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Jenny From the Rock

5/14/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez's biggest asset is no longer her amazing booty ... it's her massive bling.


The 39-year-old mother of two showed off her ginormous rock in Hollywood yesterday.

Rumors that the ring weighs more than Marc Anthony are not true.Launch  Photos


No Avatar


what a so-so

so-so music
so-so body
well less then so-so acting
whats the big deal with a so-so

1991 days ago


I think I am ready to see more of her again. She smartly disappeared for awhile after the Affleck fling. Can't deny the fact that she is hot.

1991 days ago


Now there is some ugly paws.

1991 days ago


What a masculine hand. It looks like a catcher's mitt.

1991 days ago

Sebastian Stoker    

That is a great rock. Obviously Marc's connections with the Lolipop Guild sometimes really pay off.

1991 days ago


Aww people, be nice. If if weren't for her manly knuckle that thing
would fall off, and I'd be right there to scoop it up.

1991 days ago

That's some nice bling... her new song is actually pretty good

1991 days ago


Wonder how many BJ's that cost her.

1991 days ago


Somehow, I just *knew* she had something to promote. That's the only time she shows her face (AND her boo-tay)! Could she pose her hand and be ANY more obvious?!? I agree with the comments before--it's SICKENING to see these stars continue to waste money and then BRAG about it when there are so many in *this* country, losing homes, jobs, and not being able to feed their children. You want to promote yourself *and* get respect? Sell that ring, and put a roof over SEVERAL families' heads!

1991 days ago


You know her husband couldn't afford that so she must of bought it for herself.

1991 days ago


Why is she holding her hand like a gay? Did Marc Anthony teach her that?

1991 days ago

Sing Sing    

I don't understand why engagement rings are still around. In a time where both men and women work and earn an income, eng rings should not be unnecessary. I can see how a woman with no education or income who plans on being a housewife would want one as some sort of insurance in the event of divorce. But a working woman has no need for one. It just propagates the image that marriage is a form of prostitution instead of a partnership. Women wanted equality, but then they do stupid things like insisting on engagement rings and such. I must add, however, that the tradition of the bride's family paying for the wedding is sorely outdated, too. Once again, it hearkens back to archaic times where women were treated as property and, to their parents, a burden. Both of these traditions paint marriage in a negative light for both genders and they really need to go away and marriage needs to simplified. Like I said above, though, if the woman chooses not to work, it changes things. But if both are working, then things should be equal. I am a woman in my 20's, not married yet, but I do not want a gaudy ring on my finger to flash to all my insipid, superficial friends (obviously I don't have friends like this). I am a true equalist and it's about time the majority of women and men out there work towards the same goal. The world will be a much better place for it.

1991 days ago


Okay, J-Lo is not all that anymore. Her music is whack nd ppl have just outgrown her. In like 10 yrs, she's finna be catergorized as a Cougar, lol. My g/f has a better body than her. Including ass ; ] J-Lo will always be sexy, she just aint all that no more. Her fly girl days are waaaaaaaaay behind her! Haha, not literally. But yeah, thats a big ass rock...

1991 days ago


how many children in Africa would that feed?

1991 days ago

TMZ Newbie    

If you look closdly, you can see her stretch marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1991 days ago
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