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Obama Syked Out at Correspondents' Dinner

5/10/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wanda Sykes, intro for President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner ... the room filled with celebs who really don't have anything to do with the event but were dying to be seen ...

Wanda Sykes - Click to view!Barack Obama Click to view!

Wanda was ... good. Funniest joke was about Vice President Joe Biden. Seemed a little too friendly.
Obama was good too, but it all just seemed a little too sycophantic.


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Anon missed the whole point on the mustard.That is understandable since you can't work things out in your mind other than stupid vapid thoughts. I was right that you are KIki the loser ,becaused of the way you try and turn things people say and try to make it work for you. It doesn't, because you have no understanding at all. Nice try again kiki. are quite entertaining. President Bush was a Gov. of the state of the Texas and owner of the Texas Rangers..I highly doubt he lived off daddy. Obama used a ghostwriter for his book was reported that David Axelrod wrote it. Too bad for you. Laura Bush worked and also Michelle got her big job after O was on the payroll by the Chicago political machine. One hand greased the other. She also was responsible for alot of cuts at the Chicago hospital. Seems like cutting regular people's jobs is their MO. You can love him if you one cares, You need to expand your reading!

1993 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

President Bush owned the Texas Rangers and bought them WITH MONEY GIVEN TO HIM BY HIS DADDY!!!!!!!!!!! Please explain, in all of your infinite wisdom, where he got the money(millions!) to buy the team. Go ahead, I'm waiting.
Hey twirp - why don't YOU do some reading - Laura Bush was a Librarian until she married Bushie in 1977 - she has NOT worked outside of the home . The minute she became a Bush, the gravy train started.

1993 days ago


Wanda is uglier and meaner than Rush could ever hope to be. Take that mu f f diver!

1993 days ago


The stupidest President and VP in the nation's history and the "comedians" are still only taking shots at Bush, Cheney and Rush. For comedians to pass on the Socialist gaffee machines of Obama and Biden is professional suicide. They've hit the jackpot with these two fools. All it would it take is one comedian with a set and willing to take a little heat from the liberal Nazi comedian community and they'd rake in millions. Nice to see Obama proved to be even as classless as the D list celebs that shared the stage with him.

1993 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

"Obama used a ghostwriter for his was reported that David Axelrod wrote it."
Just who reported that?? You?? Fixed News? Details, please.
The Republicans hate Michelle Obama because she is an accomplished woman, graduated from BOTH Princeton and Harvard. She had a great career before she even met Obama and worked up until 2007. I guess she is amazing compared to Barbara and Laura Bush, who quit working the minute they married into wealth. She is more of a role model for young women than the Bush's will ever be.
Oh, and I would also like to know where Georgie got the money to buy the Texas Rangers. Do tell.

1993 days ago


#91...isr.........Illinois Review for one, Huffington Post for another. Ghostwriters for his books....Bill Ayers, David Axelroad , and his speechwriter Favreau. Look the rest up are lazy and I am not doing your work for you. Even though you need the help. You well may be Kiki too, she uses so many names, but your thinking prccess is the same. President Bush went to Yale and has an are just so lazy you probably get all your news from Keith Olberhog and David Shuster, (who used to work for Fox), You seem to have a problem with families that have money. These people are very accomplished . They have years of service and public service to their credit. What do you have? You bash the Bush's for their money, how about the Kennedy's??? They give their family members money and positions.Cry me a river baby,,,you are so lost.

1993 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Your obsession with Obama being a "foodie" is what I find so amusing. Still don't know how Bush came up with the millions to buy the Rangers. Seems that YOU have an issue with people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, as the Obama's did. I guess maybe you are Paris Hilton in disguise, seem to have about the same elitist attitude, arrogance and dim wit.
And I will not look up anymore on Laura Bush's employment history - I could not find anything since 1977. I guess her job in those first few years was putting Georgie to bed after a bender.
It also amuses me that everyone, to you, is this "Kiki" - do you not get that YOU are now in the minority politically? There are MILLIONS of Kiki's out there I guess. Be afraid, be very afraid. I may be Kiki - BOO!! Hope you can sleep tonight.
I also find Fox News very amusing. Their big draws, or should I saw, mouths, are Hannity, who dropped out of NYU, and Glenn Beck, a dropout of Yale after ONE semester, because he was a drunk. Neither dropped out for financial reasons, they just couldn't hack it. Say what you will about Obama and his drug use - he got it done when it came to his education. Oh, and Rush Limbaugh, who couldn't even take more than a couple of semesters at Southeat Missouri University. They are NOT educated, they are just talented in twisting their talking points and getting their disciples riled up.
And the Huffington post DID report that Obama may have had a ghostwriter - they reported that it came from the right wing websites who were desperate to tie him some more to Bill Ayres. The only sites that report it seriously are the fanatical right wing hate sites.
Keep digging that Republican hole a little deeper, I won't try and stop you.

1993 days ago


Hahaha! So mustard is the latest "controversy"? The idiocy of the right-wing never ceases to amaze me.

Drowning men will clutch at straws indeed.

What's the matter? Mad because he didn't ask for a side of freedom fries :)

1993 days ago


#93...yawn. Your just too clever for your own! Now go outside so others can bask in your brillance...or change your name again. I am going to look up liberal websites and see what your next talking points will be . You sound like a broken record. Ciao....Paris and I are having lunch...I heard she has Grey Poupon. Keep it to yourself...Obama may want some.

1993 days ago


Nice, Wanda, nice job. I just heard on the radio today how our children twist things, make up stories about each other and use it as a form of "bullying". Wonder where they are getting it from? Its ok at the White House dinner, but not ok in other venues. President Obama approved! I wonder if he would approve when a daughter's classmate takes something she says out of context, twists and uses it to get others to dislike her? Good Lord, we need to check ourselves Our children are only copying adult approved behavior

1993 days ago


what do you expect from Obama? Laughing about 911

1993 days ago


typ, goes on live air to bad mouth a white man ,,if a white man had said something like that about a black person god+++ you would have evey black person on the war path ,,,,so f++++ wats awhite man to do about we start law suite every time a black bad mouths a white

1993 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

my 2 cents -
I think our kids got the whole "lying and twisting things" from Bush and Cheney.
Isn't that how we got into the Iraq war?? And isn't it what Cheney is continuing to do every chance he gets?? Lie to get out of trouble. Someone DOES need to waterboard him, he claims it makes people tell the truth!!
Wanda Sykes is a comedienne, people. Humor is in the eye of the beholder. Obama had NO control over her even being there, much less what she said. The entertainment AND the food were bought and paid for by the White House Press Corps.

1993 days ago


I think President Obama made a nuanced religious joke about the number 72 which has been associated with the number of virgins people may get as the smallest reward in Heaven, according to interpretations by Islamic critics.
If you think the concept of 72 virgins is not that well known or has not been in the news that much (especially after 9/11), then search "72 virgins" with quotes in:
-MSN and you will get over 30,000,000 results.
-Yahoo and you will get close to 900,000 results.
-Google and you will get close to 200,000 results
-AOL and you will get close to 30,000 results
-Ask and you will get close to 30,000 results
There has even been books, songs and movies written with 72 virgins in the actual title in recent years. The show Family Guy even had a skit on it.

For those who may not know, President Obama's religious reference in his joke was "and on the 73rd day I will rest" which refers to God resting on the 7th day of creation, according to the Book of Genesis.

Is he going to claim that he randomly picked 72, which was followed by a religious reference??

I made a youtube video about it,
search "Obama makes fun of muslims"

1993 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Sycophantic....ya think? Truly a bunch of Einsteins at TMZ.

1993 days ago
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