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Gerard Butler

Charged with Crime

5/14/2009 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Butler has another notch on his belt, but this time it ain't a chick ...he's scored a criminal charge.
Gerard Butler
Butler has been charged with misdemeanor criminal battery in connection with a run-in with a photog on October 7, 2008. At 2 AM, after a premiere party for "RockNRolla," Butler left Crown Bar in a limo and allegedly popped a papper in the lips three or four times. The L.A. City Attorney filed the charge yesterday.

Butler's reps have said the papper had stalked the star, and chased people through the streets. The rep claims the papper almost killed a pedestrian.

If convicted, Butler could face up to 6 months in jail.

Butler is due in court for an arraignment on June 10.

Butler's lawyer, Blair Berk, declined comment.

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hey TMZ if your fat ugly uneducated paps weren't up in his face maybe he wouldn't have popped them, ever think about that?

1957 days ago


Well David I must say you never get up promoting your causes. As for Mr. Butler, no jail time, but I'm sure he'll get a fine, or at least have to pay for the guys medical bills.

1957 days ago


He is sooooooooo SEXY !!!!!!!

1957 days ago

who cares    

Hey fighting paps is Blair Berk's thing. She fought the paps for Reese Witherspoon too. She loves this particular fight and wants pretty stringent laws passed enforcing distances, etc.

The thing about this specific case is that this pap was not content taking the standard issue pap photo at the after party like the rest of the paps. He felt he had the right to chase Butler's limo through the streets of LA for nearly an hour, allegely driving recklessly and putting not only other drivers but pedestrians in mortal danger too. Frankly I don't care what made Butler finally lose his cool & smack this butthead around. At least he did it. It should happen more often and give us all a little more entertainment value with the photos. The jerk deserved it. If Butler winds up paying in any other way than just a nominal fine & a doctor's bill, then there's no justice.

1957 days ago


It's obvious that the papps know more than I do. Who the hell is this guy?

1957 days ago


Reading these comments about the paparazzi is funny because aren't you all aware you are on one of the leading celebrity paparazzi websites? Now come on if you hated the paps so much why are you even on this site. It's just too funny.

1957 days ago


He'll get off because all those entertainment criminal lawyers have 'special relationships' with the judges. Anyone on film is treated like a deity.

The guy went to a movie premiere at a pap hot spot, what did he expect? If you can't stand the pap attention, pack up your millions and get out of the public eye. But these actors don't because in fact their lives are pretty darned good. Can't have it both ways.

1957 days ago


I would have loved to see Gerard use those muscles. Yummy! It looks like Gerard restrained himself because that's a pathetic pic of a boo boo on the loser pap's lip. Lesson learned: Don't look stupid chasing after people.

1957 days ago

What If    


I believe there was a kinder, gentler - day & time when Hollywood Stars acted with dignity and respect, especially to those tools who put their name in the headlines.

Its a very SIMPLE rule TO FOLLOW, Hollywood elite.... Smile, Be Gracious, Don't Open your Yap-trap, blah, blah, blah....

Then again, P.T. Barnum did change the rules and perhaps Gerard out foxed the photog??? Now who is the sly one???

- Eric

1957 days ago


He was in Guy Ritchie's movie Rock-n-Rolla (GREAT MOVIE!) 300, Many more. He just filmed in my town, Philadelphia (Law Abiding Citizen), coming out next year. Looks good We watched them filming on Market street one night. It was a lot of fun to watch. Really cool in person. Jamie Foxx was filming that night. He was really nice to everyone. But Gerard Butler came out, and took pictures with people. He is great looking in person. My nephew waited on them a bunch of times, in the restaurant where he works and he said they were really nice all the time. We found out while they were here he has some crazy fans (women) that follow him all over. I'm sure he must be looking over his shoulder all the time.

1957 days ago


keep your hands to yourself Gerard. No excuse.

1957 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    


1957 days ago


Should have run over his foot. These star chasers are putting themselves in the way of these people trying to come or go like normal people. They intentionally put themselves out there. #4 wrote: You do realize that the people who work here at TMZ are also paps? so you want everyone to punch us? we are slime? No your not slime and no we don't want everyone to punch you but for pete's sake...quit trying to get in their way of going somewhere. Your only asking for trouble.

1957 days ago


The guy deserved it, completely.

I've got your back 100% Gerry.

1957 days ago



1957 days ago
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