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Carrie Prejean -- So Now Who's the Boob?

5/11/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean was over 18 when she took those topless photos, so the story she was a minor isn't true -- at least according to a pageant official.

We got hold of an email from one of Prejean's former sponsors (we were asked not to use his name). He says Carrie took the pics after she had breast enlargement surgery -- the surgery was January 6, 2009. The sponsor says after the surgery, Carrie actually sent him one of the pics and asked "if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA pageant." Carrie turns 22 in a week.

We've seen 4 topless pics of Carrie. She signed several contracts with the pageant saying she never had semi-nude pics taken. She could be de-crowned because she lied. But don't count on that. Donald Trump will make that decision tomorrow and the buzz is ... Carrie is staying put.

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i thought bout it n i cant c y she should hav 2 b decrowned,heck they r walking n racy poses the whole nite on stage n the pageant n i'm not offened at all on her stand against gay marriage. i'm bi but i agree that marriage should b between a woman n man,not woman n woman or man n man. i'm bi cause i enjoy the sex not 4 a committment,so ppl get real,this is bout ppl's beliefs n hollywood is tryin 2 push thier agenda on the world. she didnt pose n any pre-teen pics or even after her teens n anything like her miss america debut,so ppl get over it. she's hot n we pickd her cause shes hot so live with it.

1990 days ago


The media has the populace one over. I heard the reports that Prejean was booed for her answer, but you listen to the utube video and you find the homosexual activist, Mr. what's his name got a few cheers from the crowd, but when Prejean answered she got a big applause. I couldn't hear any booing of her, but them my ears are definitely not liberally bent to hear only what I want to hear.
Pretty soon there won't be any red blooded american men watching the beauty pagents because they will realize it is only for women who support the extremism of gay men. Oh, I'm so wrong, yes, men will watch it because they have been one over by the media's brain washing.

1990 days ago


We are not homophobes...YOU are HETROPHOBES. YOU are afraid of US. WE are the truth that threatens your fantasy world you have attempted to create. The TRUTH threatens your little house of cards you have built attempting to alter reality. You can't deal with life as it is. You can't deal with yourselves as you really you become obsessed with distorting reality. No wonder you FEAR us to the point of lunacy


1990 days ago


Homosexuality is wrong, end of discussion, stop crying cuz another person thinks so and says it to the public. No im not religious, no im not a homophobe, I believe homosexuality is wrong because it just is, there isnt a just thing about it. Sure you can say "oh its a free country, blah blah blah" What is the purpose of mankind? to reproduce, to keep the species going, as is every other species on earth. You can't do that when a man is sucking another mans pipe

1990 days ago

Dont really care about this . .. but    

C-dub I'm not sure what you meant by asking, "What does modeling pics have to do with saying you are against gay marriage?" I ***think*** what you mean to ask is, "Why are people now coming up with these photos after she came out agaisnt gay marriage, and in doing that what do they hope to accomplish." C-dub: it's basic: the media-industrial complex is basically assassinating Ms. Prejean's character. By showing that she bares her breasts as easily as she flouts her tongue, the media-industrial complex are making sure people (particularly middle-of-the-road-politically independent-people) think twice about the listening to what Prejean has to say. Now, to be sure, right-wing conservatives are eating up every word Prejean has to say -- but the media-industrial complex doesn't care about people in that corner of America. By assassinating her character, the media-industrial complex prevents the Prejean contagion, if you will, from spreading to the rest of the body politic, i.e. middle-of-the-road-politically independent-people. And, so far, the complex is succeeding.

1990 days ago


She is only being persecuted by former Miss USA Moakley, who is offended about Prejean's anti gay marriage comments. So, she is on a campaign to strip her of her crown and embarass her at the least. Moakley, is alleged to have cheated on her ex husband, got into a fight with Paris Hilton at a night club, and has posed naked for Playboy, and ruined her children's childhood by breaking up their family because of her cheating ways. What kind of a disgusting role model she is. I'm all for Prejean and she beautiful, (Moakley is not) she is a wonderful role model, she has values and is not shy about expressing them even if they aren't politically correct. Most of America is behind Pregean, not the gay agenda.

