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Glambert: Pre-'Idol'

5/15/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before wowing the "American Idol" judges with his shrieks and black nail polish, Adam Lambert glammed it up with shrieks and black lipstick.

Back in 2004, Lambert put on his best goth Liza drag performing in "The Zodiac Show."

Who says Hollywood changes people?

Gerard Butler Charged with Crime

Gerard Butler has another notch on his belt, but this time it ain't a chick ...he's scored a criminal charge.

Gerard Butler

Butler has been charged with misdemeanor criminal battery in connection with a run-in with a photog on October 7, 2008. At 2 AM, after a premiere party for "RockNRolla," Butler left Crown Bar in a limo and allegedly popped a papper in the lips three or four times. The L.A. City Attorney filed the charge yesterday.

Butler's reps have said the papper had stalked the star, and chased people through the streets. The rep claims the papper almost killed a pedestrian.Gerard Butler - Launch Photos

If convicted, Butler could face up to 6 months in jail.

Butler is due in court for an arraignment on June 10.

Butler's lawyer, Blair Berk, declined comment.

Celeb Divorce Wars

Some stars have starred in more divorces than they have films. But when put head to head, who would you guess said "I don't" more times? You THINK you know ...
Divorce Wars - click to launch

Getting Clean!

Who knew soap and water could make you feel so dirty?!

Sittin' Pretty

These dashing dudes sit like dainty dames!

Mother Plucker

These bushy browed stars could use a weed wacker to the face!

Golf Cart Cruisers

Golf carts are getting used on and off the green for celebs with a case of the lazy-legs. See which stars would rather kick back instead of kick rocks!

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Best Cross-Dressed Men

They may not be sportin' polyester weaves or pancake makeup, but some male celebs are taking styling tips from RuPaul. Just don't tell that to the Scots.
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I think Adam Lambert has evilish eyes when he performs....i hate the screaming on ALL the songs////!
the black nail polish...... the eyeliner.....sorry..he grosses me out.

1950 days ago


I totally agree. While he has talent, it is annoying that he has to scream at least once in each song. My boyfriend and I sit there and go ... "wait for it ... wait for it ... THERE IT GOES" another scream. I think that Kris is more of a talented singer while Adam has the showmanship and will be great on Broadway or in Rock Operas. But cut out the screaming already!!!

1950 days ago


Look at page 14 of this weeks TV guide. He is one lousy, ugly drag queen. We also thought that AI did not permit so-called professionals to be on AI. That creep gets us so sick with all that make up, eye liner and his girly, girly ways when he screams every song. Please vote for Chris.

1950 days ago


Hi ...My name, sorry to say is Simon - But this Simon is not in love with the drag Queen, Adam, as the other Queen of England, Simon is. This Simon is asking you to vote for a man, Chris. Thanks. We also seen other drag pictures of this creep in TV guide. Sick dumb Queen he is.

1950 days ago


Don't much care about the Photojerk being punched. I'm sure he deserved it. They care nothing for your privacy. They will pretty much do anything for a photo and can care less how much it hurts or destroys the other person. A little smack in the face is nothing compared to what they do. Good Job Butler.

1950 days ago


Looking at that picture, it proves that "it" is a DRAG. He is horrible, ugly, no talent, freak, annoying and we hope he goes back into his closet and locks the door. We can't look at AI as he is frightening and not only does he scream, but our children scream with fear when he sings. We need to tape the show and not show his lousy performance.

1950 days ago


Adam is gross. Sure he has some vocal talent, but he's like Freddie Mercury except more whiny and more camp. It's interesting how he has tried to clean it up for the mainstream show, where is the glam now when he is trying to win? A little dishonest to me. Kris wasn't my favorite, but he is strong vocally and an all around kind of guy. AI must be trying to appease someone by trying to put up a gay guy as the winner.

1950 days ago


Lambert: So he wore a little make up, it's what entertainers do. The boy can sing. Whether you like him or not, his scream or whatever........He Can Sing. He has a unbelievable voice on him and deserves to win.

1950 days ago


I agree. I think Adam is really talented, but I am getting tired of the high-pitched, over-the-top screaming at the end of each song. I think he is so much more powerful when he reigns it in a few notches. The ironic thing is that I listened to the "Studio" version of "One" on YouTube, and it is twenty times better than the trucanted version he sang live. He doesn't scream at all, not even at the end. I sort of think he does it to try and show how talented and awe-inspiring he is, but at this point it is having the opposite effect --it just makes him seem one-dimensional and tiresome. BTW, did you hear the brief clip of him singing the National Anthem on American Idol. I was fully expecting him to start screaming/belting it, but he didn't - and his voice really soared - I thought it was amazing.

1950 days ago


I just love Adam! He is fun and refreshing. You can hear Kris on the radio by listening to about 10 different artist. I am a music fan and am happy to find something new and Adam is something new! If you are voting for pure talent, Adam gets the vote. If you are voting for popular and everyday...then vote for Kris. For all you scream haters....the scream is his thing...his signature. I doubt he will scream on every song when he puts out an album.

1950 days ago


When you have that much talent, who cares if you scream occasionally. Look at Sebastian Bach, Axl Rose, Ian Gillen, Jani Lane, Chris Cornell, Mark Slaughter, Vince Neil, Steven Tyler....and, of course, Robert Plant. When you work a song up to a certain creshendo, sometimes a scream is what's called for. And if you have the pipes to pull it off brilliantly (like Adam) then you should use it.

1950 days ago


I think Kris is an amazing young man. He reminds me of Brian White, back in the early 90's. He's adorable, and he has talent. I think he will win. Adam can sing, but he's way too scary!

1950 days ago


Adam is the best and should win this thing. Even if he doesnt, he will be fine and have a long career in music. Who cares if he is glam, gay or whatever... just because he does drag shows doesnt mean he is gay. People jump to conclusions and why should it matter??? He has talent... period. I am a 48 yr old female and voted for him this week. Its the first time I have ever voted for anyone. I just love him and think he is the most talented Idol there has ever been. He is different... Kris sounds like a million other guys out there and so does Danny. GO ADAM!!

1950 days ago


screw you people...I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT(:
he's a great singer and you know it. Just because he dresses a certain way or doesn't have the same sexuality as you may does NOT give you any right whatsoever to insult him like that. And OBVIOUSLY he can sing....he's in the finals. DUH.

1950 days ago


Adam is awesome. You freaks who don't like him are just jealous because you obviously have pathetic, boring lives. Adam will be the next American Idol.

1950 days ago
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