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'Kate Plus 8'

Takes Her Weave Shopping

5/12/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With none of her eight spawn in sight, Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" took time out from moussing her '80s hairdo and hit up a Target in Reading, PA yesterday.

Kate Gosselin

Kate's husband was not spotted leaving with her.


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Please....all she is is the first generation OCTOMOM!!!! Yep, she only had six puppies...but she's been pimping them out wayyyy before the second Octomom came along. It's to bad someone doesn't do some serious digging into how these 2 idiots have managed to buy a 1.3million dollar condo when neither one's called CHILD LABOR...and not one official in PA. cares. Where the hell is Gloria Allred???

1992 days ago


Kate and Jon are awesome. Their show has brought a lot of joy into my life. I think it's a shame sites like yours are trying to destroy their family. Don't you care about those kids? Everything they do is being blown out of proportion. Kate may be anal and sometimes grumpy, but can you blame her? She does amazingly well considering the life they lead. Give them a frickin' break. Oh, and her hair is not "80's" style, in fact there is a haircut called "Kate" it's that popular. TMZ- you're a bunch of morons. Find some REAL news.

1992 days ago



YOU call these eight innocent little children "SPAWN"???

God, I hope you are NOT a parent yourself, or have future plans to BECOME ONE!!

YOU are a sick-minded "thing" that seems to get off on making sick fun of children. Calling them "spawn"



1992 days ago


Kate has one of the wierdest do's eva!

1992 days ago


My message to Kate is to treat people the way you want to be treated! I use to enjoy the show but after hearing you berate your husband disrepect him infront of millions. No wonder the man is cheating or if he isn't he's about to! Because of your ugly ways no one has simpathy for you!!! Everyone is wondering what in the world took him so long!!! Please change your attitude and love your husband so you can be loved back not only by him but the world!

1992 days ago


Time to close the book on this show! Where are the child labor laws? These kids are GUARENTEED to have SERIOUS problems when they grow up due to their IRRESPONSIBLE, GREEDY, MONEY-HUNGRY parents. These kids have no say since they are MINORS. Me, jealous? Hardly...I love my middle class life (money, fame and fortune doesn't equal happiness). Who, in their right, sane mind would EVER want to have every aspect of their lives plastered all over the media/world for ANY amount of money. If you choose to put yourself and your family on TV, expect that the world will put you under a microscope...the good, bad and ugly. How absolutely sad that these children TRULY have no voice, and how absolutely SICK that their parents really don't care!

1992 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

That's ain't no weave homegirls, that's just some crack ho haircut!

1992 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Posted at 10:31PM on May 12th 2009 by fed up

I agree, actually Kate looks BETTER than most dumpy women I see at Target.

As far as the show and their lives: Her and Jon are equally annoying...those poor kids are doomed.

1992 days ago


She whored her kids out for her own monetary gain..I hope she rots in hell with her stupid haircaut.

1992 days ago


Actually, according to TMZ, she got the paper towel for free. What a scam she is pulling on the folk who give that family free things. She could really careless about those 8 kids she pays someone else to take care of. And as far as that mop on her head goes - UGLY!! I just feel bad for all the people she's stabbed in the back to get on TV and grab free things in the name of her children. I'd rather see the families that lost their homes,or jobs get those things. Based on the way her marriage is going down the tubes, I hope TLC cancels that piece of sh*t show that exploits those kids.

1992 days ago

Joe Public    

Judging by those paper towels, I guess the Gosselins didn't "Go Green" after all. I feel duped.

Watch for the new commercials by Target featuring Kate Gosselin. Cha-ching!!!!!!

1992 days ago


She is a total fame whore who pimps out her kids for her own personal gain. She is in the business of using her own children (and taking away anything normal and private about childhood from them) for her own aspirations of gaining money and fame. She is sick! And her spineless husband is just as bad for still allowing her to do it. Her poor kids will have to live with the backlash of Mommy and Daddy's greed for the rest of their's a shame!

1992 days ago

Joe Public    

Wow. Those sunglasses are just wrong. She looks like an evil insect.

1992 days ago

Joe Public    

It's a safe bet that the 'hired help' i.e., the nanny, the cook, the bodyguard, etc. are laughing their butts off at Kate behind her back. I also wonder why she feels it necessary to employ a bodyguard--my suggestion would be to just take Mady with her everywhere, and that will guarantee anyone with any sense will not get close to you.

1992 days ago

Kate who?    

It's good to see she is home spending time with her children. All dolled up - must have taken time to fix that mop on her head and decide which $300 pair of Cole Haan shoes she wanted to wear when her security team drives her to Target. Wait, I thought she is a spokesperson for KMart. She can't drive herself to the store for papertowels??? Since she finally showed up at home after being away all month, you would think she would bring a few of the children with her for some "mommy time".

1992 days ago
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