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Obama Syked Out at Correspondents' Dinner

5/10/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanda Sykes, intro for President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner ... the room filled with celebs who really don't have anything to do with the event but were dying to be seen ...

Wanda Sykes - Click to view!Barack Obama Click to view!

Wanda was ... good. Funniest joke was about Vice President Joe Biden. Seemed a little too friendly.
Obama was good too, but it all just seemed a little too sycophantic.


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bsb fan    

I thought President Obama was fantastic! He has great writers on his team!

I thought Wanda Sykes was amazing and on the mark! She was tame last night... She could've hit the people she mentioned harder, but didn't.

Remember... Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson were previous presenters. The President does not choose them, the White House Correspondents Association puts together the ceremony and chooses the host.

Can't wait for Wanda Sykes new late night talk show... it's on FOX!

1995 days ago

Rip It Up    

Hey Wanda, drop dead.

1995 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

President as Celebrity-Entertainer?
Obama so fits TMZ

Let's just move the White House to Hollywood

1995 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

How is "Rock Star President" a compliment anyway?

1995 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Justice Souter will be leaving his seat soon. Who wants to bet "O" will be filling his seat with someone who will passs the so-called Schwartzenegger Bill that allows foreign born nationals to become President. THEN he'll be releasing his ORIGINAL birth certificate.

1995 days ago

just me    

I LOVED Wanda!!! She was hilarious and on point. Also, I thought the President was funny and I'm positive that he was cracking up inside at some of the jabs, but felt it best not to show his laughter because of all the uptight conservatives who would chew him up! But I bet he and Michelle really let it all out when they were alone. Go Wanda-I love you!

1995 days ago


Anon, I lost a leg in the GD war. Were you there ??????????? NO ONE gives a rats ass about us and they are trying to take our benifits away. The media and YOU should go to a VA hospital. Walk the hallways and see what we have become. You miss the point sport. It is not her arms it is that the topic of conversation is about how toned she is. Allot os us have nothing to tone as it is in the damn battlefield. Question my logic. Suit up or shut up.

1995 days ago

L. P.    

# 55 God bless you, and all vets. Shame on America for trying to take away your benefits. Your in my prayers.

1995 days ago


#56 Thanks. I am 52. Special forces did not have to go but figured somone had to take care of some of the "Kids" that were there. Four days before my tour was up I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I paid for my own protheses as many have and are waitng for one,or more, I watch the insanity this country has embraced. We have 56,000 spinal cord injured Vets and the suicide rate is increasing every day as many have no where to go. I see some idiot like Wanda make fun of everything and everybody. She is not alone. We were going to end the war per obama. You fell for the bs folks. Now that Bush is gone our new LEADER is playing the same game. So who are you going to blame now ????????????

1995 days ago


OMG, Harvey and the rest of you at TMZ......................if you are going to attempt to use "big words," you may try looking up the correct spelling first!!!!!!

The correct spelling of the root word is "sycophant" so I'm guessing you meant to say sycophantic rather than sichophantic.

1995 days ago

Fred Here    

right, they're supposed to ROAST the pres at these things, and always have done so in the past. But wait, Obama is black, and so instead they roast anybody who opposes Obama. Typical reverse racism.

1994 days ago


Sorry, Sykes was a bomb. Colbert was a hard act to follow, but she didn't really try. To her benefit, Bush was a lot easier to tear apart.

1994 days ago

Jennifer L    

Our prez is the s**t!! Don't hate TMZ; it was hilarious and everyone had a good time; it was all in fun! No one would have anything negative to say if this event were Republicans. Then again, tight a** Bush would have never done something like this in the first place!!!

1994 days ago


Wanda Sykes hopes Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail. Hate breeds hate. She's right up there with Perez Hilton.

1994 days ago


Hey Twirp, President Obama did not ask for a brand name dijon mustard, he simply as for spicy mustard or dijon. YOU said he asked for Grey Poupon. YOU said it. Not President Obama. And by the way, since you yourself have Grey Poupon in the refrigerator, you must think you are quite the FOODIE, the very thing you attack President Obama for. You bet I'm intolerant of ridiculous positions such as yours. Eight years will do that to a person. Read your posts. You are ridiculous.

1994 days ago
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