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911 Calls -- Real Life 'Dallas' for Pamela Ewing

5/13/2009 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vicrtoria Principal Click to listen!Depending on whose 911 call you believe, either Victoria Principal or her maid is an outlaw.

Victoria claims the maid is trying to rob her. The hysterical maid says Vickie P. was trying to shoot her.

Listen and judge for yourself.

BTW, both are now suing each other.


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Hey number 15, we dont have to clean our houses, Thats why we have you! Clean ,y toilet!

1990 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    

No, have me making your insurance policies go UP, UP, UP every 6 months!!...just cuz you're white.

1990 days ago


Mumber 15, im sorry, I meant to direct that to number 18

1990 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    


1990 days ago


You arent worth another comment you ignorant ass.

1990 days ago


OMG! The dispatcher was a real jackass too!!! Very unprofessional!

1990 days ago


I always side with the help.

Having worked in Beverly Hills and Bel Air as a nanny for a few years- Oh the stories I could tell!

The help doesn't need to make stuff up. If you only knew the half of it!

Maids get it the worst of all.

I believe the maid!

1990 days ago

tuna marie    

all of vicky's plastic surgery has destroyed her brains.

1990 days ago


Personally I think Vicky P and the maid were both on either the pipe or some really great payote, and they both started freaking out. Seriously I think Vicky P has put way too much of that face cream she sells and it's affecting her brain. I wouldn't be suprised that she's in some sort of home this time next year.

1990 days ago

too many stupid ppl    

No. 17, no body that speaks english wants to clean houses stupid, everyone who speaks english is lazy! and for you ICU812 u must be a fat bitch who sits on her fat ass all day eatin twinkies, u must be hela fat to even clean your own ass!!!!

1990 days ago


neither of them seemed too upset on the phone. if someone was "robbing me" or "going to kill me" i'd be a bit more emotional than either of them. victoria was being snobby and the male dispatcher was an a$$. he needs to be fired, the maid can high-tail it out of the country and ms. principal can consider acting lessons to make her testimony a tad more believeable.

*** anyone sticking up for the "first" morons.....just go away.

1990 days ago

Carrys F.    

Why do all these posts turn into vicious name-calling nonsense? You don't even know each other. Maybe those of you with little impulse control ought to seek help for your anger management. You should NOT be getting angry at total, anonymous strangers on a celebrity gossip website. That just makes no sense. Get ahold of yourselves, you bunch of fools! Go find someone you know personally to insult.

1990 days ago


A friend of mine worked for this wack-job for a while. I believe the maid!

1990 days ago


Wow, how mean with all the name calling. Why are you so full of hate? It sounds as if you cant wait until someone disagrees with you on here so you can be mean.

1990 days ago

Linda Mott    

I think the gun is a bad idea. She would be better to sig the dog on her. (if she is really stealing from her) Was she going to shot her? There is no justification to shot someone that the police can apprehend. This is not a man that is a danger to her, rather a little old lady.

1990 days ago
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