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Police Chase -- Ain't that a Kick in the Head!

5/13/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A high-speed car chase just came to an abrupt end just south of Los Angeles -- and the perp is gonna have one nasty boot imprint on his head come morning... but did the cops cross the line, or did dude deserve it?

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Mark Proctor    

Absolutely uncalled for whether the punk desrved it or not. There was no threat to the arresting officer and he should be fired before he shoots someone who does not deserve it.

1955 days ago

Ms. X    

You people are idiots to say, "Screw the bastard". They do this to innocent people too before finding out if they're innocent or not. This should not be tolerated because the next time they may mistake you for the perp and then you get a kick in the head.

1955 days ago

um, no thanks    

That's could be part of the reason some people run in the first place, they don't want to get their head kicked in by brutal police who don't care about rules or procedures and I get the feeling that guys kicked a few heads.

It's conditioning and if people get used to seeing so much brutality and they might loose trust in the system.
If you were running from the police and knew they were going to beat the hell out of you when they caught you, would you be more willing to pull over or run as fast as you could and put innocent peoples lives at risk.

1955 days ago

Brad Campbell    

Wow, that seemed a little harsh, but hard for us to say when we're not in that situation will veins full of adrenaline. Plus, who knows what the dude was saying as he laid there. Maybe a lil 'tough love' will make him think twice before acting like a complete moron and putting other people's lives in danger.

1955 days ago


Why do people think it's okay for a police officer to kick a surrendering ciminal in the head?

Think of this in a different situation: had this guy gotten away, the police would have identified him and put a warrant out for his arrest. If he decided to surrender afterward (which he wouldn't, but this is hypothetical), this arrestee would have been peacefully processed and incarcerated.

In this situation, he voluntarily submits to an arrest by laying face down on the grass: this is a peaceful, non-vie oolent move. A police officer can only justify physical harm if the arrestee is being aggressive and non-compliant. This man is clearly a compliant criminal that was assaulted by a power-drunk police officer.

You can support the police-- I do! We need police officers to regulate our law system. But police officers can only be effective and respected if they follow the same rules they enforce and treat everyone fairly. When people support this abusive police officer, they besmirch the clean records of thousands of good police officers around the nation.

1955 days ago


To the people saying [essentially] “thank god he's white” ... he may be Hispanic ... if he is and the cop is Caucasian; the millions in lost taxpayer dollars associated with a civil trial for California may be exacerbated by a federal hate crime trial [costing 10s of millions in legal fees; payed for by tax-payers].

I hope those of you who are saying this was justified are under the age of 18 … if you are in the adult electorate; I am ashamed to be your fellow American [because you do not understand what it means to be an American under our constitution].

1955 days ago


that guy is gonna retire for taking that kick to the head!
that cop is so screwed
unjustifiable force was shown by all officers, that criminal just struck the lotto!

1955 days ago


screw the cops !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would bring this to court and get these two suspended or even fired. The man droped to the ground and spread out like he was supposed to . All they needed to to was cuff him. i would love to pull that cop over and kick him a good one.

1955 days ago

Tom L.    

To Post #95 - what are you talking about??? "If you were running from the police and knew they were going to beat the hell out of you when they caught you, would you be more willing to pull over or run as fast as you could and put innocent peoples lives at risk." Ummmmmm....don't run and you won't get hit. It's simply incredible.

1955 days ago


That "cop" is no better than any thug. He waits until the perp is down on the ground, NOT RESISTING, and then kicks him in the head with a cheap shot.

Maybe the dimwits on this board who could watch that and cheer on the cop will get a little karma coming. Maybe it won't be as fun when someone they know is ever stopped by the 5-0 and gets the s*&t kicked out of them just because the cop felt like being an abusive a$$hole.

1955 days ago


I don't care what the suspect did or did not do.The police are there to enforce our laws and they more than any other should obey them...IF THE POLICE DON"T OBBEY LAWS~ WHY SHOULD THEY EXPECT US TO? The conduct and foul language of most cops is unproffesional

1955 days ago


Whether he deserved it or not is irrelevant. He was on the ground with his hands up signifying surrender. Cops are held to a higher standard and a code of conduct. The kick to the head was punitive and absolutely against police policy.

The city will end up paying for the cops mistake in judgement.

1955 days ago

LA Guy    

This was not a CHP officer, they wear kaki uniforms, so it was one of the local police agencies. I watched this entire chase. This was the second big chase in LA within an 1/2 hour of each other. This guy was a crazy driver, almost hit several pedestrians, was driving on the wrong side of the road several times. Almost had a head on with one truck then finally lost control running into the side of another car. He then jumped out on foot. The officer shouldn't have kicked him, but everyone was fed up with this guys antics.

1955 days ago


Okay, what the guy did was wrong. But a kick in the head to a downed person when they are unable to defend and surrendering is wrong. You're supposed to lead by example and once again l.a.p.d show know one should follow them. Even worse is all the kidney shots afterwards and then the high 5.

If officer's are trained to react, aren't they trained to have control and restraint. If the cops cam buy and I soccor kicked a guy when he was down, and then had a friend toss a couple in...I could say what I wanted I'd still be arrested. And what's worse is nothing will happen to these officers....we all remember Rodney king don't we.

1955 days ago

Thug Buster    

Shoulda kicked him a couple more times. The other officer shoulda poked him a few more times. The canine shoulda bit him and THEN MAYBE THIS LOW LIFE THUG would learn not to endanger the lives of others.

1955 days ago
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