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Miss CA: On a Windy Day, You Can See My Nips

5/12/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This was "biblically correct" Miss California Carrie Prejean's unbelievable excuse for those topless pics we posted this morning -- It was a windy day. Seriously.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
Did the wind unbutton her top? And how come her hair isn't blowing?


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Who cares? I'm with her because she's against gay marriage. She could shoot a porno, and I'd still be on her side.

1969 days ago


Liar, Liar her bra's on fire.

1969 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I am totally not understandin' all the hatin' on Carrie, so, woohoo, she gets to keep her crown and keep wavin' to the people from the backseat of a convertible. I hope she waves at me.

1969 days ago


Just heard someone quoted from a blog on Headline News a few minutes ago that "we see President Obama half naked with full on nipples all over and he has the same view on marriage being one man one woman and no controversy regarding him".

I laughed caused it is really a funny thought...Obamas nippples fully out for all and it is a-okay for a SITTING President.

Where is the criticism for him or Muslims who beleive the same as Carrie???

Let's see TMZ go after these ones...never...because Carrie was considered an easy target....God does work through people and does keep account of all thoughts and gestures and actions.

Vindication. Period.

1969 days ago


You lose again Harvey!!! Your ultra radical gay Nazi bullying will never win. Instead of focusing ALL your time and energy on young women answering ridiculous questions being asked of them, and other private citizens, why don't you ridicule the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES for having the EXACT same views? Why are you scared sh*tless to hold him to the same standard? Or what about all your CA neighbors that voted against it as well?

Oh, my bad, you won't because you're a cowardly, gutless liberal headcase that wouldn't dare point fingers at your own cult, my bad, "party"


1969 days ago

she looks like her son    

Seriously, this woman appears to be a pathological liar. So, let me get this straight - she pushes her bible but she is a LIAR, has partially nude photos, does not follow her contract, does not believe in equality of human beings and this most likely is short list.

So, where are all of the so called moral Christians in their fury of her lies and nudity? Let me guess - it is all fine because she talks the Christian game and of course lives otherwise like the majority of them do. They would be protesting in the streets if she had not mentioned the word Christian. It always comes down to that with the fanatics. One word and you are good to go regardless of your OBVIOUS hypocrite life.

Carrie is a lost cause and Donald Trump is the most pathetic man in the country and the ONLY reason he has any say so in anything is his - MONEY. Money can buy you attention and drama queen news conferences.

1969 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I can't wait to see people spit on her at the next car show.

1969 days ago


what a dumb slut! The wind blew and my nipple popped out 10 different times. I just hate when that happens. How about there was an earthquake and it shook my vest open and my nipple popped out. Give me a break! You know when your nipple is blowing in the breeze, she doesnt seem to mind. Credibility meet the toilet:)

1969 days ago


These "new" photos were photoshopped you hacks. Face it TMZ, you lose again. Gay Nazi bullying will never get you anywhere. Carrie just bitched slapped Harvey all up and down Sunset Blvd. :)

1969 days ago


Ok~ guys it's time to get over it and move on. Should we all be persecuted for stupid mistakes of the past. Hopefully as people we change and grow with time. Still doesn't tarnish the beliefs she stands on today. We can always make a new start.

1969 days ago

Get a life resentful haters    

Seriously haters, those of you that insist on calling her a liar really resentment issues. She has a different opinion than you, so you try to crucify her. Anyone with any knowledge of a photo shoot knows that a camera rapidly takes photos while the model tries to get the pose that the photographer is looking for. In this case, the photographer was a pathetic perverted piece of trash who I'm sure was paid a pretty penny by "TMZ" for these confidential photos. There is a big difference between a nude photo shoot, and accidental nudity shoot. The photos are the equivalent of upskirt, hidden cam, papparazi pics. That's pathetic, but TMZ will get a lot of hits, and people will tune in to the moronic show on TV, so hooray for Harvey. Now move on to something more relevent....oh yeah, you don't do relevent.

1969 days ago


First off, if everyonoe were held accountable for the stupid decisions made when we were 16-17 years old, Obama wouldn't be president, Biden wouldnt be Vice President and neither would Bush or any member of the GOP as well and so on and so on. Secondly, just because there is a red ribbon of censoring strategically placed over her chest in this picture, she was still UNDER THE AGE OF CONSENT< which makes this photo, even though its censored and any photo's TMZ has like it, child pornography. IF the gov't is so quick to prosecute teachers and others who have similiar pics of other 16-17 yrs olds on their personal computers and then crucify them in the press, THEN TMZ and any such network that has these in their possesion should also be held to the same standards as all other law abiding citizens. This double standard is apalling not to mention unethical.

1969 days ago

Your SM Girlfriend    

I couldn't care less about this Barbie or whether or not she gets the official beauty pageant nod. What I really love is that poor Perez Hilton is probably busting a blood vessel (we should be so lucky) having a hissy fit that she remains in place. Better luck next time Hilton. Your 15 seconds is winding down really fast now.

1969 days ago


Thank you Donald Trump for being fair to Ms. Prejean!

1969 days ago


HAHAHA!! Suck it Perez -- Oh wait - you already do!!! Why arent you going after Obama like you went after her??? I think that you also need to realize that it wasnt JUST the Christians who voted against prop 8 either - California is the most liberal state and THEY voted against it - Im sure not ALL of them are Christians either - People like you, garofolo, penn and the rest of the liberal loonies are sickening and pathetic. Im glad someone finally stood up against you - you sorry POS.

1969 days ago
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