ago


#21 you add fuel to the liberal fire when you turn things racial. yes go after them but keep it nice. do not sink to their level. you just play into their hands when you do otherwise.

1935 days ago


I was not offended at any of the jokes she did at ADULTS. I thought her attack on BRISTOL PALIN was horrible. The YOUNG single, mom, is not in politics. It appears she was pushed into being the face of an unwed teen mom against sexual activity for teens. Her deadbeat dumb baby father dumped her. She is up at night with her baby and still finished high school after the birth and is starting to college in a few weeks. She does not deserve to be made fun of at a political dinner party by Sykes. Due to that pot shot at a teen girl just because Sykes hates her mother's politics was unprofessional. I will never watch a show Sykes is in again and never go to one of her acts on the road. I delete her as entertainment as I will not support anyone who abuses children.

1935 days ago


#23 you hit it exactly on the head... Liberals if you notice on any talk show or new program never debate, but get their laughs by being mean(Perez Hilton, Keith Olberman,John Stewart) everyone likes to talk about how Fox News is so biased, yet every night I see intelligent people from both sides of the issue having an educated debate.. Liberals forget about it,, its think our way or be run over. Wanda Sykes had as much business being up there last night as I did.. She was a mess and could only spew her anger, not tell jokes.

1935 days ago



No we shouldn't forget about Bush and what he did. He and his ild committed acts that hurt this country deeply. If we don't hold them accountable then it will happen acgain the future. I seem to recall the right going after Clinton for lying
about a blow job yet torture and lying us into a war isn't that important to the tiny brained nitwits on the right.

1935 days ago

Jimmy Z    

Wanda Sykes is a vulgar, nasty, profane woman with questionable life choices. Of COURSE she's a fan of Mr. Obama, and of course he's a fan of hers.

1935 days ago


When the conservatives get angry, I'm so happy. The right is so desperate for attack points that they went after President Obama for ordering spicy mustard on his hamburger. Yes, they seriously did. So all of those crying over last night, you have no idea what the last eight years have been like for the other two-thirds of the country. President Obama has been more even-handed than even we on the left would like so give him credit for always listening to both sides. You guys made the mess and he's having to clean up the disaster. The economy and the budget were in pretty great shape when it was handed to you. You destroyed it.

1935 days ago
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