Glambert: Pre-'Idol'

5/15/2009 11:05 AM PDT

Glambert: Pre-'Idol'

Before wowing the "American Idol" judges with his shrieks and black nail polish, Adam Lambert glammed it up with shrieks and black lipstick.

Back in 2004, Lambert put on his best goth Liza drag performing in "The Zodiac Show."

Who says Hollywood changes people?

Gerard Butler Charged with Crime

Gerard Butler has another notch on his belt, but this time it ain't a chick ...he's scored a criminal charge.

Butler has been charged with misdemeanor criminal battery in connection with a run-in with a photog on October 7, 2008. At 2 AM, after a premiere party for "RockNRolla," Butler left Crown Bar in a limo and allegedly popped a papper in the lips three or four times. The L.A. City Attorney filed the charge yesterday.

Butler's reps have said the papper had stalked the star, and chased people through the streets. The rep claims the papper almost killed a pedestrian.

If convicted, Butler could face up to 6 months in jail.

Butler is due in court for an arraignment on June 10.

Butler's lawyer, Blair Berk, declined comment.

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