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Lindsay Lohan -- Not In-Sam-inated

5/12/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the only thing about their rocky relationship we know for certain -- if Lindsay Lohan actually is knocked up, Samantha Ronson isn't the father.

Samantha Ronson: Click to watch


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sam = nothing without lindsayl.

1958 days ago

montana mike    

knocked up by a strap-on

1958 days ago


Your cameramen are super nice and very good at making people more comfortable and happy in front of the camera. :) It's nice to see that. The hard part is when the celebrities don't feel like being nice back.

1958 days ago


lilo, lilo, lilo...whatever are we going to do with you?? if you ever grow up, you will understand how pittifully out of touch with reality your pathetic excuse for a mother is, and has unfortunately, passed on to you. please, please, run for your young life and learn something about the real world.

1958 days ago


I don't believe the rumor of Lindsay Lohan being pregnant. The report said that she doesn't know the father and it could've been one of two dozen men. My question is what man will ever date this woman.

1958 days ago


YYes, Samantha does have a wicked sense of humor that, in this case, is woefully misused. I cannot imagine how Lindsay must feel being in the glaring limelight at this time. Especially when you are a young girl of 22 trying to figure things out, while you make mistakes, some mistakes awful enough to lead your 31 year old girlfriend to dump you and change the locks for everyone to see. Oh yes, and to put the cheery on the cake, you are dragged through the mud by your ex-girlfriend’s mother. When I read what Sam’s mother had to say about Lindsay, I cringed. Not because what she said may be true, but because it is not a fair fight. For all the talk of the Ronson’s being such private people, the mother didn’t mind dropping some nuclear bombs about Lindsay for all of us to know or confirm our suspicions; thus humiliating Lindsay. It is not a fair fight. Mrs. Dexter-Jones should have called Mrs. Lohan and had it out with her. Or she could have told Samantha to tell Lindsay. A one-way fight between a 58-59 year old woman and a 22 year old girl “ain’t” equal folks. Yes, Lindsay should not have tried to crash the party out of RESPECT for Samantha and her family. However, crashing a party does not an order of protection make. So now, the paps have her pregnant. Not only that, the implication is that anybody could be the father; thus implying she is a tramp at best. My heart goes out to this girl. Given her early life, her struggle with addiction, her effort to try to surmount it, a little compassion is not a bad thing. Lindsay, I am sure has some bad points as do we all. However, at 21-22 she had the maturity and bravery to publicly declare her love for Samantha, risking her career. That is how much she cared for Samantha. How many of us would do that? Given her emotional background, Lindsay is probably a hand-full who Samantha no longer wants to deal with. She is probably insecure (keeping tabs on Sam), afraid (keeping tabs on Sam), controlling (keeping tabs on Sam), with a good dose of denial thrown in (that is why she did not see the break-up coming). Who of us at one point in our lives did not feel one, some or all of these emotions? But there also must be good, nice, enchanting things about her that attracted Samantha to Lindsay. So even though Sam may be “newborn” and happy to no longer have to deal with her, compassion is the order of the day, it is easy to be flip and smug when you are annoyed, angry, and just want this person to go away. Sam is probably relieved that Lindsay has left town. However, there must be some really good stuff in Lindsay that in the beginning prompted Sam to pursue her, and want to be with her. As we all know, water seeks its own level. So, let’s not take the easy route. Let’s take the noble route. Let’s remember the good times when you loved this person who is now hurting and show compassion. How much nasty crap are we going to dump on Lindsay? As a human being to another human being, compassion is the order of the day. My hope is that Lindsay finds someone who can accept her the way she is and who loves and supports her. This is what she needs (well, she also needs to grow up, take responsibility and not be afraid to be loved). As a matter of fact, I wish Lindsay and Samantha meet the person that will give them the peaceful haven each yearns. I wish them both the best.

1958 days ago


hey newborn,

get a life.

1958 days ago


I thought this was some dude but then some announcer on on TMZ on TV said it was SAM! LOL

1958 days ago


And you know, if the paps say she is pregant it must be true! Well, today's newpaper is tomorrow's toilet paper.
s = sh-ts


1958 days ago


Hey newborn. Well said. Wish more psotings like yours. Well done

1958 days ago


Newborn, newborn, newborn. I thought I had too much time on my hands, but man oh man you wipe me off the scale. Why have you given so much of your time to thinking about this pair? Yeh. its mildly entertaining to read the crappy article, and even go to the comment page, and maybe even post a comment, but dude! You have written a thesis about them! They do NOT deserve so much of your precious time and attention. I have to admit, I didn't even read your post, sorry bout that, it just looked too long and I'm not that interested in these two to bother reading any more than a few lines about them. I am much more interested in someone like you, and what makes you devout so much of your time and attention to a coupe of losers you dont even know? I'm not critisising you, I'm just raising the point, cos, hey - I got plenty of time on my hands too. Need to go do something else now. think I'll go outside, get a bit of fresh air, meet some humans...

1957 days ago


She's probably not even pregnant. I think she just wants to make Sam jealous by making her think she's been with a man.

1957 days ago


How lame does the guy taking the video sound? I'm embarrassed for him! Doesn't he have anything better to do with his life?

1957 days ago


Just keep being you Linds, " I wudnae want to the perfect either, cause perfect is boring!!" You live it!!!
Take care and hope things come gud for ya, or you could come tae Scotland if you want away from the cameras cause thers naebody here exciting enuff to follow about, so probably nae cameras m.s xxx...

1957 days ago
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