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Carrie Prejean -- Every Dog Has Her Day

5/13/2009 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanA battle is raging inside the school district where Carrie Prejean learned all she knows -- and it's all over whether to honor Miss Cali with her very own special day.

We're told a member of the Vista Unified School District in San Diego is campaigning to get a green light from the board to make June 1st "Carrie Prejean Day" -- but he's running into some serious opposition.

Opponents think it's a thinly veiled attempt to promote the anti-gay marriage agenda. Supporters say baloney -- that she should be honored because she was a good student and a strong female role model ... and she looks really good without a bra.

The battle over the "biblically correct" beauty queen is set for tomorrow night at Foothill Oak Elementary.

Fun fact: June 1st is National Day Against Homophobia in Canada.


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I believe in love.

And respect.

And honor &integrity.

And character.

And equality.

And in about a minute, I'm going to get my @ss kicked on this board for saying so, because I've never been able to understand the reasoning behind being against gay marriage. Or being against gay anything.

Hate is not a family value, but for some, it's powerful currency. And for others, it's even fun.

1998 days ago


She fired Moakler Chokeler. Carrie for Governor....HELL TO THE YES !

1998 days ago

say what    

hey TMZ.. you must have a lot of HOMOS on your staff. Since you just can't seem to stop hating on Carrie. When will you people just stop the bitching and whining and GET OVER IT! It is what it is. It's DONE. LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!!

1998 days ago


This young woman is the Whore Babylon!

She is showing off her bare errect nipples in the latest photos.

Maybe That's why the Vista school board wants to honor her - she is walking pornography !!

1998 days ago

ex lax    

Donald Trump your fired !You let this lil lying slut TRUMP you!

1998 days ago

Jennifer from San Diego    

Why is it okay for the supporters of Gay Marriage to have their say and their opinion, but you are called a bigot when you oppose their opinion? Every Bible believing American should be able to have their opinion without being persecuted for it. However, I don't mind being persecuted because Jesus was too.

1998 days ago


That's some fine police work there, Lou. You are now our man on the Elementary School beat. Keep sucking.

1998 days ago


It's a laugh riot watching the gays twist in the wind on this. Hey - California residents voted AGAINST gay marriage.

Get over yourselves. You expect tolerance - yet you are the most hateful of them all.

1998 days ago


She looked AWESOME with her natural, god given build. Why do women ruin themselves with fake breasts?

BAN FAKE titangas!

1998 days ago

SoCal Razzles    




1998 days ago


Must have a bunch of sodomites on this website given the poll results. Oh yes (sarcasim), how dare anyone think of having a day for her! After all, were sodomites and as such have a right to be facist thought police. We can demand our own queer parades, shove our lifestyle down the throats of little children, and try to enter into God's most sacred instituion called 'marriage' even though he only intended it between man and woman. We know better than him! Lol idiots I swear.

1998 days ago


I would not want my girls to pose topless at 17 because she wants to be a Victoria Secret Model. I would not want my girls to think it is ok to committee prejury on a form. I would not want my girls to think it is ok to model topless at 20. I would not want my girls to lie many times in public.
What kind of role model is she?

1998 days ago


Miss PreJean, Praise Jesus, you have brought me to Christ! I never knew what being a true Christian was before I saw you. You taught me how wonderful it is. Jesus will reach down and help you through prejury on a pagaent form. Jesus will help you sail through lying about pictures, and how many times, and how many more pictures. Jesus wants you to get bigger boobies. Jesus wants you to lie to futher his cause of keeping those perverts down. Jesus wants you to pose nude, boobs out, ot show how wonderful it is to be a Christians and heterosexual, and an opposite marriage supporter. I never knew that Jesus was so wonderful. Bigger Boobs for Jesus!
Miss California preaches the true word of God to the faithful. I can't wait for the Epistle of PreJean. Praise Jesus.Thank you for sending PreJean! She will be the new voice of the faithful.

1998 days ago


As an employee of this district, I am saddened and appalled that our board member, Jim Gibson, has chosen to thrust our district into the political arena. With half of our schools being sanctioned by the state for low performance, surely we have much deeper academic, social, and financial issues to deal with. Gibson claims that Prejean should be honored for her upstanding character and commitment to her values. However, his track record suggests that his motivation for honoring her is directly tied to his political beliefs about gay marriage. Just prior to the Nov. vote on Prop 8., Gibson proposed that the district adopt a resolution in support of protecting marriage. Regardless of position on gay marriage, Gibson is putting the district in danger by involving it in a highly politicized issue. Our district cannot afford costly anti-discrimination litigation, and more importantly, cannot afford to shift its focus from increasing student achievement. It is time to unite administrators, teachers, and board members to promote the success of every student.
P.S. I was extremely embarrassed for Mr. Gibson when he, at a board meeting to layoff hundreds of teachers, had to ask if the state was providing money for class size reduction. Guess he should have attended the dozen or so budget advisory committee meetings, and he would have known that CSR is still fully funded by the state, effectively reducing the need for layoffs in Vista Unified. But I suppose he was spending his time writing resolutions against gay marriage.

1998 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Have we gone a whole day without a new pic of Carrie smiling for the camera? Bummer. C'mon, photogs with all those 'scandalous' photos, bring 'em on. There are straight guys who'd like to see 'em.

1998 days ago
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