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Miss CA: On a Windy Day, You Can See My Nips

5/12/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This was "biblically correct" Miss California Carrie Prejean's unbelievable excuse for those topless pics we posted this morning -- It was a windy day. Seriously.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Did the wind unbutton her top? And how come her hair isn't blowing?


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Unbelievable. Did she not look at the shots right after it was taken?, they usually sit-in with the DP and the staff to look at all the pictures taken for each session. Look at all these gullible TMZ commenters, she just lied on national T.V. and few of you bought it.

1969 days ago


You know, Carrie, people do things that they later regret. People take topless photos. But you NEED TO STOP LYING ABOUT THEM!!! No one's buying it. And the Bible does say that a lie is as bad a sin as any.

1968 days ago

Dee Winters    

Hey now! Looking pretty good to me!


1968 days ago

super banana hammock    

Eventually the old homophobes will die off and the younger progressive opinion will be what takes over as normal. I hope this dogmatic nonsense soon becomes the minority and if I could have it my way, these people should be persecuted for their outdated beliefs that are the basis for their discrimination. I'm so happy that people are becoming more enlightened by the day and Christianity-- as well as other religions -- will hopefully be banned, or at the very least be thought of as seriously as astrology or voodoo.

The day will come, just think about it, there probably is no god so stop discriminating and enjoy life you misguided people!

1968 days ago

Television Spy    

We'll drink to that.

Television Spy

1968 days ago


Harvey, I think you are single handedly responsible for Carrie keeping her crown. Thank you dear Neo-Nazi, gay bullying, POS, sir :)

1968 days ago


Am I wrong, or don't you have to sign a waiver before any photo shoot that says all the pictures are property of the camera person. Also, a little bit of double sided tape goes a long way to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, or maybe a future Playboy model doesn't need to invest in that. Maybe next year she can host " Miss USA Christian Porn Queen".

1968 days ago


She is a LIAR and nice christian girls do not pose Semi Nude..Oh and breast implants are fine but why does she need bigger breasts if she is going into Childrens work?? She is not a Good Christian Girl..She lies, she poses nude..Do what you want but dont profess how clean and wholesome you are when you are a wanna be and will do ANYTHING for fame..She makes me sick and I am a believer in JC and non gay marriage..carrie close your big mouth

1968 days ago


Ho hum. Another celebrity boob, so what? By the way, who won the Ms America contest anyway? Hilton Perez and Prejean are the only ones who are being remembered, the pagent coordinator resigned, the runner up gets teased with almost getting the title (psyche!) and Trump is just eating up the publicity and the ratings. Lesson: I don't care what you say about me in America, just talk about me, and I exist and make that mooonnneyyyy! Nice tits, and you didn't have to pay for them! Donald, get a hair transplant or another hairdo with the profits from this three ring circus. Perez, get a life, go get married already, maybe he can find someone who can put up with his bitchyness, like other married couples!

1968 days ago


As a model She is very much Lying, The photographer will sit down with you and show you all of your pictures before he distributes them to you. what a shame she claims to be such a chrisitian and then Lies. Real nice

1968 days ago


She's as fake as her implants--which I believe is why Trump kept her--got to get the return on that investment!!! In any case, she did not abide by the established rules of the pageant and she should have had to relinquish the crown--so what's the point in having rules if it's okay to break them?!? Just wonderin'....

1968 days ago


What a dumbass!

1968 days ago


"As a model She is very much Lying, The photographer will sit down with you and show you all of your pictures before he distributes them to you. what a shame she claims to be such a chrisitian and then Lies. Real nice"

Depend of the photographer, maybe he was sleazebag who kept some from her, or maybe they were mistakes he decided to not get rid of. I'm not saying she didn't lie, im just giving her the benefit of the doubt, because I have heard nip slips happen on model shoots. I really think the people who seem to be so sure she is lying about it, are ones want to believe she was lying about it. I would give her more beef on the first photo, because I think she either thought it would never come up or if it was just a application photo, she still should have told them about it.

1968 days ago

matt james    

I fully support Miss California. not that she 'forgot' about these photos though. she HAD to have known these would surface. i am waiting for the next set! But i don't think she should have been villfied by all the queers because she spoke her mind and stood up for her beliefs. GOOD FOR HER. She speaks for the vast (silent) majority of America that want to preserve marriage. But i am upset with one thing. these 'half nude shots'. where are the FULL NUDES! you know they are out there, and why can't i find any of these shots 'uncensored'. come on TMZ - we are guys afgter all! nice to see the natural, pre-boob job carrie. that raises another question. didn't California officials confirm they helped her pay for a boob job, yet these are teh same hypocrits that are now upset she is still serving in her official capacity?

1967 days ago


here hair was blowing look at the other shots, hell in one of the pics TMZ posted she was pushing her hair out of her face from the wind.

if people dont believe what they see then they are idiots

1964 days ago
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