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Police Chase -- Ain't that a Kick in the Head!

5/13/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A high-speed car chase just came to an abrupt end just south of Los Angeles -- and the perp is gonna have one nasty boot imprint on his head come morning... but did the cops cross the line, or did dude deserve it?

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The 1 & Only    

Some of you are crazy.

You think the cops get to do anything they want as long as a person has already committed a crime. That is not true. Is that what they learn in the Police Academy? That - as long as it's a cop doing it - it's not illegal? Whom does that sound like?

1998 days ago


It is the police officers job to "risk" his life....It does not make them above the law.....THEY ARE COWARDS REALLY.....PROBABLY THE GUYS WHO GET PICKED ON IN HIGH SCHOOL GETTING BACK @ THE WORLD...BOTH OFFICERS ARE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE.....& THE DESERVE WHAT THEY GET!

1998 days ago


I'm all for the safety of the general public, this perp needs to get what's coming to him, but that was a little too much IMO.
I'm sure the cops adrenaline was pumping and he just wanted it all to end, but surely he knew he was being filmed.

1998 days ago


I would love to see that Cop take a bullet to the head! Dumb M***F***n Cops, they seem so self righteous and above the law. Again, I say that Cop deserves a bullet to the head, and lives, so he can slobber on himself like a good vegetable for the rest of his life, in a convalescent home, where he can't kick anyone in the head with boots on ever again!
That Cop is lower than a piece of dog crap! And his partner with the baton isn't any better!

1998 days ago

The Deal!    

It doesn't matter if one agrees or disagrees with what the cop did. It's wrong. Hey, it's not rocket science. Use of Force guidelines are clearly taught at the academy. This cop screwed up, and our taxes may end up paying for it. Cops are held to a higher standard. If this cop can't control himself, then he shouldn't be a cop. Nuff said.

1998 days ago


Are these police too stupid to realize they are being filmed or do they just not care?

1998 days ago


Don't wanna get kicked in the head? DON'T RUN! Don't want kidney blows? DON'T RUN! Better yet, get a job, keep your nose clean, and support yourself! I have absolutely no sympathy for ANYONE who breaks the law. As far as I'm concerned theives should receive the death penalty. We, the working people of America, wouldn't have to pay to have them incarcerated for the small amount of time they get plus pay for their lawyer and trial, and then they get out and do it again. The justice system in this country is to lenient.

1998 days ago


Someday, after all the litigation is said and done - that's gonna be one rich perp.

1998 days ago


wow, sounds like a lot of criminals are posting on this board! Why such cop haters? If they guy hadn't run he wouldn't have gotten kicked. I have an idea, go get a job!

1998 days ago


Unemployment rate just went up a tick in L.A. That wasn't necessary to subdue him.

1998 days ago


yup, this idiot will get at least a six figure settlement. Sucks that us working stiffs will end up footing the bill.

1998 days ago

The 1 & Only    

"Someday, after all the litigation is said and done - that's gonna be one rich perp."

If he doesn't die in a few hours from that brain hematoma thing.

1998 days ago


Hopefully he was kicked hard enough to knock some sense into him.

1998 days ago


Nice Field Goal! I love the high 5 afterwards!

1998 days ago


If the policeman who did the kicking will be the only one writing a settlement check when the defendant sues, then kick away. Since the taxpayers aren't the ones doing the kicking, they shouldn't have to foot the bill (no pun intended).

1998 days ago
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