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Miss California -- More Pics to Come?

5/13/2009 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Biblically correct" Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was just on "Today" -- where she said there could definitely be more racy photos on the way, as long as there are more photographers out there "willing to make an extra buck."

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
She also tried explaining the whole "windy day" excuse a bit more -- even dropping the dreaded Janet Jackson term "wardrobe malfunction." Oh Lawd.


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True Christians don't act like Carrie Prejean does.

1967 days ago


My last post seems to be hung up in the TMZ server so I apologize ahead of time if it posts several times....hopefully it won't but when it gets hung up in their server it sends me no email notification and posts automatically and repeatedly posts. So again, sorry ahead of time.

And for you NO NAME if it does post, it's ALL FOR YOU

1967 days ago


Ugh I HATE LIARS!!! Hopefully she will keep doing racy pics and then she will learn a hard leson when the big Don has had enough and decides to FIRE her FOR GOOD!!! She's a CRAZY BITCH that just needs to go away and quit being a HO and SLUT!! What a DUMB BLONDE.

1967 days ago


Oh Terri, you are such a loser.
Yes, you are angry because you couldn't intimidate Carrie into saying what you think she should have.
It scares you that your gestapo tactics didn't work.
The sleazy attacks on this young lady are undoubtedly the product of anger and jealousy.
It's backfiring in a big way, so let that soak into your tiny brain.
Kiss it, biatch...

1967 days ago


And by the way, Terri, you think it makes you brave because you used your real name?
You are such a joke.
Go give Pervez Hilton some sugar.
Hopefull you won't catch anything.
Then again, who cares if you do?

1967 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

SHE'S friggin HOT.


1967 days ago


No Name you take the award for stupidity and no I am not trying to silence you. Calling US facists? Really now? WOW, if that's not calling the kettle black. Go step in front of the mirror and take a gander at the reflection in it.

A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

How are YOU being censored? Suppressed? Terrorized? It is the gay community (among others) that are often terrorized, hate crimes committed against, verbal attacks, etc. Not saying that such things doesn't go on against all kinds of people, but for now the discussion is about the gay community.

Yes, people have said mean nasty things about Carrie. Equally appalling is what has been said over weeks about the gay community and mainly about homosexual men (and you No Name have been a part of that). Again I say, my entire position against her has always been about her LYING.

1967 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Home sick from school today Newname?

1967 days ago


Terri, let me clarify something.
I know plenty of people who are homosexual.
Some of them are very good friends.
Yes, I've gone a bit too far in this forum, but I am angry about the way I see a young lady being treated for simply speaking her mind. Facists, by the way, try to silence anyone who opposes them. That's what I see happening to Carrie Prejean. It's people like Perez Hilton who prevent honest debates and discussions from happening in this country. I could care less if gays get the right to marry. It's none of my business, but that's not what I'm upset about.

1967 days ago


Dude Carrie "Like taking things from your closet"??? you chose to get your picture taken by these type of photographers YOU they didn't take photos of you when you were changing in your room in your house like a peeping-tom you know so it is pretty much theirs if they have record of it still you are the IDIOT who made them money so they could do whatever they want with those photos and lol it's pretty fun to get you in trouble. Morons who go into pageants like you, who took pictures like that before, how do you not review the photos before you probably did it just didn't matter to you. No one is buying your damn cluelessness. You should have just stayed away from trying to earn a crown because people like you do not deserve it you are too into exposing yourself that life is only for the prostitutes, strippers, playboy and wherever you may want to do a sex tape.

1967 days ago


No, Gomez. I'm not home from school.
How are things in your parents basement?

1967 days ago


What a lying piece of trash. The more she talks the worse it gets. She just digs the hole a little bit deeper. If she had any class she would just quite talking. It's like watching Sarah Palin explain her foreign policy experience. She will never be able to complete her reign as Miss California until she changes the subject.

1967 days ago


Nimblemac keeps making the same post,
Is your brain stuck in neutral?

1967 days ago


Dear Mr. Trump,
Cali PreJean is certainly a beautiful young woman, and that smile - very impressive. I do believe you made the right call on the PreJean issue. The photos were [mostly] lovely and appropriate for the purpose intended. Nips happen . . . even to guys! I find it distasteful how mean spirited even vulgar some commentors have been. What has happened to classy chatter? Is the art of lettered men gone?

Regardless of the position Miss PreJean took on her difficult question and never mind that she is a professed Christian, we live in a society that is supposed to be free of intellectual prejudice - free to speak one's mind - without fear of a firing squad. Perhaps these naysayers need to visit a troubled South American country, North Korea, China, or Iran to find out how restrictive personal freedoms can be.

Proud to be an American, free, and vocal.

1967 days ago


I can't decide which is funnier. The fact that Harvey and Mario are still crying like little bitches that Carrie beat the crap out of them, or the fact that liberals, of ALL people, are all of a sudden so concerned and worried with honesty and contracts!!! LOL!!!!! Too damn funny!!!!

1967 days ago
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