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Shanna to Miss Cali -- Stop Your Lying!

5/14/2009 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One day after resigning from the Miss California USA pageant, and Shanna Moakler is already slamming "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean for "continuing to lie" about her boobie baring past.

Shanna Moakler: Click to launch
Audibly choked up at certain points, Moakler did an emotional interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM -- where she bashed Prejean for not taking "responsibility" for her topless pixxx during her excuse filled appearance on "Today" yesterday morning.

Interestingly enough, Shanna ain't slamming The Donald -- saying he's "fantastic" and "good at what he does."


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Shanna Moakler really seems to be a smart lady. I liked hearing her say that Donald T. is looking at this from a business standpoint and she's looking at it from a contractual one. I think Shanna Moakler has worked very hard and is hurt because when Miss California messes up, it make everyone involved in the Miss California thing look like they're not above the board.

1991 days ago


Oh geezzz...... Shanna, the only reason you are upset is because all you've been saying online has been proven to be wrong and you lost! The last couple weeks has seemed to be a contest of sorts for you! Celebrities can never speak out against gay marriage and so you thought you'd hop on that band wagon and gain popularity. As far as "barely wearing a top"! LMAO........You worked hard not wearing anything and right now that is all you are known for. MOst people are very confused how in the world the MIss California pageant even had you as a so called director!

1991 days ago


Moakler go shake your jugs at a tittie bar. After all, that's all you're good for. That and getting in drunken bar fights with Paris Hilton.

1991 days ago


What a joke. Hasn't Shanna posed NUDE for playboy, yet she continued to be the Pageant director, even after she posed??? Lord, give me a break!!! I am so sick of people like her. So quick to judge yet start crying and bitching when the tables are turned on them. Dang it, and I really liked her too before she opened her big stupid mouth. Don't all of her kids have different daddy's too? Here's some advise...Shanna.....washed up.....attention craving nut job: SHUT UP!

1991 days ago

Freak of the Week    

Go back to bed you stupid LIAR!

1991 days ago


We get it-you quit. GOODBYE!!!

1991 days ago


Some of the good Christians who were talking about how wonderful, great and holy Miss California, are really showing how compassionate, understanding, and forgiving they really are. They whine about how horrible it is to insult and attack Miss Cali for speaking her opinion, but let someone else speak theirs, and they attack. I just want to thank them for showing me how a real Christian acts. I am so glad they are here to show everyone how Jesus would act.
WWJD!!!! WWJD!!!!! WWJD!!!!!

1991 days ago


Mohoe looks completely trashed in 75's link.

1991 days ago


Is Shanna Moakler was soooo upset that she "resigned" from her role, why is she still ranting about Miss California?...Hasn't she figured out that her little plan to ruin Carrie Prejean backfired?...
You see Shanna, you cannot point fingers about things that directly resemble the character YOU'VE displayed, because there will ALWAYS be three fingers pointing right back at you...
It is my belief that Shanna Moakler & Keith Lewis knew all along about the photo's...What else would have prompted them to pay for Prejeans implants?...How she looks in a sweater?...
Keep on whining Shanna, you've done this to yourself...

1991 days ago


Amazing Grace How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once saw PreJean's boobs
and they had grown
Then learned she lied so much
Amazing Grace How Sweet the sound
That Jesus got the liar off
If I had known how great God was
for letting you lie, prejury, and pose so nude
To flaunt your body, and make great money
I would have become a Christian way soon!

1991 days ago


This woman is an idiot. Why is anyone caring what she has to say?

1991 days ago


Shanna Moakler is a media ho. She will do anything to keep her name, face and body in the celebrity lime light and most of it is negative, but who cares, it's still out there. Even her ex-husband is done with her antics because she is so immature and silly. How many grown women with three kids are still acting like they are in high shcool; bar fights, cops called over fighting with the ex; on again, off again marriage; posing in Playboy; that joke of a stint on DWTS. The woman needs to grow up! Who really cares what Miss Cali's opinion is, it is her's and she is entitled to it; just like Moakler is enttitled to jump on any bandwagon that will keep her name out there. I for one certainly hope her 15 minutes are up! Her schtick is tired.

1991 days ago


Here are some of the "groups" Shanna Moakler belongs to, as per HER MySpace page...
"Playboy Mansion Alumni, Playboy Playmates Only, We're hott, you're not!, Maxim Radio, THE CIPHER SHOW CELEBRITY NETWORK, Bower Show United (Home of R.G.R.), Buffet Destroyers, Drunks 'R Us"
Stellar role model there...

But this one is by far the funniest, since she "resigned"...

shanna's Companies
Miss California USA
Executive Director

How long will you ride that one Shanna?...
Seriously, for insight into "what" Shanna Moakler is about, just Google the name, and check out her MySpace page...It isn't all cupcakes and flowers, it's more like soft-porn...

1991 days ago

See ya wouldn't wanna be ya    

Shanna Moakler - next stop is the pole or the porn.

1991 days ago


STFU Moakler. You whored yourself out for the press conference and when that was over you feign "integrity" so that you can work up some fake tears to milk the spotlight even more. If she didn't have kids I'd wish that she would just kill herself and rid the world of her stupidity.

1991 days ago
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