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Wino Spares Audience

Walks Outta Gig

5/11/2009 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse bailed on the St. Lucia Jazz Festival this weekend -- midway through a song!

Amy Winehouse: Click to watch
Amy was attempting to perform "Valerie" when suddenly she stopped singing, stared at the ground for 30 seconds and walked off stage -- leaving her backup singers looking as confused as she does on a regular basis.

Her reps blamed the rain, citing "technical difficulties."


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Jerry Jarvela    

You know what I blame? Being a filthy drug addict with a wizened brain.

1989 days ago


15th sweet!

1989 days ago


isn't there anyone who can get her help and take over her life like spears dad did until she's better!

1989 days ago


The rain....LMAO yeh right

1989 days ago


Why does anyone even book this train wreck these days?

1989 days ago

Linda Mott    

Who would pay to see this train wreck?

1989 days ago


LMFAO! Just when I thought the gurl was getting her sh*t together and was making a comeback....I guess I was wrong...soooo wrong! Chick needs some major help and a hair stylist!

1989 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

She needs the Rush Limburger treatment.

1989 days ago

really now    

Come on ! People still actually sit through this garbage ? I don't get it . She is so pitiful. And I say that sincerely ! I feel sorry for her family , that she puts them through all of this and dosen't want to get any help . Pitiful .

1989 days ago


Odd thing is, people keep paying to watch her do this. Like Nascar Fans, gotta watch for that wreck and she's going to guarantee you get your money's worth. She's had plenty of chances to get clean but she doesn't seem to want to yet. Hopefully she will hit below rock bottom (since she has hit rock bottom already) and will get real help. Doesn't she have any friends or "people" that can get her help before she kills herself? Sad Sad Sad

1989 days ago

Black Power    

Thank God she stopped singing. My ears are bleeding. What a mess this girl is. Night of the living dead has noting on her.

1989 days ago


why does anybody give a sh_t about this broad anymore? is she really that talented? i'm pretty sure NOT...

1989 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

TMZ is exercising their Peerezness and not telling the whole truth. She was infact forced to stop for the rain. More of that serial killer like hatred of talented women just like Mario.

1989 days ago


the only 'technical' difficulty was her brain functioning... people only think of her as trainwreck, but the girl really did have talent! YT her early interviews with jonathan ross and such... it amazing; no tats, curvy shape, sultry voice...

now? the poster child for "don't do drugs"...

1989 days ago


i thought she was suppose to be getting better- SKELETOR!!!!! it's such a shame it's not worth the worry now, her creativity and talent is obiously GONE. WHAT A COMPLETE & TOTAL WASTE, CAN'T EVEN SAY SHE LOOKS HAPPY. it's RAINING ALRIGHT....THE CLOUD HANGS OVER disappointing, she was such a talent

1989 days ago
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