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Kiefer -- So Hard to Say 'I'm Sorry'

5/11/2009 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kiefer Sutherland just kinda sorta broke his silence about allegedly breaking designer Jack McCollough's nose -- but if McCollough's looking for an apology, he better start looking somewhere else.

Kiefer Sutherland: Click to watch


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PEPSI Generation    

I`d get a AIDs blood test faster than 2 fast

1929 days ago


cool video He's one of good guys :)

1929 days ago


The guy deserved what he got.

1929 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


1929 days ago


Hey Kiefer! Don't you worry about a thing. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! People love to say that in this country "Justice is Blind." Don't you believe it, my man. Justices' eyes are wide the f*ck opened. Why, it sees whites, blacks, hispanics and asians coming from a mile away. Justice will pick you right out of the bunch of them and handle you the way whites in this country should be handled when in court. With complete care and leniency. Why else do you think that blacks in this country are at 14 percent, but occupy 85 percent of the prisons and jails. We look out for whites here, my man! You'll do just fine. I have to laugh at blacks and hispanics who think that they can commit the same crimes white people commit and think that they are going to be treated the same. Whatever a white person gets for a crime, blacks and hispanics can expect to get double the fine and or jail/prison term. Yet they never seem to learn this basic fact. Yeah, my man, this country belongs to white people and white people ONLY! We only let blacks, hispanics and asians THINK it belongs to them too. So just make sure your tan isn't too dark and you'll fly right through the justice system.....completely unscathed. Yeah Kief.......the only thing better than being white is being white and being from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! LOL!!!

1929 days ago

R.J. Johnson    


1929 days ago


omg #5 whats a matter yoour food stamps run out?????might really have to get a job and work?????????????dont worry let the white man take care of you and buy your next wii and bottle of thunderbird. and speaking of people getting out of jail or better yet never going; how aboutt OJ or P Diddy, or woman beater Chris Brown or Snoop Dog i can go on if you want.

1929 days ago


TMZ why should he apologize? i hear this guy has quite a rep for being an overbearing a hole. he should never have laid hands on Kiefer. and even you were calling this guy out about his fake broken nose story. your just stirrin the pot as usual

1929 days ago

sam mains    

he thinks he above the world hello to lunny come back to earth. Check out a new social network at

1929 days ago


No.6. You are assuming that I'm black. It's apparent that you don't know the true definition of the word "assume."

1929 days ago


Don't care about an apology. Show me the money!

1929 days ago


6. Per capita there are more whites on welfare and food stamps than any other race in the U.S. Per capita. Per capita. Also, you didn't directly respond to what 5 said. I think that person's satire went right over your head so instead of attacking directly you tried to make a glancing blow. I don't think you are in that persons league.

1929 days ago

Cancuck Angel    

That's what happens when americans take on canadians.

1929 days ago

skanky skanks    

#14. nice demonstration of the typical Intimidation Victim syndrome that infects canada. happy shovelling eh?

1929 days ago


Action Jackson couldn't publicly apologize to this dude. It would ruin his case in court. You're a lawyer Harvey, you should know that!!!

1928 days ago

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