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Miss Cali's Bro -- 'We Were Raised Right'

5/12/2009 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It didn't take long for "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean's tatted up, "I've never been a skinhead" brother Billy Arnone to try to cash in on his sister's infamy -- taking to YouTube today to help clear her name ... and pimp out his racing career.

Billy Arnone: Click to watch
Don't worry, we removed all the shameless self-promotion. Enjoy.


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Hard to believe that they are related. He looks like a total dirt bag LOSER......While she is SMOKIN' HOT.

1990 days ago


TMZ, you're not going to like this but Carrie's remarks were Biblically correct, or "biblically correct" as you keep writing in your obsessive coverage of her. If you don't like it, take it up with God.

God does love everyone, just as His word says, but the Scriptures are very clear that homosexuality is a sin.

1990 days ago


Almost first!

1990 days ago

Carrys F.    

This story is so old and played out. Why are we giving so much attention to a BEAUTY PAGEANT GIRL!! It's not like she's the President or anyone important. Or influential. I just fail to understand why we are constantly bombarded with this story. I'm done reading about it.

1990 days ago


gotta love the phelps question... wonder if she tokes, too? and the whole "they aren't dating, they just, umm, were good friends and umm, hung out a few times" - aka they got stoned and banged... wonder if that is in the bible too? maybe its right next to the passage where is says its ok to lie to the entire country and media outlet as long as you are "beautiful" by trump's standards?

1990 days ago


Bobby Joe, This has to do with "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and a lot of people think that that is important.

1990 days ago

She is hot    

Good Grief people! I wish the news media had done a half a percentage of investigations into OBAMA as they have done into Carrie Prejean!!! Seriously, she stated her opinion as is her right and has just been villified and beaten over and over. Where were the reporters to check into OBAMAs past who by the way DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GAY MARRIAGE EITHER!!

1990 days ago

El Mexicutioner    

Did I just miss it, or has TMZ failed to put a story up on how Prejean is keeping her title?

1990 days ago


and to "i'm just sayin" on comment two... doesn't it also say in the ten commandments that lying is a sin, and isn't one of the seven deadly sins lust, which posing topless would induce? what about that? she broke two of the "bible's rules", and thats just what we know about! isn't vanity a sin as well, according to the bible? well, she is a model, and has implants, not to mention a beauty pageant participant ... must be pretty vain... so, ur little biblical spokesperson doesn't seem too holy to me...
i'm just sayin'....

1990 days ago


Prejean saw a list of questions in advance that she could be asked. Despite having an opportunity to formulate an ARTICULATE response, be it pro or con, she failed to do this. It was not only her bigoted reply that was newsworthy but her vapid, self-aggrandizing tone. To come to her defense is to defend stupidity.

1990 days ago


WOW #8 - have you been living under a rock for the past couple years?!?! OF COURSE Obama has gotten scrutiny over LOTS of things, not just on the gay marriage front. At least he was honest and admitted his drug use, unlike others I will not mention. And your name - original (sarcasm). It's amazing how many people are trying to make us believe that he's doing a horrible job. ANYWAY, this is NOT the time NOR the place to discuss political stances. This is about a beauty pageant title holder's contractual obligations. She lied when she said there were no nude photos of her and she refuses to speak to CA pageant officials - forcing them to go through handlers - the first ever to do so. She also refuses to attend Miss CA scheduled functions, citing that she has had previous obligation, aka: her crusade with NOM. She is not living up to her contract - PERIOD! Take your political BS somewhere else, by the way.

1990 days ago

Jessica - Scotty Lago Fan    

TMZ get off it already. Carrie's brother is a biker, not a skin head. He looks like Travis Barker in the one photo, yet I don't see you attacking Travis Barker for having tatoos and a half shaved head. You guys are sick and wrong. Where the hell did you get the skin head accusations?! GET OFF IT ALREADY!!

1990 days ago

skanky skanks    

he's a homo, and it looks like he killed JonBenet Ramsey.

1990 days ago

London not England    

I want them all to get Kidney failure!~!
Then go eat some steak & Kidney pie, then die, then be resurrected by Christ, then eat a bean pie, then die, then get resurrected again, then shoot a Chi Chi La Rue movie, then die again.....Blippity blab BLAH BLAH.....


1990 days ago


This is just pathetic, TMZ. Seriously, STOP with the Carrie Pejean crap.

I used to enjoy visiting this site and watching your show. Now it's just become an annoyance.

1990 days ago
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