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Obama's Press Guy Calls Out Cell Phone Abuser

5/13/2009 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When a cell phone interrupted President Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs during his daily briefing -- dude went into the crowd and snatched it up faster than a high school teacher in study hall!

Robert Gibbs: Click to watch


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evidently there is no respect in running this country

1992 days ago


Crabby go eat some crabs with your ignorant rants. Cheez - what fun is it in life when you even name your own self crabby. What a miserable old/young fool you must be. I feel sorry for you - someone give this guy a hug and let him know he is loved by all - please.

1992 days ago


Probably was Sarah Palin on the phone trying to learn where Africa is located and if it is a country.

1992 days ago


Takes one phone from the back row, but not the other from the front row????
Now this is more interesting than anything else on here in a while!!!
Thanks, you have my attention once again!!! lol

1992 days ago


Come on people! You turn your cell phone off at the movie theater, don't you think a White House briefing would deserve the same? Gibbs was perfectly in his right to call-out these rude MF'ers.

1992 days ago


If I was press secretary I would have banned Bill Plante from the room for a week.

1992 days ago


Good for him. I think it's so rude to be in a conversation with someone - their cell phone goes off and they expect the conversation to go on "hold" while they take their call! I'm glad he did that - we need to have more of that. Manners with phone use went out the window with cell phones.

1992 days ago


Don't worry outlawing cell phones is next on Obama's list of taking more American freedoms away as fast as possible, of course for our own good because we are too stupid to do anything ourselves. And rudeness is a way of life in America now, no young people or middle aged for that matter have any manners. But our Governmnet is to the rescue again, they will force us to have manners , eat right, use less power, drive electric cars, pay more taxes, etc......... Obama to the rescue just sit around and wait for him.

1992 days ago

bsb fan    

Come on people... you can have your freaking cell phones... JUST PUT IT ON SILENT!!!!!


That's just rude when Gibbs is trying to answer serious questions!

1991 days ago


Agreed that it is rude to yak constantly on the cell especially at a presidential event. Phone should have been taken away from the guy for the conference, but by security - not Gibbs. Sheesh ! Gibbs is really the most nasty, scowling, rude, sarcastic, confrontational press secretary I have witnessed since Nixon was president. Dont ask him anything of substance or he will react with hostility and sarcasm. If you cant take the heat Gibbs, get yo ass out of the presidential press office.

1991 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

Anyone who attends federal government meetings know that we MUST turn OFF(no vibrate) cell phones even before the meeting starts, especially at that level, in most federal buildings you are not allowed to have your phone on. Employees can have their on vibrate in their offices. This reporter will have problems from his boss. Let's see how long before he is never in that room again and if he is, his questions would not be answered.

1991 days ago

Rip It Up    

Gibbs is a moron, just like his boss.

1991 days ago


I think what he did was absolutely acceptable. When you go to restaurants, school, movies, and other public places, you should ALWAYS put your phone on vibrate or turn it off. It is incredibly rude to others around you. I don't particularly care for Gibbs, but I would have done the same thing. And he wasn't a even a jerk about it. He was nice and joking around.

1991 days ago


Why shouldn't he be on his phone? It's not as though Gibbs can give a straight answer. Hell, he uses more "hmms" and "uggghs" than his f'n braindead boss. I'd be on the phone too since his press "conferences" are pointless. Worst Press Sec. EVER!!!

1991 days ago

where be the change?    

It was easier for Gibbs and the press to stage this circus act, than to explain why Obama reversed course on releasing the torture photos and giving bailout money to the useless newspaper industry...

1991 days ago
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