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Got a Hot Claymate

5/13/2009 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his son and Claby mama nowhere in sight, Clay Aiken stepped out on the town with some hot new guy.

Even new daddies need some playtime.


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Clay's boyfriend is Reed Kelly. Check your facts once and a while!

1991 days ago


Good for you Clay! Hold your head high!

1991 days ago


He can be Milo Ventimiglia's twin... the hotter gayer twin.

1991 days ago

Linda Mott    

Since most of the great looking guys are gay, I'm sure he is.

1990 days ago


he probably has Claymiddya

1990 days ago


WOWWWW! Clay cleaned up real good with this guy! Of course, they're dating...just look at their body language. They both of their hands in their pockets...that's gotta mean somethin'...

1990 days ago


#42, why would clay be a disgrace? I just don't understand people. why? because he didn't want to talk about his sexuality before discussing it with his own mother? becuase people harrassed him into anxiety and depression by constantly trying to force him into coming out when he was not ready? this is so insane. what is wrong with people like yourself i will never know. it's like you lost some humanity somewhere. like you have no empathy! he lied about it (in the beginning!!- he never answered another ? about his sexuality given reference to any specific gender). ... he lied to try to avoid something that is very difficult to deal with for a lot of people. some people have a difficult time dealing with this issue.. the fear of losing the love of you mother pretty would top that list!!!
and isn't that brody jenner? david foster's step son. clay seems to have been in la a lot. it would stand to reason he'd be hanging with "family".

1990 days ago


Damn Clay!! I ain't mad at cha! He's HOT!!!!!!

1990 days ago


oops.. typo!! i mean in my post above that losing the love of your mother pretty MUCH would top that list. lol

1990 days ago


clay looks like that cucky doll what guy/girl would find his fug face hottt

1990 days ago


What's that guy doing with that Bozo. Clay must have made more money than I thought.

1990 days ago


Angy, I just want to say, I'm not the #42 Terri poster, I'm the poster on the first page, the one that said his friend is hotly handsome. I do know there is another Terri that posts here but I haven't seen her in quite awhile. I'm a daily poster here. And there are fools on here that I won't say right now who they are that like to use my name and post, but usually they f*uck it up and post as terri (which I never do a lower case). Anyway, it's not me as #42. I support gay marriage, I like gay people, lesbians, homosexuals, etc. I like people for people, not because of the color of their skin, not their orientation, not their tattoos or piercings, on and on. But, hey, if our personalities don't click, if you have a hygiene problem (LOL), if you're a liar, not trustworthy and we can't have a laugh than (unless I absolutely am forced to spend time with you by virtue of a working relationship or something along those lines) I'm not going to choose to keep you around in my social circle. We all get that choice.

1990 days ago


Terri, thanks for that reply. Umm.. not really sure what is has to do with MY post.. LOL. but .. anyway. :)

And honesly I don't care what people think of Clay in particular. I like him regardless. But as far as #42 poster goes, I just don't GET it. It's like people can't put themselves in someone's place and GET why they might do something. Clay is actually a very honest person. He tells us, his fans, a lot.. maybe too much at times. so he lied about his sexualtiy. why should he even have had to talk about it at all?? I don't blame him for trying to get the media off that subject. The man was suffering. he was trying to protect himself. I just don't get how some people think. oh well.

no matter.. clay's awesome!! ;D

1990 days ago

the way the whole award show sucked big time    

That guy totally looks like a guy from last years infamous pictures with Kevin Spacey! I remember faces, even though that's not what we saw most of in those pics.

1990 days ago


Which one pitches? I'm guessing that the Gaykn is the catcher.

1990 days ago
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