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LaLa -- Racist Mavericks Fans Attacked Me First

5/12/2009 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LalaCarmelo Anthony's fiance LaLa Vazquez has released a statement claiming racial taunts and violent threats from Dallas Mavericks fans incited her at last night's NBA playoff game:

"Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physical attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable. The fans were totally out of control.

What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn't show the abuse that was taking place."

Footage shot at last night's game showed LaLa cursing and getting hostile as security tried to escort her out of the stands.

The Mavs and the Nugs are set to face off again tomorrow night.

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Ms. X    

So are whites on here saying racism doesn't exist anymore???? Riiiight! Whites call it the "race card" when blacks claim racism just so that they can get away with racism. I wouldn't doubt someone did say something racist to her. How naive to think it wouldn't happen.

1989 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

We all know she's Puerto Rican haven't you read the comments , oh ignorant one. Maybe you should go back to school after dropping out of kindergarten in your birth country.

1989 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

These kind of women always carry sharp instruments, I'm just glad she didn't use one.

1989 days ago


Mavs suck... the only thing they're good at is trash talkin. LALA just needs to smile and watch their team lose annnnd go home. :)

1989 days ago

R U Serious.....    

Her situation makes sense considering that the Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban had to apologize to Kenyon Martin’s mother for, “According to Cuban, a fan called the Nuggets “thugs.” Cuban looked at Martin’s mother, Lydia Moore of Dallas, and said,

“That includes your son.”

Martin’s agent told the Denver Post that Cuban said to Martin’s mother that her son is a “punk.”

The Mavericks organization is starting to get a rep for this stuff and TRUST ME: THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I’ve heard the ignorant mess fans say especially involving race. Cuban…get your club together.

I am sorry to hear Lala had to go through that.

1989 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

PS Mavs suck and I hate their owner even more.

1989 days ago


First of all The united states is my birth country. 2nd of all i graduated highschool as matter of fact when i was 17. 2nd of all if you read some comments on here, they call her black. There some comments that acknowledge her of being latina but most of them are making comments that obviously suggest she is black. 3rd of all Did i personally relay that message to you, NO!!!!! So shut up. I was talking to the ones who thought she was black okay, If you werent one then mind you;re business because obviously it wasnt aimed towards you, you ignorant son of a bitch.

1989 days ago


So being engaged to Carmello Anthony makes someone an idiot? Wow Ive heard everything. I got to laugh at some of yall hating. Some of you sound just down right stupid. It has been confirmed something was said to LaLa so everyone who is crying that she is pulling the race card can stop talking. People are acting like she looked behind her and said Im about to fight this lady...people also act like they have never been involved in a conflict. Since when did being involved in a conflict make you a whore, a gold digger or anything else derogatory she is being called? Reading the comments, I see alot of bitterness about today's society. Blacks get to call the race card and whites get all the other advantages..stop complaining seems like you guys got it good. A white C+ student got into college before Me (a Black A student), you didn't hear me crying. I just worked even harder than I should of had to and overcame so miss me with the racist card bs being spewed.

1989 days ago


I like how people are getting on her for pulling the race card but its okay for everyone on this site to say extremely racist things. Wow, Im black and Im offended. Calling someone Ghetto because she had an incident at a game is mad crazy. What about Mark Cuban, What about all those white fathers that get into fights at high school and little league games? -I could respond by saying something like that but the fact is everyone has their moments, everyone has had a time where they got into it with someone. People stop acting like you are perfect and don't ever get provoked. It amazes me how when someone else does something we all do we criticize. Then people are telling her to get a job and that she is maid when she has more money than they will ever see without Carmello Anthony...I mean she doesn't need Carmello for money, seriously don't talk about someones finances when they are in a better financial position than you. The way you people judge and the things you all say is incredible. You say stop pulling the race card then go one to say something negative about a race. America, the land of hypocrisy. Gotta love it.

1989 days ago


Oh, get over your pompous self Terri. "I'm going to heaven . . and won't see any of you racists there.". No, you're not, you're probably on your way to Linda's apartment to pet sit those 30 cats while reading your Nora Roberts trash novellas. While you can spell and edit paragrapshs, your arrogance is overwhelming. But don't despair, EHarmony still loves your lunch money and maybe there's hope for you there. Sit on it sister. Everyone has prejudices to some degree and if they say not, they're lying. Which makes you . . .a hypocrite. 95% of the black race voted for Obama. Isn't that . . racist? And BET? The NAACP? Poor Dirk . . .who's German. Had the audacity to be the leading scorer in the game. But I'll admit this. . .that "pothead fishboy" remark has me laughing all the way to KFC. Gp stand in the corner Terri. You're as sharp as a bowling ball.

1989 days ago


I believe she was being taunted for not looking "white" enough with her fake green eyes, straighten hair and comestic surgery. That or she was fighting Jamie Foxx for calling Miley Cyrus a "white bitch." She is change we can believe in.

1989 days ago

Shakin my damn head    

And people think racism is in the past. It's alive and well, believe that. I went on a job interview just last week and a white woman went in ahead of me and was told the job paid a certain amount. She told me while I was I was getting out my car to not waste my time because the job was only paying a certain amount a year. I went in anyway and guess what, I was told the same job was paying a whole 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS A YEAR

1989 days ago

Shakin my damn head    

If someone called my child a bastard I'd cuss them the hell out too and that has nothing to do with race or class that's A MOTHER DEFENDING HER CHILD.

1989 days ago


"What would you expect from a bunch of no class redn*ck white people from South. She should have bussed the sh&t out of their a^s. Typical wh^te fans. Try really hard to couch the game but lack the talent or skills to play. Take the white trash to dump."

Posted at 5:29PM on May 12th 2009 by Uptown

Try really hard to couch the game? Care to explain what couching is? They now have this thing called spell check, it helps in breaking sterotypes.

1989 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

No Puerto Ricans are not black, nice try but it ain't true. Puerto Ricans are a mixture of three things but not solidly one group. I'm Dominican and we are a mixture too. Plus she was cursing in Spanish and most Black people in America don't speak Spanish. Lala was wrong and now she is trying to wriggle out of it by using the first excuse she could come up with. She should have left the vicinity until she cooled down. I have gotten called awful things because of what I am but I don't blow my top I walk away and cool down. Melo should dump her after this and get a better quality of woman than Lala.

1989 days ago
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