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Rahm Emanuel -- White-Hot Chief of Staff

5/11/2009 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel L. Jackson, the hunks of "Gossip Girl," and Ashton Kutcher were all at the White House Correspondents' dinner, but the biggest stud of 'em all: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel -- who had a rock star's welcome!

Rahm Emanuel: Click to watch


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artie help    

gomez adams.

1970 days ago


I hear his missing finger is deep inside Perez Hilton's poop-shoot.

1970 days ago


you mean the chicago thug who once sent a dead fish to an opponent? tmz, you need to be more neutral in your political views, at least for your site. it turns off a lot of your readers.

1970 days ago


How come when I see him I think of Tom Hagen in Godfather II. Makes me wonder if he had this chat with the CFO of Freddie

Tom Hagen: When a plot against the Emperor falled... the plotters were always given a chance to let their families keep their fortunes. Right?

Frank Pentangeli: Yeah, but only the rich guys, Tom. The little guys got knocked off and all their estates went to the Emperors. Unless they went home and killed themselves, then nothing happened. And the families... the families were taken care of.

Tom Hagen: That was a good break. A nice deal.

Frank Pentangeli: Yeah... They went home... and sat in a hot bath... opened up their veins... and bled to death... and sometimes they had a little party before they did it.

1970 days ago

artie help    

Vile temper, DO NOT cross this man.

1970 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

This guy is a real snake -- very smart but under-the-table Chicago machine politician who has the potential to get caught-up in a "fixer" scandal. Keep your eye on him, not the President, because this guy is pulling the strings behind the curtain.

1970 days ago


So funny to see the wingnutters continually work themselves into a lather over a 20 year old dead fish story. Rahm has to love it.

1970 days ago

Brian Peppers    

This guy wants to ban anyone on the "no fly list" from being able to get a gun. No due process, no conviction just suspicion is enough. You are a no good Zionist criminal Rahm, the sooner you are behind bars the better off the country will be!!

1970 days ago


oh yes, i get all the best inside political scoop from the folks on the tmz message boards. you're freakin hilarious, in that highly delusional tin foil hat wearing sort of way.

1970 days ago



1970 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

This is pathetic...just shows you some women will go for any kind of guy as long as he has power...can you say Holly Madison?

1970 days ago


Nice to see that the TMZ staff has Rahm Emanuel's belt buckle imprint on their foreheads.

1970 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

At least he never autorized torture. A dead fish? That's NOTHING compared to what Cheney did to people. AND HE WON'T STOP!! PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR CRYPT, CHENEY!!

1970 days ago


This guy is obnoxious but what kind of scandal did he do. Hyper-aggressive loudmouthed men like this are toxic and cliche and anathema to a constructive universe. (Though perhaps his presence will restrain Obama from mixing Church and State with all that inappropriate and non-inclusive Christian prayer stuff.)

1970 days ago


God, if it were not for Homosexuals and Democrats, the TMZ staff would have nothing to live for.

1970 days ago
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