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Glambert: Pre-'Idol'

5/15/2009 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before wowing the "American Idol" judges with his shrieks and black nail polish, Adam Lambert glammed it up with shrieks and black lipstick.


Back in 2004, Lambert put on his best goth Liza drag performing in "The Zodiac Show."

Who says Hollywood changes people?


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Adam is gorgeous to look at! He has a great singing voice, and he is so creative on stage. He is a true artist. I love the glamour.

1953 days ago


Adam has people talking one way or another, and that's exciting! He's shaken up American Idol and brought the ratings to an alltime high! He was already a star, he just needed an opening. History shows that Elvis had a lot of haters and bashers when he first started. But, he ended up a SUPERSTAR because the majority loved his talent and boldness. History will repeat itself with Adam!

1953 days ago


Very smart TMZ, your doing your homework. The man was a performer in a play. OMG he is wearing makeup and false eye lashes. Why don't you post a picture of Krissy boy on here? oh yea, thats right it wouldn't be cotroversy because Krissy is BORING. Actually Adam looks good in these, thanks for sharing and sit back and watch America vote for the real Idol, Adam.

1953 days ago



my vote is going to Kris. I can't stand glam/scream rock. Kris was my second choice after Danny.


1953 days ago



if you are seriously an adam fan... no wonder I am not an adam fan... he seems to really gather a lot of hateful, cruel, rude, vile fans like you.

reguardless of what an ass you are, I don't wish cancer on anyone.

1953 days ago


THIS is news?!!!! This blatant anti-gay homophobic view point is news? Shame on you TMZ. Adam Lambert is going to be an international superstar. Trying to put him down because he doesn't fit your narrow, backward, ignorant point of view is pathetic. It's 2009 for God's sake, get with it. There are millions of people around the world who love this man because of his talent, his compassion, his kindness, and his irresistible personality. Who he chooses to be intimate with, to love in his personal life, is his business. Only a bunch of red-neck, self-centred cretons would think otherwise. Maybe you should change your name from TMZ to KKK. You could launch the name change at your next cross burning.

1953 days ago


Adam makes me want to VOMIT. WEIRDO

1953 days ago


Be afraid all you Adam haters. Be VERY afraid!! The AdamBomb is about to drop! And there's no way you can't stop it!

1953 days ago


Please everybody lets vote for Kris......let's not let another gay win this year like they did last year

1953 days ago


What would Kris say about all you Adam haters? He would be disgusted by all of you I guarantee it and ashamed if you were his actual fans. You aren't Kris fans. You are anti-Adam fans. Anyone but Adam, right?

1953 days ago

Still in Shock    

There is also some sort of x-rated video classified as gay porn starring Adam Lambert and this is driving the “Idol” producers insane. The Fox network, which owns the “American Idol”, declined to comment on Adam’s sexual orientation and neither the contestant is willing to speak about it.

1953 days ago


There was another guy people made fun of just like this for his flamboyant stage outfits (Rhinestone capes!!!), his moves ("pornographic"!), his sound (he was heckeld for sounding black) and his lifestyle (dating a 16 year old)...Remember him? Yeah, a guy named ELVIS PRESLEY!!!! Funny how it all comes around again! Sad that all these years later, some people in our country still have these same "issues". Adam is going to be an International Superstar and if he loses American Idol it will simply make the show look like an irrelevant joke and Americans look like a bunch of idiots around the world. Then again, if young Elvis was on Idol...he'd probably lose, too.

1953 days ago


TOO nasty for words!

1953 days ago


To the person who made the comment about an "alleged" porn video...That is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!! This rumor started because Adam was in a musical play a couple years ago called "Debbie Does Dallas' at a Casino in Lake Tahoe. It was a show that was completely open to the public. It was based on the porn flick of the same name but it was NOT a porn play...NO NUDITY was involved!!!! It was even Reviewed in the local mainstream newspaper by the Entertainment Critic who singled Adam out for his amazing singing and said the play was funny. He recommended it saying people in town should go to see it. STOP SPREADING LIES!!!

1953 days ago


This story is like months old TMZ, besides why don't you show storys of him doing musicals and singing during religious functions? shame shame always trying to cause drama...

1953 days ago
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