1990 days ago

Dont really care about this . .. but    

Freespeech and jeffro20301: you both should be applauded for making a stand like you do. But, at the end of the day, no one really cares about your views. You have your mind made up. You're not a part of the silent majority of middle-of-the-road politically independent people that the left-wing media industrial complex seeks to, well, brainwash. So, it's great that you have your view -- we disagree -- but I applaud you for having convictions at all. But, at the end of the day, you will lose this particular battle because the uglies of Ms. prejean are going to come out and the middle-of-the-road folks are not going to agree with you when it comes to her. Nice try though.

1990 days ago


Dont really care about this . . . but: first off, why is your display that if you feel you need to comment on everyone elses comment, secondly, who is we?

1990 days ago


As a street preacher for 30 years, they often call me homophobe because I share Miss California's view. They like to REVERSE the facts to get attention away from the truth. I have NO fear of queers. I have sheltered them in my home with my wife & children, fed them at my table. I have held them in my arms as they left this world, dying from AIDS. The TRUTH? As these tortured indviduals faced the end of thier life on this planet...NONE of thier queer friends were there. I was. My wife was. But thier "friends"...were to AFRAID . AFRAID-FEAR...FEAR as in PHOBIA...HETROPHOBES!!!Your freedom lies in facing THAT PHOBIA.
I call them queer. I do not cater to thier dementia...but I do deal with the devastation they reap to thier bodies and souls. I run the risks while you run your mouths...I lay down my life for them. But I will not help them live a lie. Patronizing does them no favors. by the way. I have shed my blood for MY right to free speech as an American soldier on the battle I do not allow anyone to tell me what terminology I can or can not use. No one dictates What I am ALLOWED to say.

1990 days ago


What a silly bunch of minutia. All this razzle dazzle simply demonstrates how desperate AOL is, and creates great theater for The Donald. Miss California is head and shoulders above the whole crowd. Maybe she should hand the crown and a jar of vaseline to the Miss California pagaent directors. Oh, and don't forget some vaseline for the little slimeball freak that got the whole thing started.

1990 days ago


You stand strong Carrie and keep letting people know that marriage is the joining of a man and a woman under the protection of God Almighty. That's how it will remain. Civil joining is not and never will be a Christian recognized joining. As much as the Gay comminity want to force their way of life on America, Christians do not and will not accept their joining. We will continue to pray for them though.

1990 days ago

Dont really care about this . .. but    

Yo, Jeffro20301, you asked: "[w]hy is your display that if you feel you need to comment on everyone elses comment, secondly, who is we?" Both questions are irrelevant. My answers, too, would be irrelevant. This is a bulletin board, is this not? The purpose of which is to comment on this or that? But, listen, the point I am making is that, when it comes down to it, what the right-wing and conservative have to say is, at the end, irrelevant because you don't control the mainstream media. Go ahead, keep saying gay is bad, gay is bad, gay is bad . . . you can keep saying here it, if you want. But, it's as ineffective as it is irrelevant. Ms. Prejean's character will be besmirched such that middle-of-theroad Americans will find her too radioactive to want to associate with. Trust me: so much will her person be mesmirched that absolutely NO middle-of-the-road mom will say they want their daughter to be like Ms. Prejean -- because the potrait that will be painted of her is of a blonde floozy who shoots her mouth as easily as she flouts her breasts. And her dad is gay to boot!

1990 days ago


I personally like Carrie BUT she for one lied and secondly knew going into the pageant that she was lieing about the "semi nude pics". Ok so we can look at it either way. There isn't 1 person who lives in America that hasn't lied once in their life. People tell little lies on a daily basis. Is it ok? NO, but she it be held against us and made a big deal out of? My opinion, little white lies ok I could let pass but do I want my daughter looking up to someone who is embarassed of her past and can not tell the truth, be honest with herself and the US she so called LOVES? Tricky one for me but rules are rules and yes only because of the rule book I believe she should be dethroned! :(

1990 days ago


Carrie is not only a liar but another example of what is wrong with our country! Opinions are important an should be respected but if you posing nude, getting breast implants only 4 months ago and lying all of the time you have no right to judge anyone and should take a good look in the mirror. GOD smiles on two people who love each other and has more respect for that then a two bit "HO" who only lives her life behind fake morals. Grow up plastic girl!!
Why do you think Obama crushed McCain and the right cant keep saying your Christians when your pants are always down and your mouths are full of lies. U cant hide anymore...we have your number!!!!

1990 days ago


This lady is right on, I'm sick and tired of the homosexuals demonizing anyone who disapproves of their un-natural lifestyle.

1990 days ago
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