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Megan Fox -- I'm Bisexual

5/13/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megan FoxJust when you thought she couldn't get any hotter, Megan Fox done went and talked about her rabid sexual appetite for other chicks.

Megan just told Esquire magazine, "I have no question in my mind about being bisexual ... I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl -- Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands."

Just a guess -- but even PETA would have to look the other way on that one...


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Im gay but megan makes me want to try being bisexual lol

1940 days ago


This is the tabloids work, this is what they do. As long as Megan Fox is hot, they will continue to talk about her, because she is money. If you don't like it: get your own life, and then actually live it. What happened to the days when people could actually shut the hell up? And I don't mean Megan Fox. Seriously, to the fat jealous b!tches nit-picking away at her personality, looks, etc - you're pathetic. Personally, I, just like any other guy (+ some girls) out there right now find Megan Fox effing hot. Her bi-sexuality isn't really stunning or surprising, though. Everyone is these days. But it's still a bonus.

1939 days ago


listen to "married guy" 's false confidence.. his wife will cheat on him with a woman-- i don't think he'll be turned on-- enjoy the divorce

1980 days ago


Everyone is bisexual? Only in Hollywood. Get out of your fishbowl worlds. THAT is totally NOT true. Wild party hardy behavior is always a choice. That's more like lust than any real emotional attraction at all. And Hollywood folks know it.

1939 days ago


Look around everyone -- not in sleazy night clubs where people are sex-crazed and half drunk. The norm is NOT bisexuality. I guarantee you. Most people live the traditional life. Bisexual is learned behavior. I can accept people being wired to be gay or straight but sorry people are not born bi. Bisexuality is a kop out, a krock, a label used by those because it's trendy, to fit in, to be cool, for social respect and acceptability in society. Take a closer look and you'll see these people really do have a preference and are in denial of their true sexuality and hiding from it by using the bi label. And who these days would listen to Hollywood anyway. It's such a fake , narcissitic world!

1939 days ago


megan fox is the hottest chick in the world, i would love to date her. my jaw dropped when i heard she was bi.

1975 days ago


it's interesting that she mentions maxim's #1 hottest woman Olivia Wilde....who happens to play a bisexual or plainly lesbian woman on House....anyways these stories always get hyped by the media if you are a celeb and it will probably never end so let's all listen to Lady GaGa's Paparazzi music video to wallow in the negative side as a celebrity....oh and someone mentioned that GaGa's number got leaked on here...just wanted to see if that was legit, not that she wouldn't change it in a second..and she's already furious that someone leaked her video...ramble ramble ramble...

1972 days ago

Simply Crazy Crazy    

Well once she comes out and announces she loves black men only ,then she will become a true woman.

1963 days ago

Newport Beach Girl    

She's a bad actress with nothing going for her but her looks, but I guess here Botox face is getting a little to plastic looking.. Also, the only reason she thinks Olivia Wilde is hot is cause she beat her out at Maxim's (or whichever mags) Hottest girl list. She know's she doesn't have a lot of time to be the pretty girl until she turns pathetic like Denise Richards.

1957 days ago


I don't buy into this bisexual baloney. All bi ppl talk about is the sex aspect, never the emotional aspect of a relationship. If there's a sexual appetite for "chicks" (

1955 days ago


If there's a sexual appetite for "chicks" personality, brains, character, values, morals, mutual interests, and compatibility -- the emotional / intellectual factors that glue relationships together and sustains them for the long term.

1955 days ago


TMZ seems to be editing my comments because the sentence is not the way I wrote it; it doesn't make sense. What I tried to get across was -- WHAT ABOUT personality, brains, character, values, morals, mutual interests, and compatibility -- the emotional / intellectual factors that glue relationships together and sustains them for the long term. Why is everything about sex in shallow Hollywood?

1955 days ago


I think bisexuality IS a mental disorder. They're all sex crazy in Hollywood! They don't think on their own because theyr'e too busy jumping on the bandwagon copying everyone else because it's the latest trendy fad. They have NO substance whatsoever. Most people in this world PICK a side and know what they want out of life. I don't find bisexuals credible at all. Sorry, but that's just how I feel. I'll take my normal, ordinary, non-Hollywood life over this illusionary world any day.

1955 days ago


Pleasuring oneself to porn is NOT an orientation. You have to be with an actual person! How can some people be so dumb to believe that stimulating him/herself to a picture equates to attraction. It doesn't. That's more self-centered than anything getting off on your own urges. It doesn't mean you really like another person from the bottom of your heart and from an intellectual, cerebral standpoint.

1930 days ago


two guys are hot together :]
two girls too.

1948 days ago
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