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Glambert: Pre-'Idol'

5/15/2009 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before wowing the "American Idol" judges with his shrieks and black nail polish, Adam Lambert glammed it up with shrieks and black lipstick.


Back in 2004, Lambert put on his best goth Liza drag performing in "The Zodiac Show."

Who says Hollywood changes people?


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Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

He looks a little creepy!!!

1933 days ago


Uhhh... these pics have been on the web for months now, folks. A bit slow off the mark. That said, you're not too slow to try to play to a dark, spent force in American culture: homophobia. These photos serve that purpose, and it's nothing to be proud of.

More importantly, you have yet to recognize that NO ONE CARES. His gender preference, his bedroom behavior, is none of your business. Nor mine. This is America: "Live, and let live". Perhaps you've heard of this? Perhaps not.

Mr Lambert deserves to be judged as a singer of extraordinary gift and range -- perhaps the strongest and most versatile in AI history. His wardrobe? No one cares. All that matters is his voice, his art, his gift. Obsess about his stage makeup all you like, and we'll continue to ignore you. It makes no difference to the quality of his singing, to the daring of his choices. The rest? A sideshow for, well... nosey busybodies.

Stick to the high ground, guys, or next we'll be asking to see pictures of Harvey looking butch. Now THAT would be unusual.

1933 days ago

Just Me    

ADAM's a phenomenon that comes once in half a lifetime. He not only possess astounding talents that's out of this world but blessed with drop dead gorgeous looks. But what's amazing with all of that said, he crowns it with humility and graciousness. He is respectful and shows good breeding which nowadays is wanting. You may want to dig everything you want thinking this will discourage his fans. As long as he stays true to himself and not step on anybody's shoes, the only thing that matters is we know he's overflowing with talents. And when he performs, he simply overwhelms, There are many talents out there but the big difference is that ADAM is a total entertainer and that he excites, he thrills and he electrifies. Although I love Kris and have respect and admiration for him, he simply pales compared to ADAM who is a STAR and will be a SUPERSTAR.

1933 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

They all just need to shut their american pie hole. cuz......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snorrrrrrrrrr...........................*

1933 days ago


Go Adam Go.....At least you are honest and show who you are...Theatre pics are fantastic..Your talent is unbelievable...not so many other idol contestants....its the same ole same ole...every year...This year with you has been GREAT..Adam for the win..........................

1933 days ago


I too was a Kris fan until I read all this crap that has nothing to do with talent....because of the unfairness given to Adam, I am now voting for Adam.....He is absolutely wonderful......Thanks for helping me make my decision...............

1933 days ago


zzzz it's like you think you discovered these pics. we've already seen them, and quite frankly I think they ROCK. Can't wait to see Adam in concert in this kinda getup. Theatrics is what makes a great performer. Go Adam you are a superstar.

1932 days ago

Joy Pinter    

Yeah! his nailpolish and lipstick etc. etc. is called "goth" and lots of kids are into it....It's a fad, just like the spiked hair, the iroquois cut, the skate board baggy pants and on and on and on....It's a fad and he'll get over don't be so quick to judge he's only in his 20's...but one thing that will only get better is his voice and his powerful projection of any song and I mean any song that he can sing better than the put that in your pipe and smoke it...oops!better not do that it might cloud your judgment...and judgemental you are..

1932 days ago


Hahaha I saved all of these picures in my Adam Picture Folder on my computer months ago! He is HOTT!!!

1932 days ago


Kris for the win!

it's so beautiful he already won , in his dads eyes........

1932 days ago


I don't undertand people here talking about examples for their children. I am a mother of two and if anything I want my kids to be loving and to have tolerance toward others. This is about talent, and Adam has proven himself to be not only a grear singer (many here talking about screaming, obviously you know nothing on the topic)but he is also a caring, sweet guy. I don't see any hate coming from him but for the so called "perfect" that are here giving out opinions and judging someone you don't even know. My advise, do not vote, get away from the internet and get help NOW.

1932 days ago


Oooh, thanks for posting these!! He's super fabulous and rocks a crazy costume like no one's business. LOVE HIM!!!! By the way, if you're trying to shame him or something, it ain't gonna happen. I think he's already shown you that. : )

1932 days ago

Interracial facial    

No American Idol's life and career is worth a scrap of flesh on the rotting corpse of Elvis, Sinatra or a dead Beatle.

1932 days ago


These are pictures from a performance he did as part of The Zodiac Show several years ago, and he's great. It's been on YouTube for ages.

TMZ isn't showing the whole stage costume, which I recall includes black pants. He's not in drag. Even in that show with strong performers and dramatic staging, he really stands out as a singer and performer.

1932 days ago


Nancy the LAIR wrote: 136. I too was a Kris fan until I read all this crap that has nothing to do with talent....because of the unfairness given to Adam, I am now voting for Adam.....He is absolutely wonderful......Thanks for helping me make my decision...............

You are a damn lair. You let some fool who posted some thing stupid to make you turn on Kris...then you were NEVER a fan of quit YOUR LYING.

Like Kris knows what people post on


1931 days ago
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