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Soulja Boy -- Recession? What Recession?

5/11/2009 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy is on a one-man mission to save the economy -- because after less than an hour inside Louis Vuitton yesterday in NYC, the 18-year-old dropped almost $12,500!

Soulja Boy: Click to watch
Don't believe us? He proudly showed off the receipt.


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Actually poster #14...He attends college in Georgia, and is actually doing well.

1959 days ago


I agree with #6!

1959 days ago


He just hopped up out the bed and turned his swag on, lol. Are we going to criticize everyone for shopping? There are kids starving, how dare you go to the mall. Come on you guys, get a life. As long as he is not out there stealing and killing, I could care less what he buys. Its his money, not mines. I wish that I could go shopping like that.

1959 days ago


I wouldn't be at all surprised if he joins the LONG line of rap, rock, and hip hop stars that spend their money as fast as they get it. Then when their 15 minutes of fame is over they're broke.

1959 days ago


i'm more concerned about the taxes. seriously $731.50 in tax??? wow!
If ppl have the $$$ to spend, then why not?

1959 days ago


hey souljah boy wannabe baller u need to return that stuff and save your pennies and upgrade your LAMBO ..... that is the lowest model u have and u trying to talk crap to bow wows lambo .......... lol .... bow wows cost double your lambo .... u WANNABE BALLER ... bow wows rear wheels cost more than your career lol

1959 days ago


Thanks to Justin's (#1) comment the racist could only say "Who's that"

1959 days ago


Wow the white people hating on this young rich black man is so strong!! LOL! I guess all you white people are mad because a mind you 18 YEAR OLD BLACK MAN can spend what you make in a year in a hour! LMAO! Look the boy is hugely successful and only gets to live once. How do we not know that he has a house paid for and a trust fund of some sort? Why the assumptions? So because he's young and black he can't spend money but Posh, Paris, Lindsay, Britney etc etc and the list goes on can? Wow. Yup definitely white hate. Get over it.

1958 days ago


Well that boy needs to take $1 and go buy a double cheeseburger from McD's because he's a skinny bitch

1958 days ago


white or black, his 15 minutes are up so he'll soon be broke., and from what I've heard and seen of him, there is no way he is doing well in college.

1958 days ago


I have no idea who this kid is... next.

1958 days ago


Great way to set an example for young people, "BE MATERIALISTIC" in a couple of years he will be wishing he had 12,000 when he's Broke!!!!!!!!!!! I hate all these rappers throwing money in the hood in videos ............. I dont know about anyone else but in Chicago that never happens ......................It tells alot about the people that listen that junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1958 days ago


You dont see Lindsay, Paris, etc showing off their receipts after purchases. You dont see them walking the streets with TAGS hanging from their clothes trying to show everyone that they are wearing real designer clothes. That kind of thing just doesnt happen in some cultures.

1958 days ago


They only reason he showed the paps his receipt is because bow wow blasted him you tube for wear and buying fake lv. I think it's patheic that you have to show people how much money you spend...who cares? This makes him look like a dummy and for all the people who taking up for him you guys should just shut the hell up it's not like yall can afford some lv...stop riding his d*ck! And how and the hell is he in college and he didnt finish highschool? And just because someone is in college doesn't meant that they are smart dummies.

1958 days ago


I'll pick those up cheap at his yard sale some day. Hey - he may not have them long, but at least he had them first!

1958 days ago
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