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Obama's Press Guy Calls Out Cell Phone Abuser

5/13/2009 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When a cell phone interrupted President Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs during his daily briefing -- dude went into the crowd and snatched it up faster than a high school teacher in study hall!

Robert Gibbs: Click to watch


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I don't care if you are Rep or Dem. Turn your effin phone on vibrate or off.

1957 days ago


You have to be kidding me! While it is amazing that someone in the press corp could be rude to the messiah's mouthpiece, how childish is it to walk up and take a grown man's phone. Is the white house being run by a bunch of grade school teachers?

1957 days ago


Typical Prez BO and his Staff of Spending Idiots. So much for "transparency" Gibbs is a joke and embarrassement. He reminds of of Sean Penn trying to put 2 "non-scripted" words together-another babbling idiot of the left wing madness

1957 days ago

Linda Mott    

This is really funny. We have people in church that have cell phones ringing. I think it is disrespectful (unless you are a doctor)

1957 days ago


Now, what do we call people that call other people stupid? He's simply to nice. He should request that all phones be put put on vibrate, and if you just have to answer-get up and leave the room. It's a shame when adults lack simple respect.

1957 days ago


Gibbs should ban him from ever coming back to a press conference. Why would the guy answer his phone, or have it on during a press conference. -Rude!

1957 days ago


I agree with Dr. DMgemini63. Great comment!

1957 days ago


GOOD FOR HIM! Nothing irritates me more than people who abuse cell phones. If you're at a checkout, get off the phone! That's a PERSON you're dealing with and they deserve a little respect for doing that crappy job. (I worked convenience for 2 years. I simply would stop and wait until they were off the phone and hold up the line to make a point.) Freedom of speech one person said....omg....what did we EVER do before cell phones?! It's amazing we've survived as a species!! *shakes her head*

1957 days ago


People need to learn how to spell before saying anything!!

1957 days ago


Gibbs handled the incredibly rude behavior of others with great good humor. Bill Plante should be banned and he certainly shouldn't get a front row seat ever again based on that rude behavior.

1957 days ago


This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. It's about manners, and the guy on the phone doesn't have any.

1957 days ago

What If    

Maybe Mr. Gibbs forgot to make the customary announcement.........

"All dumb-asses, please shut your f**ing phone's ringer off, or put in on vibrate!"....

Yah... that's probably what happened.

1957 days ago


This dude is a goober. He can't stumble through one press conference without a hundred "ahhs" and then admits he doesn't know anything. Yet - he's the WH spokesman.

Barry's people keep him there for a reason. It's like the druggies in high school that keep a clean-cut kid in their group - to take the blame.

1957 days ago

Ya Think    

Anyone who thinks it's acceptable to talk on a cell phone in public is a horse's ass. Anyone who thinks this reporter was within the norm to answer -- and continue to talk on his phone -- during a White House briefing is a total, brain dead moron. I don't care who the President is, or who the Press Secretary is. When you're at a White House briefing, shut your damned phone off!

I expect the younger people to get all up in arms over what Robert Gibbs did because -- let's face it -- people these days have those stupid phones attached to their heads 24/7 and they all think the right to talk on their phone in public is included in the Bill of Rights. But these reporters aren't kids. They're old enough to know better and should be banned from future press briefings. Stupidity should be grounds for keeping them out.

1957 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Uh, Barack uh Obama has uhh instructed me to uhh make you uhh listen to uhh me wether you uh want to uh or not. You need to uhh get off uhh the phone now uhh sir, you're uhh not listening uhh to me. Uhh I said listen to uhh me. I have something uhh to say, uhh even though uhh I forgot uhh what it is. Oh yeah, uhh, today the dog Bo, uh took a crap uhh in the white uhh house today. I mean it sir, uhh get off uhh the phone uhh now. Don't uhh you have any uhh respect.

1957 days ago
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