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Shanna to Miss Cali -- Stop Your Lying!

5/14/2009 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after resigning from the Miss California USA pageant, and Shanna Moakler is already slamming "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean for "continuing to lie" about her boobie baring past.

Shanna Moakler: Click to launch
Audibly choked up at certain points, Moakler did an emotional interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM -- where she bashed Prejean for not taking "responsibility" for her topless pixxx during her excuse filled appearance on "Today" yesterday morning.

Interestingly enough, Shanna ain't slamming The Donald -- saying he's "fantastic" and "good at what he does."


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1885 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Thank you, Shanna for standing up for what is right.
I wouldn't be able to work with that two bit lying, so called "Christian" skanky whore either. We all know she(Miss Cali) was smoking pot and doing a three way with Michael Phelps in Vegas last month. It's well known, if you talk to the right people.

1885 days ago


to coldmtnmary:
i love your comment. it bears repeating. here it is in outline form for anyone who missed it, (i added the Dear Shanna part):
Dear Shanna:
- You have told the media that your mom caught you having sex with your family's dentist when you were 19, did you disclose that to the Miss USA officials?
- You lied while competing at Miss USA that you were a long time volunteer for the Special Olympics, but where were you after the Miss USA competition?
- You are nothing but a pathetic liar who has no shame at all and you are not qualified to criticize anybody but yourself!
- BTW, I am glad Paris Hilton kicked your sorry ass several years ago in Hollywood!

1885 days ago


When was lying okay with God? That's the issue folks. Carrie has never said "I made a mistake" she blames it on everyone else.

Believe me, more stuff will come out about Carrie, and I don't care what she's done in her past. But if you place yourselves above others, others will put you in your place.

Carrie should have some humility instead of smugness. The vanity of this girl is outrageous. She's basically saying that she is better than the girl who won. She says the answer cost her, but ignores the fact that she was losing in both swim and eveningwear.

Maybe she won Carrie, because she was the better contestant? Carrie seems to think that's impossible.

Donald is good at what he does. She doesn't have to spell it out to us for us to understand he's good at making headlines, being a famewhore, a womanizer and makes money off of the backs of these young girls.

Except for Miss. Nevada, I guess she wasn't pretty enough for Donald, because when "personal" pictures of her showed up, she lost her crown.

Donald only cares about beauty on the outside. And that's all Carrie has.

1885 days ago


I think that she felt her hands were tied, and she, like many people, just couldn't take the constant lying of this Prejean character. She was very honest, humble (she's not pointing fingers at the tittiy pics, nor Prejean's morals), well-spoken. I hope that Donald fires Prejean, because she will keep lying, keep violating her contract, and more dirt will come out on her.

1885 days ago


I admire Shanna Moakler for stating her beliefs. I admire Shanna Moakler for stating that what was upseting her was PreJean committing prejury. She stated her beliefs, and even backed them up by actually quiting her job. She is not upset by the nudity, If you google her name you can see she supported PreJean for speaking her mind. Moakler only became upset when it became obvious that PreJean lied on her contract. The stupid thing is, if PreJean had of been honest, those pictures would not have mattered, ask Miss NJ.. PreJean then lied about how many pictures, how many picture shots, and at this point God knows what else she lied about.
If you admire Miss California for speaking her mind, you should admire Shanna Moakler for speaking hers. She even backed hers up with action.

1885 days ago


This whole thing is ridiculous. Moakler is so transparent on what the real issue is, it isn't even funny. Those of you who say this is about Prejean breaking her contract are blind. Does Moakler realize that wedding vows are a contract between her and her spouse? Seems like neither her nor her husband were very good about keeping THAT contract. And how can this be about lying when Ms. Moakler stands up one day and proclaims she is looking forward to working with Miss California, then resigns the next day? That would be called a "lie", and so when she calls Prejean a liar, The old saying "takes one to know one" comes to mind. Moakler cannot keep her own life and marriage in order, so if I were a gay marriage advocate, Moakler would be the LAST person on earth I would want siding with me. Maybe if there were a fight over the rights of Gays who want to get in drunken fights, Gay Separation/Divorce, etc. that would be a better venue for Ms. Moakler's opinions.

Also, those who are calling Miss Prejean a slut are pure hilarity. Save that name for when and if the truly explicit photos that supposedly exist surface. Neither is she a hypocrite, as she is not being outspoken against semi-nude modeling/photography, but rather whether or not marriage should be between a man and a woman. If there were photos of some girl on girl action starring Miss Prejean, THEN hypocrite would be an appropriate term.

1885 days ago


This isn't about Christianity.

These people are a bunch of hateful, ignorant, homophobes hiding behind their bibles. There's nothing Christ like about them.

1885 days ago

His Royal Blackness    

Shanna is a washed up drunk has been.

1885 days ago

The Queen    

You know if Carrie would have a little bit of Christian she would have resigned the crown and say I’m sorry I did broke the contract. But no, instead she stood there like the big liar that she is and fed you all her BS about her top and the wind story… she is a hypocrite like a lot of Christians that I know…

Christians any arguments on that? LOL

1885 days ago


The top amongst many annoying things about Prejean is her invoking of the 1st amendment. If her crown was taken from her it would not be an infringement of the 1st amendment. The 1st amendment pertains only to the government's relationship with citizens and not with private enterprise. The government can not make any law infringing the right to free speech. You can, although, lose your job, perhaps your "crown" in this case, due to your speech. People didn't "fight and die" for Prejean's right to speak stupidly and keep her crown. The 1st amendment protects people from being put in jail for their speech.

1885 days ago


Worry about your own life. You have enough problems. Let it go. Nobody gives a damn.

1885 days ago


The ones who were yelling and screaming for people to leave PreJean alone, she was just speaking her mind, are the same ones, yelling at Shanna Moakler to shut up. So revealing.

1885 days ago


Shanna is a piece of trash. She is by no means a role model to anyone! She's always out partying, smoking, acting like an ass meanwhile she has 3 children at home that she never seems to pay any attention to!

1885 days ago


Ted Haggard, Jim Baker, Tony Alamo, John Paulk, Paul Crouch, Lonnie Latham, Joe Barron, Coy Privette......

just a handful of the homosexual, child molesters, pimps and thieves....all done in the name of Jesus.

And there are many more, I'm just to tired to type them all out.

1885 days ago
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