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Miss California Topless -- Oops, She Did It Again

5/13/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean must have a really, really bad memory -- because TMZ uncovered a brand new set of topless photos "biblically correct" Miss California took before she applied for the crown.

Miss California - Photos

These pics were taken just last year -- meaning Carrie was the ripe ol' LEGAL age of 20.

This time, Carrie dropped her top for a professional photo shoot ... another partially nude gig that she forgot to tell the Miss California officials about.

Donald Trump
will decide today whether or not he'll give Carrie the heave ho.

UPDATE: At today's presser, Trump let Carrie keep her crown.

Miss Rhode Island: Click to view


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Party 'till you die!    

How AWESOME!!!! Lies compounded by more lies, compounded by more lies after that! And it wasn't TMZ, Harvery Levin, Piggez Hilton, the pageant, the gays, or anyone else that made her lie, it was her mouth opening up and shooting out all this crap! Ol' mop top Trump simply has zero choice as to whether to keep her worthless, lying ass now! She's gone and good riddance to lying trash! Now she'll always be known as a liar! Welcome to your new title as the crowned Queen of Dishonesty! Serves her toned ass right!

1927 days ago


I can't decide how I feel about this...need more pics to help me out.

1927 days ago


The best part of all the people saying "It's just a nipple, it's no big deal" is that you KNOW these are the same people who lost their freakin' minds when Janet Jackson's mostly-covered nippled was exposed for a fraction of a second.

The devil must look upon the state of the world and dance with glee at the incredible deception he has pulled off. He managed to take hate, intolerance, hypocrisy, fear, ignorance, denial, and greed and wrap it all up in a little bow and call it Religion.

Countless murders, wars, and criminal acts have been committed in the name of Religion. Genocide has been committed in the name of Religion. Planes have been flown into buildings - all in the name of Religion.

Faith was created by God - Religion was created by his nemesis.

1927 days ago



she got her "boobjob" on January 6, 2009. :-)

1927 days ago

who dat    

"Oops, She Did It Again".

Does this mean she is going to flash her cooter all over town, shave her head, have a few kids, be put in the hospital on a psych hold after a mental break from reality, start banging her photographers and bodyguards, lip sync her way through her concerts, while her father is appointed her guardian?

1927 days ago


Some of these photos look to be doctored. Love her or hate her these photos need to be reviewed by an expert.

1926 days ago

skanky skanks    

I WILL HAVE NO RESPECT FOR DONALD UNLESS HE FIRES THIS LYING TRAMP. only 4 hours 28 minutes till he hopefully throws her under a bus.

1926 days ago


who freaking cares!

get a life TMZ

this is the left wing media bias on full assualt against this girl...we all know from the northern trust bs that TMZ is a willing and active participant...

1926 days ago

Linda Mott    

She could model for Victoria's Secret. We can't all be as moral as Donald Trump and all the people that are bashing her.

1926 days ago

skanky skanks    

she got exactly what she wanted: the center of attention. she has no one to blame but herself. she wanted attention by taking these fotos, and now, boo hoo carrie, you got it. you will NOT scapegoat this onto "the gays". you will return to your church and tell jesus what a liar you are, and how you are a lying lil bitch hoe. remember carrie, HE DIED FOR YOUR SINS CARRIE PREJEAN????? AND YOU ARE SINNING CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1926 days ago


TMZ, YOU ROCK!!! Hope the Donald checks out TMZ before his meeting with little Miss Pinocchio today, lol. By the way, Carrie, most employers fire employees that lie about their background…

Maybe Mary Carey could help her find a nude job. Oops I mean a new job.

1926 days ago


Honestly it doesn't look like her. Besides that the whole issue revolves around her stance on gay marriage obviously the so called pictures are not helping her but the main reason she will likely get the boot is because people don't approve of her stance on gay marriage.

1926 days ago

skanky skanks    

#64, you're pretty right on with that janet jackson comment!!! i entirely endorse your other comments.

ps. Carrie Prejean has a huge gaping vagina.

1926 days ago

skanky skanks    

if this girl was a democrat and didnt go to church, all you who are supporting her or turning a blind eye or blaming the gays would be saying "down with her". but this is how your religion has wired you. so sad.

1926 days ago

skanky skanks    

carrie prejean is a bitch whore. wouldnt it have just been easier to deal with your daddy issues carrie? or is he too busy having anal sex with his boyfriend? i bet your mom is so proud of your "modelling" here carrie prejean bitch whore. remember carrie, jesus rose from the dead for your sins!!!!

1926 days ago
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