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Kate Gosselin's Bodyguard

The New Costner?

5/15/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_gosselin_tmz_audio_launch-1According to Detroit radio personality Mojo from Mojo in the Morning, "Jon & Kate Plus 8's" Kate Gosselin is getting hands on with her bodyguard -- and he saw it with his own eyes!

Mojo says he saw Kate and her busted weave last night at the Marriott with her hired protector, Steve Neild ... and they were holding hands!


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why is everyone blaming her?

like I said, she emasculates the poor guy on national tv every chance she gets.

She doesn't let him talk, she tells him what to do instead of asking him what to do, she nags at him instead of talking to him, she yells at him for putting the wrong colored barrettes in the girls hair. (My god he used pink! Pink is for church only!) she yells at him if he doesn't do what she tells him to, she yells at him when he doees do what she tells him to, she yells at him when he's trying to get something done simply because he's not doing it HER way...

She treats him like he's 2 years old, she shows him no respect, and she's very cold to him. If that's how she is when the cameras are rolling and she wants to show herself in the best light in front of the nation... I can only imagine how she treats him when the cameras are off and she can let loose.

1954 days ago


i wonder if steve took kate to his place and got his samari sword and swung it around and got kate's silk scarf and threw it up in the air and let the sword slice it in half. from the bodyguard.

i wonder if steve's bodyguard company was going to replace steve and kate put her foot down. diva!

teresaloveskandp youtube channel. great videos of jon out on the town.

1954 days ago


Gah, what an idiot that woman is. She's too in love with herself to love Steve. She might use him for sex but I'm sure she treats him no better then she does Jon or the kids. I know she just loves that he is subserviant to her. That's what she loves to be able to look down her nose at any man, like the man on the solar panal show and how she smacks Emeril with the spatula and smack talks Duff in the commercials for upcoming shows. She's a horror and no sane man would keep her for long.

1954 days ago


Good Christians? My ass! They sold their kids for their own gain. These kids wil never be normal. When they are older Kate will not be able to handle their demands. They will all be little minature Kates. Scarey thought. I will not watch shows that celebritize people for having litters of kids and the parents pimping them out. It;s just wrong. Kate acts like she is God's gift to humanity. Why for adding eight more lives to an already overpopulated earth. Give me a break. You Kate are a nobody and an ugly one at that inside and out. Without all your new makeup, clothes and tummy tuck you'd be the same ugly mother machine and no one would be interested in you anylonger. I heard she made Jon sign a contract to continue the show.even though he did not want to. She wanted the money so bad she said if you do it you can have all the girlfriends on the side and she wouldn't care. It's a a big fraud now folks. I will never wtch again! They are the epitome of white trash!

1954 days ago


well, with her relatively lame and unexciting husband being as lame and uninteresting as he is, she had to do something.

then again, she's boring too. her monologue on their show was deadly boring, very very very PRAGMATIC and SO PRACTICAL that you want to SCREAM listening to her. She actually said that a vacation she surprised her husband with was an "investment" and ETC and just KILLED THE LIFE out of any SORT of free-feeling and spontaneous joy thaey might have had any flicker of { ....IF YOU DISCERN SOMETHING TO DEATH AND YOU KILL IT, SO QUIT BEING SO ANALYTICAL FOR GOD'S SAKE.........}

1954 days ago


I absolutely believe she's shagging the bodyguard! There is NO ONE else who will touch that rude high maintenance beyotch except a HIRED HAND! LMAO That's right, she has to actually pay a guy to hang out with her and shag her! Hopefully this new guy will make it a point to slap Kate upside the head like she used to do on TV to her husband!

1954 days ago


I don't think anyone can judge either Jon or Kate until you have walked an hour in their shoes. How many of you would be in a really positive mood while juggling 8 kids? I'm not saying that she doesn't go overboard, she absolutely does and acts horrible to him, but I can't imagine the stress she's going through. And until there is some real evidence no one truly knows what is going on in this situation. I can only pray for their adorable children.

1954 days ago


Kate keeps talking about Jon's cheating. She has been seen by many traveling all over with this man. Jon is at home taking care of the kids. Jon was supposed to hire a private detective to have Kate watched but, I do not know the results. This is not the only witness. Why do you think she had plastic surgery? This woman is just as guilty as her husband. Cancel the show once and for all. The focus is no longer on the children. Kate and Jon now think of themselves as some type of celebrities. Now Kate wants her own talkshow. AOL had a poll around mothersday to vote for the worst mother-Kate came in at number 2!

1954 days ago


PEOPLE.. THis is all a publicity stunt for the show's new season. Money , money, money....

1953 days ago


I think some people are just trying to make matters worse by creating false stories. Yes, I suppose it could be true, but most DJs are douchebags so I have a hard time trusting what any of them have to say -- especially when they're from a place like Detroit.

By the way, busted weave? They've shown her get her hair done on the show and that is one real thing about the whole situation -- she has good-looking hair. No weave necessary, because she's white.

I'm just sayin'....

1953 days ago



1953 days ago


My gosh there are so many haters out there. Not many of you would have done anything different than this family, HAD YOU BEEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY.... They are a great family, opposites but not deserving of the bashing they are getting. No one walks in their shoes, no one knows the whole story but the envious in all of us wants to think the worst. The public wants to fuel the fire, make up story's, and draw the worse conclusion for all the tabloid headlines being thrown out left and right. They maybe in the public eye, and everyone says this is all their fault, regardless they have a right to some privacy and for people to stop judging them. They have hit a dark place, I hope they can work it out and come out stronger. They possibly should consider leaving the limelight and going back to being the Gosselin family rather than Jon & Kate Plus 8. The money, the house, all of it is nothing if you dont have eachother....

1953 days ago

fly chica    

ok first of all u people would be bitchy if u had 8 kids too! dont blame her he cheated first an u say shes a bad mother for going out what about him he's never home either!! an she takes care of her kids he's the one who never does anything an if he wants her to stop bitching at him then maybe he should do something right for once!!

1953 days ago


I don't believe a word of it........ First of all IF Kate was seeing her bodyguard --with all the publicity there is no way she would have done somthing so stupid in public... I don't understand why people think it's fun to make up rumors about people just to hurt them.........Remember Mojo there are 8 innocent children that could be hurt by lies... You really need to retract that hogwash............. ...You said you never watched it...Hell for all anyone knows it could have been Barbara Strisand and James Brolin... Wake Up People Mojo never seen Kate ............

1953 days ago


How about someone walking in the kids shoes for a day? Everyone always brings up the jealousy, kate has 8 kids, she's so stressed, it's so hard for her. What about the kids? Please write to the Dept of PA labor division, or call and make a report, the kids need the help right now, and I think this is the only way that Jodi and Kevin could get the help the kids need, and don't think for a minute it's something they've enjoyed having to do. However, if the people that are supposed to be protecting those kids aren't, so someone has to stand up for them. It makes me sick that they are putting the money over their children, if they can't afford the huge house they bought, sell it, many people live with more children in smaller houses than they've had in the past. They also have to be morons to think that the older ones have no clue what's going on in that house, why do you think they have to reassure them all the time that they are staying together, who does that?

1953 days ago
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