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Shanna to Miss Cali -- Stop Your Lying!

5/14/2009 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after resigning from the Miss California USA pageant, and Shanna Moakler is already slamming "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean for "continuing to lie" about her boobie baring past.

Shanna Moakler: Click to launch
Audibly choked up at certain points, Moakler did an emotional interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM -- where she bashed Prejean for not taking "responsibility" for her topless pixxx during her excuse filled appearance on "Today" yesterday morning.

Interestingly enough, Shanna ain't slamming The Donald -- saying he's "fantastic" and "good at what he does."


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I am having a good laugh reading all this after reading downer news at CNN. I needed comic relief! Thanks TMZ!

"SLIM" do You feel like a Big Man picking on "HOLLY" on TMZ? What a Man! lol!

DONALD is wrong! Why the hell would He put a homosexual Woman hater Juror #8 P.H. on a Beauty Pageant!? Just looking for controversy! Idiot!

1988 days ago


Oh Plezzzzzzzzzzzzz!
What good does Your perverted sex acts do???
Stay in the closets!!!!!!

If Your Parents were Homosexual-You wouldn't be here!

1988 days ago


Shanna Moakler outed Herself at the "news" conference.
She spoke of the Gays on the panel and Spoke of Her "Partner" 2 times.

That's why She can't keep her Husband!?

I remember watching Her Tv show and She was always sleeping in bed. Travis was always playing with the kids. Stoned but playing!

And She had the nerve to say Miss california wasn't a good role model for HER Children!??????????????????

1987 days ago


Shanna needs some peroxide ASAP!

Can't believe She goes out in public with 2 inch black roots!
No wonder She shaves. Did You see the nude photo's when pregnant? Real class there Shanna! Pig!

1987 days ago

His Royal Blackness    

Obama and Carrie believe the same thing about gay marriage and the LEFT voted for him!

What now leftis? What now?

Uh, uh, uh.....nothing. That's what I thought.

Obama must be a homophobe too I guess.

1987 days ago


of course shanna posed naked but she did it when she was done with her miss california crown. all you guys are thinking of things shanna did after her crown, not when she was holding the crown. when she held her crown she was the best representative for california. she was a philanthropist and an amazing role model. she didnt lie like carrie did! she didnt lie on papers just to get the crown. carrie prejean is a fake and i am ashamed to have her as miss california. karma will get her. for all of you siding for carrie....i hope you realize she's nothing but a conniving girl who thinks because she has the looks, she can get everything! ugh she'll get what she deserves soon.

1987 days ago

Disco Duck    

100% PROOF that you can take the girl out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the girl.

Moakler is not pretty, unless you add the word stupid to it.

Hey Shanna its time for some more pills and another bottle.

1987 days ago

J D    

Doesn't Shanna have 3 kids and they all have differant dads I bet she likes fatheres day!So she can give it away to a differant manShanna also posed spread eagle for playboy also around 5 years ago and has been married and divorced to Travise Barker the guy with ink all over him I think she showes she doesn't have any taste in men yet she wants to preach to Carrie! When you look at the past behaivor of Shanna Moakler would you want to follow in her foot steps?

1987 days ago


I am boycotting Perez Hiltons website. TMZ, you are next!! I have had it up to here with Shana & Perez and the gays!!! The girl is allowed to say what she thinks!! Get over it!!!!

1987 days ago


What really irritates me is that Miss Cali just spoke her mind, which it states in our constitution that we are allowed to do. She didn't say I hate gay people for goodness sakes. I found nothing wrong with what she said, it's HER OPINION. Just like everyone who writes on these blogs, she has an opinion. Would you rather her of lied and said that she was pro gay marriage when she isn't? Yet she has been slammed in the press for speaking her opinion! Then the gays get mad cause she isn't for gay marriage and go dig up some dirt on her. So what is she posed semi nude? What do you call walking around in a bathing suit for a pageant for the world to see? The funny thing is that EVERYONE now knows who Miss Cali is, if the gays hadn't made such a big deal about it they wouldn't of boosted her publicity. Shanna Moakler is just trying to get in on some of that publicity. When I saw Shanna on TV bashing Miss Cali, I had to laugh because who is she to bash anyone? She's a fool, who married a bigger fool and now has to fight with Paris Hilton to get any attention. She's a fame whore and I can't understand how she won any pageant because she certainly is not pretty. Why in the world would Donald Trump hire the skank to begin with? Glad she's gone and now I wish she'd shut up, who cares what she thinks? Anything that comes out of her mouth is going to sound hypocritical since she posed FULLY NUDE for Playboy.

1985 days ago


It doesn't matter if it was after her reign that Shanna Moakler posed nude. She will always be a representative of the title and she was also working for Donald Trump and the pageant committee so she was definitely still representing them. Yet she goes and drinks herself silly and fights with Paris Hilton and all the other crazy stuff the girl has done to get attention from the media. She's a fame whore! I would by far rather have Carrie representing the agency rather than someone like Shanna Moakler. Just because Carrie doesn't believe in GAY MARRIAGE doesn't mean she hates gays. She just spoke her mind and is being penalized for it. I seriously doubt that any of those supposed semi nude pictures would of came to light if she had said she was pro gay marriage. I for one could care less if she posed semi-nude, they basically parade the girls around semi nude in the swim suit category anyway. If I were her I would of said I was against gay marriage too because I am. I definitely do not hate gay people and I feel if two gays live together for along time and one dies that the other should be allowed spousal death benefits, yet I feel that MARRIAGE IS SUPPOSED TO STAY BETWEEN A MAN AND WOMAN. There are a lot of people against gay marriage, especially religious people but that does not mean that they hate gay people. It's just part of their beliefs and so basically people are criticizing her not because she posed semi nude but because she is religious.

1985 days ago


230. I am boycotting Perez Hiltons
website. TMZ, you are next!! I have had it up to here with Shana & Perez and the gays!!! The girl is allowed to say what she thinks!! Get over it!!!!

Posted at 1:20AM on May 16th 2009 by Rob

AGREED! You know I am beginning to think that everyone that runs these kinds of sites must be gay because they are taking this story so personally. I know Perez is gay, but I didn't know all of the rest were. All the girl did was speak her mind. It would of been different if she had said "NO, those gay people shouldn't get married because they are gross and I hate them." All she said was that it was her belief/opinion that it was wrong. I also doubt if she were Miss Tennessee or Alabama or any other state that anyone would of cared. However, since she is representing California which is known for having a lot of gay people live there then it became a big deal. I have a lot of gay friends, family ect. and they know I love them, but they respect how I have been raised and my religion/beliefs and understand how I feel toward gay marriage and they respect that, they don't agree but they respect my opinion. It's really a shame that other gay people can't be like that. I wonder if she'd been asked if she were pro abortion or pro stem cell research on embryos and she had said "No, I don't believe in abortion or stem cell research on embryos" if all the liberals and people that were pro abortion and pro stem cell research would of made a big deal about it? I kind of doubt it. The fact is that we all have different opinions on different topics and people should stop taking it so personally. She is only one person with one opinion. What is the big deal?

1985 days ago

big red    

pick up the new star magazine out tomorrow, carries mom is gay and has had a lover and was with her as recently as feb of this year, this family is crazy, shannna moakler is awesome, I think she is to be commended for standing up to carrie and calling her out, carrie is a user and liar cannot anyone see that, carrie was on local sandiego tv today saying she has donald trumps private cell number and she calls him carrie said he answered and said its my favorite girl, what up with that

1982 days ago
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