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Howard K. Stern, 2 Docs: We're Not Guilty!

5/13/2009 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern and two doctors, Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor, just pled not guilty to a pile of charges in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case.

The dynamic trio have each been charged with 6 felonies -- after a massive investigation that led prosecutors to charge that they funneled drugs to Smith in the years leading up to her death.

All three defendants had no problem with giving the D.A. handwriting samples that cops could use in determining who signed what prescriptions.


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Case Information: Case Number: 01-09-00681-CV
Date Filed: 7/16/2009
Style: Teresa Stephens
v.: Virgie Arthur
Original Proceeding: No


TRY 01-09-00699-CV

1877 days ago


2559. Ford Shelley took the computer hard drives. He had them in his possession and control. He was forced to return them by the courts. Because he had no right to have them. They did not beling to Ford Shelley. He took them from a private residence without permission.

So, on to the Overt Acts. A lot of them cover happenings that would not be in the "database" that is set up to track prescriptions prescribed by Pharmacies. Such as conversations between doctors and patients, or individuals on behalf of patients. It has been stated that the DOJ did not talk to HKS. So how else would they get the info in the overt acts? Or even who to talk to? I think it will be found that a lot of what the DOJ included in the Overt Acts came from stolen hard drives. Maybe the DOJ had a subpoena and did not just take the word of whoever was in possession of the hard drives that were stolen from ANS' home? Otherwise, the city prosecutor better be able to back up what they are calling Overt Acts with evidence from other sources.

Posted at 5:18PM on Aug 9th 2009 by Adub
I agree. There is little question that ANS's personal hard drives contained more than the pictures and videos that SB distributed unlawfully to McCabe and then through Clark/Wilma to willing conspirators for web posting. The fact that SB was trying to control CA DOJ interviews and adding her own set of facts despite not being a witness bolsters that view.

For those of us who read all Court filings from all parties, we know that FS/G. Ben have admitted to unlawfully taking and possessing ANS's property from 'Horizons' but deny using them as SB/McCabe did to defame HKS and prompt absurd charges to be filed against him. We further know that Judge Wooten agrees with HKS that the property was stolen and ordered its return to its rightful owner. The Bahamas doesn't publish charges or Court proceedings - just final acts of the Courts - very much unlike the USA. The TCS that no publicized charges in The Bahamas means no crime occurred is simply bizarre since the only people who would know if a crime occurred have admitted that it did and a Judge has acted accordingly.

SB still has not written to the TX cabal to demand back the materials she gave them, and all copies wherever those copies exist in continued defiance of Judge Wooten.

This week will be fascinating as we begin to unravel the extensive sewer that is the VA Team. The TX cabal's hallmarks - lies, rumors and innuendos - will not be tolerated during criminal proceedings. Criminal discovery has been inexplicably sealed to protect the lawyers and tangential big-mouth hangers-on and fame-whores and suspect 'sources' and 'evidence' that were brought together to make-up new crimes for the average lay-person.

Posted at 6:34PM on Aug 9th 2009 by Only swim in the Ocean

Now that SB has basically disregarded her ability to fight what GBT clan gave up as privilege by now answering the filing. She still hasn't given into a deposition as of yet. Is there a date for that to be heard? I am curious if HKS's criminal investigation can override the civil delay and obtain the information quicker to use for his upcoming hearing?

I would assume the 'taint' of the Texas group will be one of many things upfront and center of his defense

1877 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

HKS-- I don't know much about medicine. I can't answer."

sung to the tune of : I don't know much about biology but i do know that i love you .....'

1877 days ago


2667. Stephens - relator case

Posted at 12:39PM on Aug 11th 2009 by Howard Supporter

The Trial Court not only used a Respondents copy to set wheels in motion, they also used the Notice of Appeal to begin their own appeal through the trial court, most likely due to the premature filing, without a case #, etc. It wasn't filed with them though and specifically stated Original Proceeding on the Notice of Appeal which would not go through the trial court. They then labeled it as their own "accelerated appeal" through the trial court.

It is an erroneous appeal taken over by the 280th, the first one that has been listed with a premature filing and a copy of filing of the original proceeding that was to be filed with the COA. It should disappear soon. This new one is the appeal and the only one relevant.

1877 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

'I would assume the 'taint' of the Texas group will be one of many things upfront and center of his defense

Posted at 12:35PM on Aug 11th 2009 by Question"''

Dear Question :

The 'Taint" of the TEXAS group, pales in comparsion to the 'STINK" of your little hero HOWARD KEVIN STERN

1877 days ago


This is out rage Howard Stern controlled Anna Nicole Smith
He killed her he wanted her money, her, her child
He killed her son
Were is the right to do this to another person
The doctors these animals used their medical resources
to help kill an already addicted Anna Nicole Smith
Are these animal doctors still able to practice medicine
I am glad that Danielle Lynn went to her real father
Howard Stern is an animal and out rage of fault for this happening
I've seen drug user get more time That's what he was a drug dealer
Two beautiful people gone Anna Nicole Smith her son Daniel
I will never understand the Judge that let them walk

1363 days ago
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