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Gerber's Accusers Refuse to Pull a 'Clooney'

5/11/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George ClooneyWe've learned the two waitresses who are suing Rande Gerber for sexual harassment refuse to take lie detector tests -- something George Clooney already said he'd do to clear Rande's name.

The waitresses filed the lawsuit back in March, claiming they were fired from one of Gerber's restaurants for not giving in to the sexual advances of Gerber and other managers.

We're told when Rande's attorney, Howard Weitzman, asked why the accusers wouldn't take the test, he was told "they simply won't."

Calls to the waitresses' attorneys have not been returned.


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once again, people trying to make a quick buck from another people these days have no integrity???

1993 days ago


Why should they take lie detector tests? They aren't accurate, reliable or admissible in court. Rande Gerber is a womanizing pig. Cindy needs to give it up and just admit she is gay and trying to cover by marrying these jerks.

1993 days ago


Why is this news? I said when the story first broke that lie detector tests are not admissable in court DUH, this is not news to anyone with a brain.

1993 days ago

bob deininger    

I think part of getting the job should require you to sign a statement you will never sue for anything,or go work elsewhere,good luck with that......

1993 days ago

artie help    


1993 days ago


Lie detectors are notoriously inaccurate. All it takes is one emotion-inducing question for other reasons and these women would fail. I'd classify sexual harassment as something that could make them upset, which would make the tests useless in proving anything.

Really, TMZ, wouldn't you think about that before putting up such a stupid story? You are flat out making these girls look like liars just for a decision to not take a test that isn't even admissible.

1993 days ago


even if the detector lies tests are not admissable in court, they are used big time on many issues... if you have nothing to hide, why would refuse to take them?!? I just wonder what some of you would say if the situation was reversed and that the ones who refused them were Clooney and Gerber... sorry but the fact they refused them and didn't give any reasons (see they didn't even say that they would not take them because there were not recevable) revealed a lot of things...

1993 days ago

artie help    

these guya are really great. However let the truth be told, George is a known package starer, in the old locker.

1993 days ago

who dat    

Go back to the glory hole george. Allegedly.

1993 days ago


#8 is right. Lie detector tests are inaccurate, especially if you have sociopathic tendencies. As they said in Seinfeld, "It's not a lie, if you don't believe it's a lie." And, indeed, if they provoke anxiety in these women, which they will try to do, it would pervert the test. In lawsuits, men always think women are soft targets and especially try to humiliate them with sexual and humiliating questions and discovery. Also as #8 said TMZ is skewing this story against the women by posting this non-issue. Are the corporate overlords getting nervous? This kind of harassment goes on all the time and everyone knows it. It needs to stop.

Why is Clooney so involved in this? The accusation wasn't against him (this time anyhow.)

1993 days ago


Lyin' bitches. He needs to sue them for liable. Even if its only for $20,000, that would teach them a lesson.

1993 days ago


Babbling about the accuracies or inaccuracies of lie detector tests is totally irrelevant.
They are common practice on many levels; depositions, mediations, negotiations, settlements.
Over 90% of lawsuits filed, across all lines, are dropped or settled out of court.

1993 days ago


I wouldn't take the test either, it is unreliable. I failed it once, and hadn't done what the issue is. That's why they are inadmissable in court. As far as powerful men manipualting women for sex, it happens all the time. As a male, I 've watched it and seen a couple of guys have to come out of pocket. Way too many of us think with the wrong head. Why do ya think the penatentiaries are so full.

1993 days ago


Well then if Rande says it is not true, then he should take a test also. Why should they if he does not have to. They could tell if HE is telling the truth or not!

1993 days ago


@ Brattyone: Rande Gerber said that he would take them...

@ Shag: the same thing can be said about people who make false accusations in order to blackmail people.

1993 days ago

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