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'Kate Plus 8'

Takes Her Weave Shopping

5/12/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With none of her eight spawn in sight, Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" took time out from moussing her '80s hairdo and hit up a Target in Reading, PA yesterday.

Kate Gosselin

Kate's husband was not spotted leaving with her.


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Carrys F.    

If Jon and Kate are victims of a conspiracy of lies, why don't they take action and sue???? Certainly they can either hire a lawyer or find one who will represent them for free. They get everything else for free, why not legal services?

1990 days ago


"Remember the receipt for the Cole Haan handbag that has the bodyguard’s name on it? What if Jon found the receipt and :the bodyguard purchased the handbag for Kate? Maybe Jonboy is the mastermind…The plot thickens. " meaning Jon sent Kate's present from her squeeze, Mr. Gray to his squeeze, DeDe.
Most likely, the marriage ended months ago. How come Kate suddenly changes bodyguards? Looks guilty to me after his name is on the receipt found DeDe's bro for expensive handbag. Why does Kate even need a bodyguard? To make herself look important? When is this woman spending time with her children?

1990 days ago


What, no Bounty freebies?? Guess they were smart enough NOT to contribute.... She's lame!

1990 days ago


This woman makes me ill. I used to enjoy watching their show until I had enough of her bitch slapping her husband. I hope he does leave her soon, and finds a woman who will respect and love him like a woman should. Kate Gosselin is a disgrace! Of course he's not with her in the photo...she MADE him stay home with the kids so SHE could get a break. Ugh.

1990 days ago

fed up    

Leave her alone!!! For god's sake, you people are RIDICULOUS! I'm sure half of you don't even watch the show, and the other half of you haters are basing your opinions off of one or two episodes you caught on rerun. Kate may not be perfect (God knows she is far from it), but Jon is just as rude and incosiderate of her as she is of him! And now he has ruined their entire family and is causing them more pain than anything Kate ever did! I love this family, and my heart is breaking watching them have to go through this. Anyone who has ever gone through what Kate's going through knows how difficult and horrible it is, and none of us here have ever had to do it with the whole country watching! What's worse is that a bunch of idiots on Internet messageboards and the magazines/blogs themselves STILL insist on blaming JON'S infidelity on KATE! Get over yourselves and stop being so freaking judgemental! FInd something better to do than sit here and bitch because (God forbid) a woman wears heels to Target! PS- Every woman I see in Target looks just like that! Ugh, you people make me sick!

1990 days ago


Kate on 5/9 you signed a deal to be a walmart spokewomen and sell a line of clothes and now you still shop at target!
Stop whining about how hard the media is and go be home with your kids! Turn the cameras off! You are not the stay at home christain mom that you preach about to churches while you leave your kids with a nanny and travel the country asking for love offerings. Do the right thing and be a mom and let your poor kids have some peace away fromt he show and cameras. Stop your GREED!

1990 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

TMZ I hope you follow up on these frauds, obviously there are a lot of people posting here who have genuine concern for the well being of these children. I hope you do pursue the fraud that Kata and Jon and the impact that thier greed is having on the emotional well being of these kids. Can you imagine when they are in high school or jr. high the ridicule they will face. Having their most intimate moments played and replayed in front of a world wide audience. The multiple birth racket must stop!!!

1990 days ago

She's Dumb    

I am sooo sick of this women. Her and her wandering eyes husband should get a divorce. I cannot even stand to watch her degrade him on the show. Maybe if more people boycotted the show, the show would be taken off the air and these fool's would not be making large sum's of money that they do not deserve!

1990 days ago

How can you admire?    

To the people that LIKE THIS WOMAN, I have a few questions:

-How do you "admire" a woman that demans her husband constantly?
-How do you praise her for family values when she has hardly been there for her family this past year?
-How do you say this woman is a role model, when she exploits her children?
-How can you say that SHE DOESN'T EXPLOIT her children, when it's apparent that Jon wants out of the show and she wants to stay on?
-How can you say that she isn't greedy? When she was asked if she would buy her children a car, when they are older, she said they would have to find a job first! Those children are the reason they have that show and are making the money, they deserve a portion of it!

1990 days ago

i still hate retards    

jesus christ, all you f@cking haters are really sour, nasty, pathetic human beings, if that. is that what celebrity gossip as we know it,e.g., tmz, yahoo entertainment, eonline, has become in its short existence? let's hate them because they have what we don't? and by celebrity i mean anyone in the public eye. for all you who think they are cashing in on a family that many people have--ah, f#cking newsflash, most people don't have sextuplets and healthy ones at that. that is what is so unique about these families that tlc follows--sextuplets, twins/twins/sextuplets, little people with twins who are 1 normal/1 little, etc. it is a network about life. if you don't like the shows, DON'T watch them and STOP BITCHING about them. has anyone ever heard of editing?!?!? any show is/can be edited to depict a person in a certain character and that is what happens in shows on tlc on down to vh1s nasty daisy of love. now if you want to hate on someone, hate on her.
how about all you loser haters go find your own angle to pitch and become successul instead of miring in your own worthless existence as you know it currently? you might make the world a better place instead of spewing your hatred.

1990 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

Twyla, I look in the mirror every day and my hair looks marvelous, and etter than that I can smile and no I never in my life sold out a family member or friend to make a qucik buck. Kate on the other hand needs to check herself more than visually, her looks that have been augmented on their family tv show by plastic surgeons, Jon's too. Her, looks are the least of her problems. I suggest she begin with a 12 step program for her multitude of disorders.

1990 days ago

nira k    

How is this publicity whore any better than octomom. All of her recent publicity is a calcutaled ratings grab.
Poor little Kate goes shopping while the maid, cook, nanny and personal assistant stay home in the multimillion dollar estate
all earned on the kids backs. Tell me again how she is different from octomom.

1990 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

Editing you are exactly right it is all in the editing that Kate controls, they have producing credits!!!!!!!! Wake up you people it is not jealousy. When those kids are on drugs, sticking fingers down their throats then it will be OK to judge them, why not put a stop to the abuse of the kids now. Let Kate go to hollywood and become a real celebrity the ones who make millions of dollars with their work and talent!!!!!!!!

1990 days ago


I personally couldn't care less about their 'money'. At least *I* know my money wasn't begotten by selling my children's private moments. When those kids get to school, their classmates will tease the crap out of them about their daddy yanking poop out their butt with an old grocery bag...and their messy potties have been shown numerous times. NORMAL people don't show stuff like that on TV. If KATE didn't want that crap on TV, she shouldn't have allowed that stuff to be filmed. I can't wait to watch these children grow up. And I will do that...since I'm a neighbor.

1990 days ago


I really have to wonder the ages of the people that put her down. first of all she is absolutly beautiful and anybody that says different show your pic. Before the babies she was adorable it just took her awhile to get her looks back.
I think she is awesome and so good to those babies. She makes sure they experience everything they can..I love the whole family and hope the best for them and wish you aholes would leave them alone.
Team Jon and Kate + eight

1990 days ago
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