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Megan Fox -- I'm Bisexual

5/13/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megan FoxJust when you thought she couldn't get any hotter, Megan Fox done went and talked about her rabid sexual appetite for other chicks.

Megan just told Esquire magazine, "I have no question in my mind about being bisexual ... I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl -- Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands."

Just a guess -- but even PETA would have to look the other way on that one...


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Rock Singer    

This is some of the best news I've ever read on these pages .... OK now where are the pictures, ;-)

1955 days ago


Well that makes sense, she looks like a man, maybe she is one. Also, she has no choice but to move to women, she's banged all the men in Hollywood. How do you think she got those fake boobs and fake lips? And no I'm not jealous, she's disgusting.

1955 days ago

thats right    

my husband is grossed out by 2 chicks getting it on, and also, to bi-curious, its not just straight men that are grossed out by 2 men getting it on, us straight women are grossed out too.

1955 days ago


Everyone knows she's just messing with us, right?

She's joking. She says crap like this all the time. lol.

1955 days ago


16. Hey Mike...#10 What are you GAY? WTF are you talking about? As long as the girls are hot it's an absolute turn on. Please hand in your mancard at the nearest door!!!!

Posted at 10:08AM on May 13th 2009 by Whamo


Typical statement by a man that is insecure with himself. It's "macho" to talk like this. It's today's porn obsessed society that makes men and boys act like animals. I know plenty of men who are happy with 1 girl and do not care to see 2 women together.

1955 days ago

artie help    

WHAMO-O, you are a voice of reason, in a sea of morons, keep up good work.

1955 days ago

artie help    

hey comment # 34 what are you some kind of tool, relax and leave wham-o alone .

1955 days ago


No big deal...just plain old common trash. Who cares whose face she pushes her pu**y into.

1955 days ago


Um, i'mma be nice but if she's gonna be a bi chic, couldnt she pick somebody way hotter than olivia wilde? that makes no sense olivia look like she got something wrong with her face...maybe smacked with a pan or some shi*. as far as Mister, er miss fox goes....when u really have njo talent and cant act u have to do something for attention. want to see my point? ok name some AWWESOME movies she's been in? Name some award worthy movies? okok transformers...but think about this.....for one, her part in the movie was WITHOUT A DOUBT pointless, I rest my case

1955 days ago


She's such an ugly man looking air head. I swear she just says and does these pseudo sexy things to get her name in the tabloids. Licking the lips, the stroking her chest and now she's bi...desperate is as desperate does. And she looks like Johnathan Rhys Meyer's twin brother only uglier.

1955 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Again with Megan Fox? What is your obsession, TMZ with this woman?It so boring!

1955 days ago


hey Megan...

that's not "Biblically correct" ...but it's hot as hell !!!

I'm sorry but that's the truth.... two men making out is gross....but two girls making out is wonderful....

"Biblically incorrect" ...but it's wonderful...

1955 days ago


I am assuming from her comments that she isn't trying to be mistaken for a serious actress? Just a publicity gal? I get that. I am pretty sure if ask if she saw an Oscar in her future her answer would be as amusing as her bi-sexual comments. If she was ever wanting to be taken seriously (I agree she is hot and hot does get 15 min.) TMZ isn't helping her but she is nice to look at. Not the beauty that TMZ sees but all in all Hot. Sad that this road she is on she'll never be anything more than this 15 min. has brought her. I kind of think Olivia Wilde will pass her on the road she is also hot but does show signs of wanting to be an artist. Too bad for Megan. I thought maybe she wanted to be an actress of merit at some point. I do occasionally enjoy a B movie though, and a little porn, so I'm sure I'll be seeing her work.

1955 days ago


I remember a long time ago when Charles Barkley did that commercial saying "I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL" But quite frankly, I'd rather he be my son's role model, with all the things he has done "wrong" then have my daughter look up to the little tartlets on the scene now. Young Hollywood scares me. Everyone wonders what is happening to the youth of America, let me tell you, people have lost all sense of common decency, people don't think they have to THINK BEFORE THEY SPEAK anymore and the magazines and media are just feeding into it and printing non-stop trash. Its sad. So, so sad.

I remember a day, and i'm only 30, when famous people didn't want their personal business all over magazines, when magazines wouldn't print trash, when "Family Television" didn't even insinuate sex or lust or drugs or drinking... I really wish I could take my kids back to that and raise them in a world where what people did in the privacy of their homes wasn't anyone's business but theirs!

1955 days ago

vanessa m    

Honestly, she may be beautiful and sexy but hey so are alot of other woman. Personally, I think this girl is plain stupid.

1955 days ago
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