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Obama Syked Out at Correspondents' Dinner

5/10/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanda Sykes, intro for President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner ... the room filled with celebs who really don't have anything to do with the event but were dying to be seen ...

Wanda Sykes - Click to view!Barack Obama Click to view!

Wanda was ... good. Funniest joke was about Vice President Joe Biden. Seemed a little too friendly.
Obama was good too, but it all just seemed a little too sycophantic.


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Hoping Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail. More hate speech, Wanda. You're no better than Perez Hilton, the most mean-spirited, hateful person on the planet.

1956 days ago


what yall trying to be racist on the sneak tip, talking about "dems".why you couldnt you spell it out

1956 days ago


SICKOFIT, my sympathies if you are indeed a Vet, however, Mrs. Obama did nothing wrong. She exercises. Is she to be attacked for that? It makes no sense. Others comment on it, so what? And I have a dearly loved Father-in-law that fought in WWII. I know more about VA benefits than I ever expected to and President Obama has been completely supportive. He did not start this war. Perhaps, if you are in the situation you say you are in, no one will ever say anything that will make up for your loss, so there is no point to discussing it. There is no way to know since anyone can say or claim anything on these boards.

1956 days ago


More spiteful lazy gutter humor and old tired sniveling in a can, wow thanks TMZ for bringing us something different from the democrates, havent heard those joke topics enough yawn...

1956 days ago


Anon..I just realized who you are.....Kiki using another name.Now I know why the stupid reasoning. One more time, you said he did not ask for any special mustard in the restaurant, he only asked for dijon mustard with horseradish. I asked how many people go to a burger joint and ask for that? He eats $100 a pound Wagu beef at the White House....$100 a pound!!! He is asking everyone but himself to sacrifice. Read some of his menus. It has also been reported on that he considers himself and Michelle foodies. They go to alot of expensive restaurants. It was also reported that he always lived above his means and Rezco helped him get his Chicago house. Look it up, its in print and not on Fox News. So remember this when he asks you to sacrifice some more and he taxes us to death and wants more. He is eating good in HIS neighborhood. Now piss off.....

1956 days ago


Hey Twirp, (if ever a name were more accurate) Dijon mustard HAS HORSERADISH in it. Look at the bottle in your refrigerator. And get a clue. President Obama just asked for spicy mustard, which has got to be the dumbest talking point the right has EVER come up with. Clearly you spend a lot of time looking at President Obama's eating habits. Never mind that he just paid off his student loans by the selling of the books he wrote himself. No ghostwriter as those you most likely adore use. You have a lot of people on the right living VERY WELL. And they didn't want to pay taxes on it so they reduced the tax rates at the peril of this country. Now, little can be done with the mess other than for us to slowly work through it. That you can ignore what has happened the past eight years and try to blame the economy on President Obama by way of his mustard preference is a complete joke. As are you.

1956 days ago


Hey Kurt! See what your guys have? Colonel Mustard in the hamburger joint!

1956 days ago


Rush Limbaugh did not admit he was an addict until he was CAUGHT! All the while he was saying that people who got hooked on prescription drugs should be treated just like regular criminals!! What a big gas bag!

1956 days ago


This wasn't a Presidential Address, but more like a roast. I thought it was absolutely hilarious with Sykes and President Obama. At first I thought maybe it was over-the-top, but it actually worked for the time and place. Wanda Sykes is hilarious and I loved Obama's fabulous personality. He has the magnetism of JF Kennedy, if not more.

1956 days ago


70% funny
+ 20% mean
+ 10% ignorance

= 100% flattering mainstream media into continuing to kiss ass and NOT report inconsistencies, ask hard questions, or point out broken promises

1956 days ago


Democrats are funny all thime, until you actually pay attention to what they are doing. Kind of hard to laugh when you don't have a job & will be paying tons of taxes in the very near future, & lets not forget about the loss of so many freedoms that will never return. I don't think anyone will be laughing at the end of this 4 years. Well maybe our enimies.

1956 days ago


To the idiot who is a week into not dragging his knuckles, some of Wanda's recent movie appearance include Even Almight and My Super Ex-girl friend. To suffice to say, your ignorance as to who she is is due to your low intelligence and mariginal social exposure.

1956 days ago


What Rush has been able to do is just short of walking on water. What:::!!! What:::!!!??? Now we understand why you so vehemently defend Rush, you have RELAPSE. Walk on water........PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

1956 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Obama is funny as HELL!!!
Lord knows I'LL never take him seriously...!!!

1956 days ago

She is hot    


Know I know why we have this moron in office is because of voters like you. Obama could gas his own people and you would be like, "he had a reason for it", Obama could tax your childrens children into debt( oh wait he has) and you are like " its ok, we stuck it to the rich people", Obama could lie about tax cheats, lobbyists, getting our troops out of this war, " oh well, I am sure he gonna do all the poor people right". If one day you ever wise up which is soon I hope, you will understand that if it wasnt for CBS, ABC, PMSNBC, CNN, and every other liberal media outlet this fraud would not have been elected but Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and Fox News are the ONLY ones that are "biased" right? God Bless You dear child because you seriously must be in your teens to 20's.

1956 days ago
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