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Pearl Jam Attack -- The Security Tape!

5/15/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The surveillance video of Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament getting attacked by a knife wielding thug has just been released -- and his beatdown is brutal!

Pearl Jam attack: Click to watch

It all went down in Atlanta in April, when three masked hoodlums ran out of the bushes and jumped the dude's SUV, smashing the windows and demanding cash.

Ament tried to make a run for it -- but was knocked to the ground by one of the assailants. Ament suffered a laceration on his head and was treated at the scene. The attackers made off with $7,000 worth of money and goods.

No arrests have been made.


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Stupid punk-ass lazy mother f*ers, can't work hard for their money like Jeff has. I hope they catch them. What is wrong with people like that? UGH. PUNK-ASSES. Love you Jeff.

1955 days ago


15. To bad he don’t have a gun and planted these bastards 6' under. That's what they deserve.
If the liberals get their way you’re just going to see more of this kind of thing.
It's time the good guy's take back Americas streets.

Posted at 10:01AM on May 15th 2009 by DingDong DingDong

The good guys would take back the streets with guns? REALLY? You are crazy if you think a gun would have helped in this situation. The guy who was attacked was obviously caught off gaurd and would not have been able to get the gun out quickly after getting hit like that...and he defintitly wouldn't have good enough aim to shoot the bad guys (did you see how long it took him just to get up off the ground). Using a gun in a fight is NOT the same as using a gun in a fight in a video game..

1955 days ago


WHAT surprises me most about this incident.
Is not the actual mugging, these thing happen,
hay there is a recession going on.
What I am taken aback by is, that
it took place shortly before noon.

Rock Stars up before noon???? WHAT???
Most Rock Stars don't get out of bed before
3:00 PM.....ARTOFWAR.

1955 days ago


Welcome to Atlanta, the a$$hole of the dirty South.

1955 days ago


This same thing almost happened to me in ATL while on business. I was staying in a nice suburb with a lot of hotels, stores, etc around. I was walking back to my hotel in broad daylight after dinner and four kids come running out of the woods, and down the hill toward me. The only thing that probably saved me is that the misjudged the steepness of the hill and they made to much noise. I was able to get to the front of a restaurant that had valet service so there were people outside. Atlanta, no matter where you are at is a bad place, no offense to the people that live there.

1955 days ago


2 Cop cars arrived 1 minute after the attack - that is unbelievable!!!! Great response time guys!!

1955 days ago

Sad sad    

He was set up. They knew exactly what to grab then ran.

1955 days ago


And these thugs are black dudes, undoubtedly!

Like undoubtedly anytime someone kidnaps a little girl they are white, or undoubtedly when someone is a serial killer they are white, or undoubtedly when someone cons you out of money they are jewish or undoubtedly when someone hooks up your lawn they are mexican? How about, undoubtedly when someone says something bigoted they are white trash?

1955 days ago


You all can say it's racist 'til you turn blue in the face, but it's a FACT that black males make up the majority of violent criminals in Atlanta. Instead of crying racism yet again, why don't you put some effort into trying to fix the problem? I am.

1955 days ago

Marc B.    

Not sure of Jeff's politics, but I'd be willing to bet he's one a them Pacific Northwest LIB-RALS. If so, perhaps this will show him what the underclass will do to him given half a chance. Awaken guilt-ridden white liberals. This is how many of the folks you pity celebrate diversity, and you could be next.

1955 days ago

Not shocked    

Listen Marco Pervo~Maybe Jeff is "one of THEM liberals"~ Jeez~oooooh~ Awaken and smell them folks in the white hoods you hang out with! I don't PITY anyone because of their race or creed but I sure pity you and your small, narrow view of the world~It's like your watching the world outside in only BLACK and WHITE~ Welcome to the new age of color, honey! This country comes in all flavors and shades~always has and always will~that's what makes America Beautiful! Amen!

1955 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

Here in the ATL noone will come help you. They watch the bank doors and ATMs then follow you home.

1955 days ago


Sirensealight you are doing the exact thing you're chiding Marco for....stereotyping and seeing the world without shades of gray. Because he doesn't like liberals you assume he's hanging out with the klan? WTF? That doesn't make you any better or brighter than anyone else.

1955 days ago

Worked With Him.......    

OK, so its obvious I'm a major PJ fan (since '93) and whether you love or hate them at the very least realize the crime. Hey, I don't like JT, Madonna, Metallica, etc... but I wouldn't want anyone hurt. I'm not a liberal, not conservative however I know amazing music when I hear it! Of course that's just my opinion. All negative comments made here are clearly a sign of the times and the down fall of good, non-filtered, computer altered music. Have any of you haters ever listed to Pearl Jams song, hear the words..... anyway not here to convert. I'm a pretty peaceful person but if I ever meet "Lola" post #13 on a previous post, she'll be introduced to the wrath of a member of the PJ family! Which only means I'll tie her to a chair and introduce her to 24 hours of PJ! I promise she'll love them after all is said and done :)
Peace & love whatever music makes you feel something!

1954 days ago


That's Atlanta for ya! You couldn't pay me to live in that filthy place.

1954 days ago
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