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Carrie Prejean -- Phone Whore

5/11/2009 9:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanIf your phone rings and there's a voice recording asking you to donate money and sign a petition against gay marriage, you can draw comfort from the fact that the person who recorded the message is really hot.

We found out Miss California USA Carrie Prejean recorded that message for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) during a recent trip to Washington D.C. She's certainly accessible to NOM, but she's been like the topless version of Phantom of the Opera for the folks at Miss California... she will only communicate with pageant officials through her publicist -- the same dude who was the publicist for Billy Graham.

By the way, the pictures that we did not post showing a topless Carrie... even though her lawyer says she was 17 when the photos were taken, we obtained an email from a former pageant sponsor of hers, who says on or after January 6, 2009, Carrie sent him the photo (posted on asking if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant. The upshot -- the sponsor says he knows "for a fact" she was not 17 in that picture.


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El Coyote    

Donald Trump is nothing but the richest queer there is. So, this should be a forgone conclusion. I hope they don't forget to vet her replacement whore.

1959 days ago


I would and will sign any and ALL petitions AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. Go Carrie and any one else against gay marriage.

1959 days ago


You all need to get a life and leave her alone! Just because she isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in, doesn't mean she should be picked on by a bunch of hateful people who didn't get what they want or people that try to force there sexuality upon the rest of us. I would rather have someone win who expresses there idea truthfully then someone who lies just so they canput a crown on there head. Finally, someone from MY home state who isn't afraid of the gay society is finally speaking up! Brava Zulu to Miss California!
By the way, the people of California have already voted, No gay marriage! It's what the people want right? ha

1959 days ago


I support carrie prejean, even though I thought she gave a poor answer to the gay marriage question. I think the gay agenda people are being over-the-top childish and in comparison, miss prejean looks like a sane, intelligent and decent person.

1959 days ago


TMZ is lame and hypocritical--what a surprise.

1959 days ago

fred smilek    

I think that you should live your life anyway you want it, we are not anyone to judge others...just live for yourself and enjoy everyday of your life..I think I am going to cry..ha

1959 days ago


Don't ya just love all these comments about TMZ being lame etc. etc. etc. and yet they come on their site and read what TMZ has to say? I especially loved the one who wrote about "standing alone" and all that other crap. As for Miss Prejean--she is a typical right wing republican---do as I say and not as I do. Call me a liberal, call me a bleeding heart--but at least I have one.

1959 days ago


Perez Hilton...TMZ....the Dirty dot com.....Heterophobes!!!!

1959 days ago


Then why don't you post the pictures TMZ? Damn who cares, leave the poor girl alone; it's not like she has a sex tape out or has pictures like that evil whore Gretchen Rossi. No one is perfect but people are sure quick to be judgemenatl. I really don't think that this has anything to do with the pictures at all, this all has to do with the anti gay comment she made.

1959 days ago


such a friggin liar. Lied that the pics of her were age 17 so they would be removed. Lied that she never posed for any type of pics in suggestive, provocactive or of a nude nature. Guess again.

Im on the do not call list. I'm hoping she calls me so I can SUE her organization and give the money to pro gay causes!

Fugly cow has to go

1959 days ago


What a scank hole. I'd give anything to rip that crown of her head myself. HER BELIEFS deny others. God is not going to be happy with her and others like her who hide behend his name to spew vile.

1959 days ago


Just sayin:

Stop throwing YOUR GOD into this. You are babbling. Not unlike many of you 'believers' do. God, from everything I read, is suppose to be so pure, and good, and forgiving, and NOT HATEFUL and not judging and not....

Well, you know the drill. But, because the Bible deals with Homo's for about 5 senteces ya'll think you have proof now. The way the bible is interpreted today is NOT the way it was interpreted then. The defenitions of words we use today in the Bible, are different from the meaning then. So, really WHO knows what the hell these people meant. I personally feel that religion is a waste of time.

MOST people don't know that.

Oh and lions? Huh? Girlfriend opened her big mouth, she should have been smarter to know they would be all over her to see if shes a true hypocrite, like most oh so holy folks are! And.... she is too.

1959 days ago


I understand not agreeing with gay marriage, but going out there to "destroy" gay marriage is a bit much. She needs to spend her time trying to keep her crown and not get the gays mass murdered. ( I bet that overly-religious psycho would)

1959 days ago


Her comments were about Gay marriage not about her opinion about nude pictures. I don't see how the two issues are related. Ok, she is opposed to gay marriage but supports semi-nude photos. She is still HOT

1959 days ago


Using her voice on political campaign recordings has got to be a violation of her contract. I thought the Ms's were supposed to be above political and religious posturing and were supposed to represent the interests of all the people in their respective states. She's a self-righteous, dishonest ignoramus (none of which are related to her stand on gay marriage--just who she is in general) and I hope The Donald is stuck with her for a year. Maybe they'll start paying a little more attention to what's on the inside after this ugly experience with a born again self-promoter.

1959 days ago
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